Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 30: The Power of a Talisman Paper

After going through all the clues, Lu Ye had a better understanding of the situation he was in now. , There was no doubt that he was in a perilous situation. The biggest problem was that his cultivation was too weak, as even a group of wolves were able to get him trapped on a tree. If he came across any ill-intentioned cultivator, he would be powerless to counterattack. , The good news was that with the Battlefield Imprint, he was certain which direction he should be heading. However, he had no idea how far he was away from the Crimson Blood Sect’s base. , In order to reach the Sect’s base in Spirit Creek Battlefield, he needed to have powerful cultivation. Hence, the most important task for him now was to increase his power. , Presently, he had many Spirit Pills with him. If he could absorb and refine all these pills, his power would increase significantly. He couldn’t be certain which order in the Spirit Creek Realm he would reach, but he would have enough power to defend himself at the very least. , With the plan in his head, Lu Ye looked down at the wolves that had gathered around the tree. If he wanted to cultivate, he had to get out of the woods first. Currently, it wasn’t a proper situation for him to cultivate. , Although these ferocious wolves were not able to harm him, they were making noise, which might attract the attention of others. Hence, there was potential danger. , After giving it some thought, he fished out the talisman papers from the Storage Bag that the Sect Master had given him, then he picked out a Thunderbolt Talisman Paper from the pile. , Of the more than thirty talisman papers, only half of them could be used to attack. The rest were either for defensive or auxiliary use. The dozen talisman papers that were meant for attack either had a Fire or Gold Attribute, which were suitable for a cultivator like Lu Ye, whose main attribute was Fire while his supporting attribute was Gold. , The Sect Master must have taken that into consideration when collecting the talisman papers. , Lu Ye did not choose to use the Fire Attribute Talisman Papers because he was worried that they would create noise. After all, Explosive Talisman Papers and Fiery Snake Talisman Papers just sounded violent. , The problem he was facing was that he wasn’t sure how to activate the talisman paper, as he had never used one before. Whatever the case, he had to give it a try to get out of trouble. With the talisman paper in his hand, he carefully infused his Spiritual Power into it. , At that instant, the talisman paper started gleaming with a golden glow. Following that, the golden light formed into something like a disc. The washbasin-sized disc was golden and translucent with Spiritual Patterns swirling on it. , Before Lu Ye could understand what was going on, a golden blade that looked like a crescent moon shot out from the disc and disappeared the next moment. , Hearing a thud, Lu Ye looked up and saw a deep cut on a tree trunk, which required a few people to encircle it. , *Whoosh! Whoosh!* Blades that looked like crescent moons kept shooting out from the golden and translucent disc. At that instant, all the twigs around him were cut off and then fell to the ground. , “I see!” Upon realising how to use it, Lu Ye quickly adjusted the disc in his hand and aimed at the wolves below him. , *Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!* , The razor-sharp blades broke through the barrier of space and slashed at the wolves that had gathered around. At that instant, blood was splattered everywhere as the flesh scattered around the place. , As soon as the blades came into contact with the ferocious wolves, which were as burly as calves, they would be cut into half in an instant. , The wolves were apparently flustered as they started dispersing. Lu Ye continuously adjusted the direction as he aimed the blades at the areas where the wolves were most densely gathered. , A metallic tang permeated the air as the wolves were killed. , Soon, the wolves seemed to have noticed that the situation wasn’t in their favour. Therefore, after a howl was heard, the wolves below Lu Ye started running away with their tails tucked between their legs, leaving behind the more than ten carcasses of the wolves. , With the disc in his hand, Lu Ye continued shooting the blades at the wolves as he was overjoyed. , Talisman papers were indeed very useful. Just one was enough to allow a cultivator like him, who had only unlocked three Spiritual Points, to kill the beasts with ease. , While he was in his thoughts, he suddenly felt exhausted as his heart started pounding against the chest. Then, he began seeing stars as he almost lost his balance and fell from the tree. , Flabbergasted, he quickly stabilised himself and gasped for air for a moment. , After he recovered a little, he looked down and saw that the golden and translucent disc had disappeared. The talisman paper in his hand had turned dim and the patterns on it had become blurred. , At that instant, he understood that the talisman paper was no longer usable. , But what was wrong with me just now? Upon self-inspection, he found out the truth. , All his Spiritual Power had been exhausted as his three Spiritual Points were empty. The Spiritual Power that was stored inside had been dried up, which was why he felt so knackered. , Then, he quickly fished out a Spirit Restoring Pill and gulped it down before refining it. It wasn’t until a moment later that he recovered a little. , Certainly, a Spirit Restoring Pill wasn’t enough to help him recover fully. However, before the pill even completely dissolved, he leaped off the tree. , The atmosphere around here was too bloody, which might attract even more ferocious beasts. Hence, he had to leave this place as quickly as possible. As for the remaining Pill Power in his body, he could dissolve it as he ran. It was just that it would be less efficient. , He even spent some time cutting some meat off the wolves with his sword before putting them into his Storage Bag. 𝘦𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦., After this incident, he learned his lesson. He shouldn’t be too elated when using a talisman paper and he had to monitor the depletion of his Spiritual Power during the most critical moments. , He was fortunate that he was only confronted by a group of wolves this time. If he came across any ill-intentioned cultivators in the future, he could only wait for death if his Spiritual Power was used up. , Half a day later, he entered an arid and dark cave. Then, he placed a futon on the ground and took a seat on it with his legs crossed. , There were plenty of such caves that could serve as a shelter in the wild. Upon inspection, Lu Ye realised that it was supposed to be a cave without an owner. By taking a rest here, he wouldn’t have to worry that a beast might come home all of a sudden. , The cave was dull, but it wasn’t the right time to be picky. If things were going as he had planned, he reckoned that he would have to spend a long time here. , He had scanned the surroundings earlier and realised there were no traces left behind by any ferocious beasts. Instead, there were many traces left behind by small animals. That was some good news for him. If he was hungry, he could go out to hunt some animals so that he wouldn’t starve. , At this moment, many things were scattered in front of Lu Ye as he was counting his assets. , Presently, he had three Storage Bags that belonged to Manager Yang, Zhou Cheng and the Sect Master. The bags were basically worthless. Every single cultivator Lu Ye had come across before was seen holding one bag. Perhaps some of the cultivators even had more than one. , However, he had never seen the Sect Master using one. Anyway, the Sect Master must have other means of storing items that he wasn’t aware of. , There were twenty-five Spirit Restoring Pills, twenty of which were given to him by the Sect Master while the remaining five were obtained from the Storage Bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng. There were twenty-six pills previously, but he had consumed one after killing the wolves. , There were sixteen Qi Blood Pills in total. Half of which were given to him by the Sect Master while the remaining pills were taken from the bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng. There were also eight Healing Pills. , There were about thirty Yuan Metals of different sizes and some other mineral ores that he had no idea what they were called. , Besides that, there were a novella, a copy of Golden Liberation Technique, about thirty talisman papers of different uses and five sets of clothes of various styles. , The pills that had been stored in the Storage Bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng were missing. He reckoned that the Sect Master must have taken them away when he was cultivating on Flying Dragon Boat. Those pills were probably useless anyway.

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