Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 29: Current Situation

, , 𝑜𝑣.𝘯𝑡, Lu Ye stared fixedly at the back of his hand, and it wasn’t until a long time later that he came to his senses. , Looking back at what had happened, he realised that the thing on the back of his hand must have something to do with the fact that the Sect Master had stamped an engraved block on it. , He had no idea what it was. Anyway, there were many things in the world that he wasn’t aware of, and he wasn’t afraid of facing the unknown. , The good news was that he had confirmed his location. He was indeed in the Spirit Creek Battlefield. , By just looking at the prelude to the battlefield, he began having a premonition. If he wasn’t mistaken, only Spirit Creek Realm Masters had the right to step into this battlefield. , He was just a cultivator who had only unlocked three Spiritual Points, so there was no doubt that he was surrounded by danger in this unfamiliar place. He was lucky that he only came across a group of wolves just now. What if he bumped into some cultivators? , Since this was a battlefield, there must be cultivators around. , Without the need to give it a thought, he was certain that Grand Sky Coalition and Thousand Demon Ridge were on the opposing sides of the battlefield. , He could understand the reason the Sect Master had sent him to this place. At that time, the Sect Master wasn’t able to battle against his enemies with him around. If he insisted on fighting with them, a weak cultivator like Lu Ye would end up in a miserable state. The Sect Master was left with no choice when he sent Lu Ye to this place so that the latter could escape from a perilous situation. , The Sect Master had also stuffed something into his clothes. , At the thought of this, Lu Ye quickly snuck his hand under his clothes and found a Storage Bag. After opening it, he fished out a few bottles and a few piles of talisman papers. There were also some clothes and a jade slip. , He meticulously examined every one of them. , The bottles contained two types of Spirit Pills, which were Qi Blood Pills and Spirit Restoring Pills. The number of Spirit Restoring Pills was greater than that of Qi Blood Pills. There were about twenty Spirit Restoring Pills in two bottles and fewer than ten Qi Blood Pills in a bottle. , On the other hand, he had never seen these kinds of talisman papers before, but he had figured out what they were. , As expected, they were Spirit Talisman Papers. , Some of the external cultivators were experts in drawing talisman papers. Spirit Talisman Papers could help a cultivator to cultivate or battle against their enemies. However, Lu Ye didn’t have a chance to learn about it, so he had never seen it before. , There were many kinds of Spirit Talisman Papers in the Storage Bag. For example, there were Thunderbolt Talisman Papers that could protect the user, Fiery Snake Talisman Papers that could be used to attack the enemies, Breathing Curbing Talisman Papers that were of auxiliary use, and Shadow Reflecting Talisman Papers that could conceal the user. The uses of each type of? talisman papers had been clearly written as if the Sect Master was worried that Lu Ye wouldn’t know how to use them. There were more than thirty of them. , Looking at all the stuff, Lu Ye felt warm in his heart. , There was no doubt that the Sect Master had specifically prepared these items for him because the Spirit Pills and the Spirit Talisman Papers were only suitable for a cultivator at Lu Ye’s level. They were useless to the Sect Master. , Furthermore, the clothes were meant for a young man. , Looking back at their journey on Flying Dragon Boat, during the several days when the Sect Master had gone missing, Lu Ye realised that the Sect Master must have collected these items, which were useful for Lu Ye, from the disciples from other Sects. , Perhaps the Sect Master had intended to pass them to him after they returned to Mount Ao. However, since they had come across such an incident on their way back, he had no choice but to give these items to him earlier. , There was no doubt that these items were extremely valuable for a person who had just started cultivating. Besides the Spirit Pills, the Spirit Talisman Papers also looked very expensive. , He had never seen any talisman papers in the Storage Bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng, which went to show that talisman papers were valuable. Nevertheless, the Sect Master had collected more than thirty of them with different uses and passed them to him. , After gently taking a breath, Lu Ye stored everything and picked up the jade slip. , If he wasn’t mistaken, this jade slip was the one that the Sect Master had fished out when they were running away from their enemies. At that time, the Sect Master asked Lu Ye whether the latter had heard of Spirit Creek Battlefield before. Lu Ye replied that he hadn’t heard of it, after which the Sect Master took out a jade slip and pressed it against his own forehead. , Perhaps the jade slip contained some information that the Sect Master wanted him to know. He wasn’t able to explain it to him in that kind of perilous situation, which was why he decided to leave the message to him in such a way. , Lu Ye activated his Spiritual Power and infused it into the jade slip. However, the jade slip did not react to his power, which puzzled him. , After giving it a thought, he decided to press the jade slip against his forehead just like how the Sect Master had done it before he activated his Spiritual Power again. , At that instant, a lot of information penetrated his mind, which caused him to fall into a dazed state. , Moments later, he lowered the jade slip with a conflicted expression. , The information the Sect Master had left behind for him in the jade slip was about Spirit Creek Battlefield. , Jiu Zhou was made up of nine continents, but they were not the only known areas in the world. Besides the nine continents, there were also some other spaces. , Spirit Creek Battlefield was one of them. , No one was certain where exactly Spirit Creek Battlefield was located in Jiu Zhou. In the past, some Divine Ocean Realm Masters attempted to explore the secret behind the battlefield, but over the years, no one had managed to obtain any useful clues. In the end, the battlefield remained a mystery. , . , The conflicts between Grand Sky Coalition and Thousand Demon Ridge did not only happen in Jiu Zhou. Their clashes in such spaces were most intense. , In order to enter Spirit Creek Battlefield, one had to make use of a Divine Opportunity Column, which was the crystal column Lu Ye had seen previously. Basically, every Sect had a column like this. Even if the Sects were destroyed, the columns would be kept. Over the years, countless Sects in Jiu Zhou had been devastated, so there were also an innumerable number of Divine Opportunity Columns. , After the cultivators entered Spirit Creek Battlefield through their Sect’s own Divine Opportunity Column, they would arrive at a particular area. This area was normally built to be the base for the Sect in the battlefield. Some strong cultivators would be stationed here all year round to fend off any intruders. , However, if a cultivator did not enter the battlefield through their Sect’s own Divine Opportunity Column, they would randomly appear on a spot in the battlefield. , Hence, cultivators would normally go through their Sect’s column to go into the battlefield. They wouldn’t choose to use other Sects’ columns unless they got the approval from the respective Sect Masters. They would be marked with a particular engraved block before they could appear in the bases of other Sects. , The Sect Master did not have a better option when he and Lu Ye were in that kind of situation. Although he was aware that there was only a slim chance for Lu Ye to survive if the latter was sent to Spirit Creek Battlefield, he still had to give it a try. , After checking out the message in the jade slip, Lu Ye finally understood the current situation he was in. , Presently, he was somewhere in the battlefield, but he wasn’t certain about his exact location. That was because the battlefield was as large as a continent. , The invisible thing on the back of his hand was a Battlefield Imprint. Basically, every cultivator that had entered the battlefield had it. The cultivator’s background, cultivation and achievements were recorded in the imprint. , This thing was also crucial for him to find his way out. , His Battlefield Imprint was marked by the Sect Master using the Crimson Blood Sect’s engraved block, so this imprint was connected to the Divine Opportunity Column in the Crimson Blood Sect’s base. By just following the connection, Lu Ye could reach his Sect’s base in Spirit Creek Battlefield and go back to Crimson Blood Sect.

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