Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 26: Official Disciple

We’ve been ambushed! Even though Lu Ye’s head was spinning, he quickly understood the truth of the matter and couldn’t help feeling anxious as a result. He was only a Three Spiritual Point cultivator. How could he cope with a situation like this? , A yellow ray of light suddenly shot out from the hill below them. It was aimed directly at the spot where Lu Ye and the Sect Master were standing. That yellow ray of light was steady and extremely fast, arriving in front of them in an instant. , The Sect Master’s hair, beard, and clothes were flapping wildly in the wind. He quickly drew a circle in the air, his Spiritual Power surging at the tips of his fingers. A Spiritual Power Shield visible to the naked eye immediately formed. It was circular in shape, forming a barrier behind the Sect Master and Lu Ye. There were countless exquisite runes in the shield that were swimming about like tadpoles. , There was a loud boom. The yellow ray of light slammed into the shield and was firmly blocked by the shield. However, it gushed forward like a spring, blasting toward them continuously. The Sect Master glared at it furiously. Spiritual Power fluctuated in his palm as he maintained the Spiritual Power Shield, stuck in a stalemate with that yellow light. , Having never seen such a mysterious fighting scene before, Lu Ye was utterly stunned by the sight for quite some time. , While the yellow light and the Spiritual Power Shield were clashing against each other, the sound of something kicking off against the ground on the other side rang out deafeningly. He turned his head to look in that direction only to see a figure as burly as a steel tower soaring into the sky and rushing toward this direction. Below the figure, a small hill shattered to pieces. It had obviously been crushed by that man. , The man lunging toward them was enveloped in a blood-red light as though his blood was evaporating from his body, which made him look extremely brutal. Meanwhile, the Sect Master was casting spells and wrestling with the yellow light at this moment. The burly cultivator clearly wanted to make use of this opportunity to rush forward. His speed was extremely fast and he arrived within 100 meters of the Sect Master. , The Sect Master changed the cultivation technique he was casting. The Spiritual Power Shield that had been contending with the yellow light immediately turned in a different direction slightly. The yellow light hit against the Spiritual Power Shield, but the shield that was as smooth as a mirror deflected the trajectory of that yellow light and directed it toward the burly figure instead. 𝚍o𝚟𝚕.org, The burly figure clearly never expected something like that to happen. By the time he saw the yellow light shooting toward him, it was already too late to avoid the attack. He could only let out a roar and put up his arms in front of him. In the next moment, the burly figure was enveloped in the yellow light. He staggered from the impact, a burnt smell coming from his flesh and blood. , Lu Ye almost couldn’t help cheering at the sight. Although he couldn’t see the dangers during the short exchange with his eyesight, the Sect Master’s attack gave off an inexorable vibe. It was an extremely light yet sophisticated movement. However, he was enveloped by a huge sense of horror immediately afterward. His whole body instantly went cold as though all the blood in his body had frozen over. Before he could figure out what was going on, the Sect Master let out a groan. A glimmer of blood appeared in front of his eyes and the scent of blood filled his nostrils. , The world spun dizzily. By the time Lu Ye returned to his senses, he lowered his head to look with a shocked expression. It was because a 30-centimeter-long wound had appeared on the Sect Master’s abdomen. The flesh around the wound was curled. A trace of something green surrounded the edges of the wound, wriggling like maggots. He did not know when the Sect Master had gotten injured nor who had injured the Sect Master. , At this moment, the Sect Master’s Spiritual Power poured out. He desperately escaped in a certain direction at a great speed, bringing Lu Ye with him. , Howling gusts of wind whistled in Lu Ye’s ears. He was safe and secure with the protection of the Sect Master’s Spiritual Power. It wasn’t until this moment that he saw how many people had attacked the Sect Master. , One of them was the burly figure he had noticed earlier. There was also a thin man. That person was probably the sneak attacker who had shot out that yellow ray of light just now. That person was still casting cultivation techniques non-stop while in pursuit, interfering with the Sect Master’s escape. Fortunately, the Sect Master was able to resolve those attacks. , No! There’s a third person! There was a flickering figure in the air behind the Sect Master, chasing after him relentlessly. That figure looked like a ghost and was hard to see properly. Judging by the slim figure, it was probably a female. Every time her body appeared, the distance between her and the Sect Master closed a little more. , They would not be able to escape successfully if this situation continued. The cultivation technique cast by the thin man had greatly interfered with the Sect Master’s speed. Not to mention, the Sect Master was injured. , At this point, how could Lu Ye not understand that the Sect Master had been injured by the woman with the flickering figure? The three people had a clear division of labor. The thin man who was casting the cultivation techniques was tasked with exhausting the Sect Master; the burly man was tasked with distracting the Sect Master; the real assassination was supposed to be carried out by the woman hiding in the shadows. , It was just that they had underestimated the Sect Master’s strength. Despite such an elaborately planned ambush, the Sect Master not only managed to survive but also had enough strength to keep Lu Ye safe. , The situation at the moment was obviously very bad for the Sect Master. If he had been alone, he would have been able to escape even if he couldn’t have won against those three. This was the Grand Sky Coalition’s territory. He would only have needed to hold on for a while. Help would have come eventually since he had already sent out a message for help the moment he had been ambushed just now. Unfortunately, he had to take care of Lu Ye and was unable to exert his full strength as a result. He was going to be surrounded by those three in less than 10 seconds at this rate. , Lu Ye will most certainly die if a fight breaks out between us. Just the impact from a fight between cultivators of our level alone is not something he can withstand. He is completely reliant on my protection to remain safe and sound. I’m afraid I can only take a gamble at this point! Having made up his mind, he asked, “Lu Ye, have you ever heard of the Spirit Creek Battlefield?” , Lu Ye quickly replied, “No!” , He did not know why the Sect Master was asking about this for no reason while they were on the run. It was a pity that he had honestly never heard of the Spirit Creek Battlefield before. His understanding of this world was simply too shallow. , “There’s no other option even if you’ve never heard of it.” The Sect Master sighed. While fleeing, he took out a jade slip and pressed it against his forehead. Immediately afterward, he took out an engraved block. The engraved block was square in shape. It was difficult to determine what material it was made out of. Light was flowing across the engraved block. It was easy to tell that it was an extraordinary item at first glance. , He shouted, “Tang Yi Feng, the 10th Sect Master of the Crimson Blood Sect respectfully invites the Heavens to witness the acceptance of Lu Ye from Bing Zhou as an official disciple of the Crimson Blood Sect. May the Heavens witness this!” , While speaking, he sprayed a mouthful of blood onto the engraved block. The engraved block that was already flashing with light became even more radiant than before. Something seemed to fall out of the sky and landed on the engraved block. , “Give me your hand!” he shouted. , Lu Ye hurriedly reached out his hand. The Sect Master lifted the engraved block and pressed it against the back of his hand. With a loud bang, he felt as though his entire body had been hit hard by a sledgehammer. He immediately felt dizzy. , “Survive! I will send somebody to search for you!” The Sect Master’s voice rang in his ears. At the same time, he felt the Sect Master stuffing something into his arms. , When the three people chasing after them in the rear saw what was happening, they immediately increased the intensity of their pursuit. That thin man continuously shot out rays of yellow light, forcing the Sect Master to dodge desperately. Borrowing this momentum, the ghostly figure of the woman swiftly drew closer to the Sect Master. She looked like she was about to take action. , At this moment, the Sect Master’s figure suddenly fell downward and crashed into the trees on the mountain. This mountain was barren and overgrown with weeds, but he seemed to be very familiar with this place. He accurately found a dilapidated palace among the weeds as tall as a Human. With a great swish of his sleeves, the weeds flew apart and revealed the true appearance of the palace. , Upon seeing this palace, the thin man’s expression darkened. “Stop him quickly!” , The three of them had been hunting the Sect Master silently all this while with a posture that indicated they were going to kill him. However, they panicked at the sight of the palace.

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