Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 20: Boarding a Ship

The cultivators from the respective Sects came over and took the new disciples away, so the number of people present slowly decreased. Yu Xiao Tiea left with a female cultivator from Hundred Flower Valley. Before that, she had bid Lu Ye farewell. In just one hour, all one hundred people were gone, leaving only Lu Ye behind. , Two hours later, the people from Crimson Blood Sect were still nowhere to be seen. Lu Ye wondered what was holding them up. Since he had nothing to do, he decided to look for a clean place and took a seat with his legs crossed before he attempted to unlock the second Spiritual Point. , His first Spiritual Point had been filled and he had mastered the Golden Liberation Technique, which he had obtained from Manager Yang. However, since he couldn’t find the second Spiritual Point, his progress was held up. , Yu Xiao Tiea had told him that this was a common problem facing cultivators who had just started out. That was because cultivators like them did not have enough Spiritual Power to locate their own Spiritual Points. There were two ways to solve this problem. One of them was to try their luck and slowly explore it. The other way was to ask a cultivator who was at least in the Cloud River Realm to give them some guidance. , This was the main reason Lu Ye wanted to join a Sect. During his time in the mine, he had made several attempts to locate his second Spiritual Point but to no avail. If he could join a Sect and ask a Senior to lend him a hand, it would save him lots of trouble. , However, no one from Crimson Blood Sect had yet to appear. Since Lu Ye had nothing to do, he decided to try his luck. It would only take him some Spiritual Power, but if he was lucky enough to locate the second Spiritual Point, his power would increase significantly. , Two hours later, he opened his eyes with a frustrated expression. It seemed that luck truly had nothing to do with him. He had failed in his attempt again. Fortunately, he had been given enough food recently and he still had some Qi Blood Pills, so he had ample vitality in his body. He just had to refine some vitality to make up for his losses. , At this moment, more cultivators were moving around the valley. It seemed that they were going to gather in the same place, and judging from this situation, it was apparent that they were going to retreat. , Before Manager Yang passed away, he had told Lu Ye that Grand Sky Coalition couldn’t stay in this place for a long time as they would have to retreat in just one to two months. It seemed that what he had said was true. , Hence, if Manager Yang could kill Lu Ye and hide inside the secret passageway, he would’ve stood a chance to escape from death’s door. , However, he had never expected that a commoner like Lu Ye had the guts to set him up by bringing him to a place where he was engulfed in Yuan Metal Force Field, causing him to be unable to use his power. He still did not understand how he ended up getting killed by someone like Lu Ye. ., Just then, someone could be heard shouting from a nearby place. Lu Ye turned to look at the source of the voice and saw a middle-aged cultivator floating in the air. Spiritual Power could be seen undulating around him as a thing appeared from his palm. , There was still some distance between Lu Ye and the cultivator. Before he could make out what it was, he would soon see a sight that he would never forget. , The thing that flew out of the middle-aged cultivator’s palm expanded along with the wind as it turned into a gigantic object in a short time and hovered in mid-air. It was a huge ship that was floating in the air! , The ship had three floors and was 300 metres long. Its entire body was dark, so it was difficult to tell what material it was made of. The outline of the ship was smooth, and the things that were embedded around the ship gave off an eerie feeling. , Lu Ye had never seen anything as bizarre as this before, so he was rooted to the spot. , In fact, it wasn’t the only ship. Not long after the middle-aged cultivator made a ship appear out of thin air, more ships continued to appear. Following that, someone shouted, “Everyone from the various Sects, board the ships now!” , Then, the cultivators from different Sects who had gathered in the same place turned into colourful beams of lights and shot towards the ships. Looking from afar, the sight was truly magnificent. , After recovering from his shock, Lu Ye could feel the emotions in his heart undulate. He had been in this place for more than a year. Although he was aware that this was a cultivation world, he had spent most of his time with mineral ores. Furthermore, the people around him were all lowly mining slaves who could lose their lives at any moment. , Hence, he had never expected cultivation techniques to be displayed to him in such a colourful manner one day, which was beyond what he could comprehend. It also made him clearly realise that this world was different to the one he came from. , “It’s magnificent, right?” Just when he was dazzled by the splendid sight, someone was heard speaking next to him. , Lu Ye subconsciously grunted in response, but he soon realised something and turned his head, only to see an old man standing beside him when he wasn’t paying attention. , With a faint smile, the old man ran his fingers through his beard. As he gazed at the ships that were floating in the air, he said slowly, “These are Grand Sky Coalition’s Flying Dragon Boats, which are useful in occupying cities and destroying fortresses. So, they would only use these ships when it’s absolutely necessary.” , Looking at the old man’s profile, Lu Ye recognised that the old man was the one who brought him out of the mine. Recalling how others called him, he immediately saluted him. “Elder Tang.” , In response, Elder Tang put on a smile and beckoned to him. “Let’s go.” , “Where are we going?” Lu Ye was puzzled. , Elder Tang pointed at one of the ships. “We should board a ship now.” , Lu Ye replied hesitantly, “But I have to wait for my Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters from Crimson Blood Sect…” All of a sudden, he realised something. “Are you from Crimson Blood Sect?” , There was no reason for Elder Tang to look for him and even ask him to board a ship, unless he was from Crimson Blood Sect. , “I was held up by some urgent matters. Did you become anxious from all the waiting?” Elder Tang asked amiably. , He’s really from Crimson Blood Sect! , “No, I didn’t.” Lu Ye was slightly excited. Earlier, it was handsome Senior Brothers and soft-spoken Senior Sisters who came over to fetch the other people. However, when it was Lu Ye’s turn, it was an old man from Crimson Blood Sect that had come over. With that said, the old man was a kind-hearted person. , That was because he had helped Lu Ye unlock the Restraining Lock on Zhou Cheng’s Storage Bag. Although Lu Ye wasn’t sure about how powerful Elder Tang was, he didn’t have the right to reject him if the latter wanted Zhou Cheng’s Storage Bag. Nevertheless, the old man only took a bottle of Dragon Tiger Pills as his pay and gave the rest to Lu Ye. , “Let’s go.” Elder Tang smiled and leaped into the air. Then, Lu Ye felt that he was engulfed in a warm aura before he was sent flying towards one of the Flying Dragon Boats alongside Elder Tang. , After they landed on the deck, Elder Tang directly walked into the boat while Lu Ye followed him. , There were many rooms inside the boat. At this moment, many people, who were the cultivators from various Sects, were passing through the corridors. When they saw Elder Tang, they all saluted him in a respectful manner, which amazed Lu Ye. , Crimson Blood Sect was just a Ninth-Tier Sect. According to what Yu Xiao Tiea had told him, Elder Tang was supposed to be a Cloud River Realm Master. If he was in the Real Lake Realm, his Sect would rank higher than Ninth-Tier. , Hence, it seemed that even though Elder Tang wasn’t so powerful, he was respected by most people. Does it have something to do with his age? , When the young man and old man reached the innermost place, they stopped in their tracks in front of a door. Elder Tang waved his hand, after which a light flashed across the door. Then, he pushed the door open and entered the room. Lu Ye followed him closely and closed the door. , Upon entering the room, Lu Ye looked around and realised that it was a simple bedroom with minimal decorations. There wasn’t a bed or a table as the only piece of furniture there was in the room was a futon on the ground. , There was a window that could not be opened. The rounded window frame was sealed off with a transparent glass, so the view outside could be seen clearly.

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