Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 19: The Result

After making a decision, Lu Ye was finally at ease. He had always been an optimistic man. When he was captured by Evil Moon Valley and became a mining slave, he was able to accept the truth quickly. Presently, things wouldn’t go any worse. The worst he could get was losing the chance to join any Sect. , Since the results would be ready soon, the people who had applied for their favourite Sects did not go away. Instead, they remained in the same place and waited quietly. , On the other hand, the cultivators inside the valley became busy all of a sudden as they flew in the sky and moved between the peaks. , Lu Ye did not know what they were doing, but there seemed to be an emergency. However, he was just a budding cultivator whose fate was yet to be determined, so he wasn’t in any place to worry about it. , When the moustachioed cultivator, who had collected their papers earlier, reappeared half a day later, Lu Ye knew that the results were ready. , The moustachioed cultivator walked up to them with a list of names in his hand, and upon making sure that everyone had their focus on him, he yelled, “Righteous Sect, Cui Da Yuan!” , When a burly young man heard his name, he was startled for a moment before he leaped into the air and exclaimed as excitement was written all over his face. The people around him shot him envious looks, and his friends congratulated him. , Without stopping, the moustachioed cultivator ignored the commotion and went on to announce, “Green Jade Sect, Lu Tian Yi, Dong Peng! Rare Wood Mountain, Zhao Wen Lin, Tang Ni, Gao Rui! Burning Moon Mountain…” , He wasn’t speaking in a loud voice, but no matter how rowdy the people were, his voice could be clearly heard by everyone. , As the Sects and names were announced, those who heard their names became over the moon because it meant that they would not have to become mining slaves again and had the capital to change their fates. Unlike in the past, they would no longer be powerless to resist oppression. , At the back of the crowd, Lu Ye was quietly listening to the announcement with a calm expression. Unlike the anxious people around him, his composure seemed out of place. ., Just like what he had predicted, the First-Tier Sects did not take in a lot of disciples. Righteous Sect only accepted one person while Green Jade Sect only took in two people. They had taken in disciples for the sake of doing it. The Fourth to Seventh-Tier Sects were the ones that accepted most people. The lower tier the Sect was, the more people they would accept. One of the Sects had even taken in more than twenty people. , Yu Xiao Tiea’s name was mentioned as well, and she was going to join Hundred Flower Valley with some other people. She was so agitated that her face started flushing, but there was no one who could share her joy. , More Sects had been announced, and those who hadn’t got their names mentioned became increasingly fidgety. , Finally, after the last name was announced, the moustachioed cultivator put away the paper and uttered, “Those who have been accepted by the respective Sects should wait on the same spot. Your Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters will come over and take you with them. I hope that after you join the Sects, you’ll cultivate diligently and aspire to join forces with me to battle against our enemies one day.” , “Senior Brother, was that the last?” someone asked in a shaking voice. Apparently, his name hadn’t been mentioned. , There were ten people whose names had not been mentioned, including the one who uttered earlier. It meant that they had lost the chance to join a Sect and start cultivating. At this moment, most of them were crestfallen, and one woman even started sobbing. , Lu Ye was among the ten people, but he did not appear dejected at all. He had made a decision by choosing only the lowest tier Crimson Blood Sect. Since he wasn’t even selected in this case, it meant that there wouldn’t be any positive outcome no matter what choices he made. , He had heard that a cultivator without a Sect could become a rogue cultivator. However, without a Sect’s protection, it’d be difficult for the person to cultivate on their own. The upside was that he was free and no one would restrict him. , At the thought of this, he realised that it was actually a good option. Furthermore, he still had the Skill Tree, which was an unfair advantage that the others did not possess. , While he was in his wild thoughts, the moustachioed cultivator lifted his head as his gaze traversed the crowd and fixed on a particular spot in the distance. , In that direction, an old man was standing there as he stared fixedly at Lu Ye. He was none other than Elder Tang. He had already appeared when the moustachioed cultivator started making an announcement as he secretly observed Lu Ye. , Due to some special reasons, Crimson Blood Sect had not taken in any disciples in the past thirty years. If he accepted anyone at this point all of a sudden, he would get on the nerves of some people. , However, if it was this disciple whose talent was only one leaf, it seemed to be alright. With such terrible talent, he was destined to be unable to achieve anything in the future, and it wouldn’t alert some particular people. , Elder Tang did not want to take in any disciple, but he couldn’t reject the coalition’s rule, so he was in a dilemma. That was why he decided to personally come over to observe Lu Ye. , There was no doubt that Lu Ye was a little special among the more than one hundred people. Those who heard their names would exclaim in surprise, and those who did not have their names mentioned would become dejected. However, only he was standing there in silence throughout the process. , Recalling the first time he met Lu Ye inside the dark mine, Elder Tang heaved a sigh, and under the moustachioed cultivator’s attention, he nodded gently. He could not ignore the coalition’s rule, so he decided to accept Lu Ye for now. In the future, he could make a request with his friends and send him to one of the Sects. , Upon getting Elder Tang’s reply, the moustachioed cultivator put on a smile and gazed at the person who had asked him a question earlier. “By the way, there’s one more Sect.” , With a solemn expression, he yelled, “Crimson Blood Sect, Lu Ye!” , Lu Ye’s mind was already elsewhere when he heard his name. After he was startled for a moment, he lifted his head and gazed at the moustachioed cultivator. , As their eyes met, the moustachioed cultivator uttered with a smile, “Congratulations, Lu Ye the One Leaf!” , Is he not done with it yet? The corners of Lu Ye’s eyes twitched. , The moustachioed cultivator went on to say, “Alright, it’s over. Those whose names have not been mentioned, follow me.” , “Senior Brother!” Lu Ye raised his hand and shouted. , The moustachioed cultivator turned around. “What?” , Staring at him, Lu Ye asked, “Senior Brother, what’s your name? What’s your realm?” , The moustachioed cultivator touched his moustache and looked curiously at him. “What’s wrong? Do you want to beat me up?” , An emotionless Lu Ye replied, “I wouldn’t dare to. I’m just grateful to you for what you’ve done for me.” , “You’re quite ambitious.” The moustachioed cultivator giggled. “Listen up, then. I’m Le Shan from Righteous Sect, and I’m a Seventh-Order Cloud River Realm Master. Got it?” , He’s also from Righteous Sect. Lu Ye nodded. “Got it.” , “Alright. Cultivate diligently from now on, Lu Ye the One Leaf!” , Then, Le Shan led away those whose names had not been mentioned. At that instant, they were all regretful. If they had known this would be the outcome, they would have chosen Crimson Blood Sect. At the very least, they would stand a chance to join the Sect, which was much better than the helpless state they were in now. , However, they were not aware that if they had also chosen Crimson Blood Sect, Lu Ye would not have been accepted. Crimson Blood Sect had not taken in any disciple for the past thirty years. If it weren’t because of the coalition’s rule, Elder Tang wouldn’t have agreed to it.

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