Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 15: Pang Da Hai and Lu Ye’s Sincerity

. , “You have to be careful when selecting a Sect. If you manage to join a proper Sect, your wish might be granted,” a voice was suddenly heard saying from the side. , Lu Ye and Yu Xiao Tiea turned around in shock, only to see that a fatty had appeared beside them when they were not paying attention. Currently, he was looking at them with a smile, and his eyes were small because of his chubby face. He was the one who had registered the slaves and examined their identities previously. Lu Ye was stunned because he didn’t even realise when the fatty had come over. , “Senior Brother!” Yu Xiao Tiea hurriedly saluted him with a solemn expression. Although she had unlocked some Spiritual Points, a cultivator like the fatty was still a powerful figure to her, which was why she was anxious. , Lu Ye saluted him as well. , “I heard you chatting happily, which was why I came over to have a look. Do you mind?” With an amiable expression, the fat cultivator clapped his own bulging stomach with one hand. , “We wouldn’t dare to.” Yu Xiao Tiea quickly waved her hands. Although she was nervous, she remained clear-headed as she realised that this was a chance to get some information from him. “Senior Brother, what did you mean when you said that?” , Although she knew more about the cultivation world than Lu Ye, her knowledge was limited. Certainly, she wasn’t comparable to a formal cultivator from Grand Sky Coalition like the fat cultivator in this regard. , “Of course I mean it literally. Do you want to know more?” The grin on the fat cultivator’s face widened. Even though he was replying to her, his gaze was actually fixed on Lu Ye. , Lu Ye didn’t understand why the fatty was staring at him, but he could feel that the latter was ill-intentioned. However, since it had something to do with his future, he still decided to reply in a respectful manner, “Senior Brother, please enlighten us.” , “If you want to know…” The fat cultivator hospitably clapped Lu Ye’s shoulder. “That’ll depend on how sincere you are.” , How sincere I am? Lu Ye arched his brow as he recalled that the first time he met this fat cultivator, the latter was staring at the Storage Bag on his waist. , No way! It can’t be. He’s a cultivator with profound cultivation, so it’s unlikely that he has his eye on a nobody like me. However, the meaning behind his words is obvious. Anyone who isn’t a fool would understand it. , After a moment of silence, he decided to lift his hand and snuck it under the Storage Bag on his waist, only to see that the fat cultivator slightly opened his eyes and widened his grin. After that, he lowered his hand, and the cultivator’s expression became normal. Then, he lifted his hand again, and the cultivator also widened his eyes. After doing it for a few times, he could finally confirm that the truth was exactly what he had imagined. , The fat cultivator couldn’t take it anymore as he had never seen someone like Lu Ye who so brazenly tried to mess with him. Displeased, he swung his sleeve and uttered, “It seems that you don’t want to know.” , Right after he turned around, he felt a weight in his hand. Lowering his head, he realised that there was a bottle of Qi Blood Pills in his hand, and Lu Ye’s expression was that of a man who had some of his flesh cut off. , The corners of the fat cultivator’s mouth twitched. “Is this how you show me your sincerity?” , What the Hell is this? I did not come all the way here for this rubbish! , “Senior Brother, what do you want, then?” Lu Ye asked. , Unable to take it anymore, the fat cultivator directly revealed his intention. “The mineral ores!” , Lu Ye asked curiously, “Why is someone as powerful as you interested in those mineral ores?” , The fat cultivator explained, “You may not be aware that the mineral ores that are excavated from the Evil Moon Valley’s mine are all exquisite and rare items. Moreover, if you want to get some information from me, you have to pay a price. We’re not friends, so there’s no reason for me to tell you anything for free.” , “You’re right.” Lu Ye nodded in agreement as he randomly fished out a mineral ore from his Storage Bag and passed it to him. , The fat cultivator did not immediately take it. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t see your sincerity.” , “But it’s huge!” Lu Ye pointed at the washbasin-sized mineral ore. It was the largest mineral ore in his Storage Bag. , Ignoring him, the fat cultivator started humming a song. , Lu Ye couldn’t help but click his tongue. With a conflicted expression, he put down the mineral ore on the ground and took out one more mineral ore. , He had been inside the mine for more than a year, so he knew a thing or two about these mineral ores. Although he wasn’t sure their exact value, he reckoned that the ones that were easily found were normally cheaper. Although the two mineral ores he had taken out were huge, they were not rare inside the mine. In fact, they were easily found. , There were only a small number of mineral ores in Zhou Cheng’s Storage Bag, which were about five to six pieces, and they were the most common ones. On the other hand, not only were there a lot of mineral ores in Manager Yang’s bag, but there were also a lot of rare ones. , The fat cultivator finally sported a smile when he saw the second mineral ore. “Brat, don’t think that I’m taking advantage of you. It’s just that I find you to be likeable, which is why I’ve come all the way here to give you some advice. I, Pang Da Hai from Righteous Sect, am quite famous in the cultivation world in Bing Zhou. Normally, I wouldn’t bother to give other people advice even if they wanted me to.” , Seeing what the fat cultivator was doing in broad daylight, and that he even claimed to be from Righteous Sect, Yu Xiao Tiea felt that something in her heart had broken into pieces. , Lu Ye also found it unbearable. “Are you sure you are from Righteous Sect?” , He’s not righteous in any way! As he spoke, he fished out the third mineral ore. bn𝚘v𝚕.𝚘𝚛𝚐, However, Pang Da Hai’s eyes remained narrowed, apparently still not content with what he saw. , The corners of Lu Ye’s eyes twitched as he had the urge to pry open the fatty’s eyes to make him see clearly. Unfortunately, he was no match for him. When he took out the fourth mineral ore, he selected the precious Yuan Metal. , Pang Da Hai’s brows twitched as he kept a smile on his face. , Lu Ye clapped his hands and pointed at the four mineral ores on the ground. “Is my sincerity enough now?” , A smiling Pang Da Hai did not respond to him. , “Alright. There’s no choice, then.” Lu Ye heaved a sigh, and as Pang Da Hai and Yu Xiao Tiea stared at him in shock, he crouched down and put the first mineral ore back into his Storage Bag. Then, he looked up at Pang Da Hai and asked, “Is it enough?” , Pang Da Hai widened his eyes and stared at him in disbelief. At the same time, he was flustered. , Yu Xiao Tiea was also stunned by Lu Ye’s action as she didn’t understand what he was trying to achieve. , Then, Lu Ye put the second mineral ore back into his bag and lifted his head before asking, “Is it enough?” , “I…” Pang Da Hai seemed to have the urge to scold him, but he refrained from doing it to show that he had the demeanour of a top cultivator. However, his expression suggested that he was exasperated. , When Lu Ye was reaching out to the third mineral ore, he felt a grab on his shoulder. He lifted his head, only to see that Pang Da Hai was glowering at him and saying through clenched teeth, “Enough! That’s enough!”

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