Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 6: Encounter

Consuming Qi Blood Pills could strengthen one’s vitality. One could then obtain more Spiritual Power by using one’s Spiritual Power in their Spiritual Points to refine their vitality. At the moment, that was the only method that Lu Ye could use to cultivate with the benefits he obtained from the personal effects of Manager Yang. , He had tallied the number of Qi Blood Pills previously. There were a total of 253 Qi Blood Pills, which was not a small number. He originally thought that so many Qi Blood Pills would be enough for his use. However, he only just discovered that these Qi Blood Pills would not last long once he actually started cultivating. , The first time he cultivated, he only managed to refine the medicinal efficacies of 2 Qi Blood Pills. He had never done this before, so it took him a long time to figure out how to refine his vitality into Qi. During his second attempt, he managed to refine 4 Qi Blood Pills. He was starting to get the hang of it after some practice. , The third time, he refined 6 Qi Blood Pills… , The fourth time, he refined 10 Qi Blood Pills… , The more he cultivated, the faster his consumption of the Qi Blood Pills. That was because the Spiritual Power in his Spiritual Point was increasing by the day. The more Spiritual Power he had, the higher his efficiency in refining his vitality into Qi, and the greater his consumption of Qi Blood Pills. , He finally understood one thing. The Qi Blood Pills were truly nothing great after all. Otherwise, there was no reason for a newly Enlightened cultivator like him to consume those pills so quickly. A true cultivator most likely had some special Spirit Pills for cultivation while cultivating. It was a pity he could not recognize any of those Spirit Pills and did not dare to try them out recklessly. , The mine was dank and gloomy. He did not know how much time had passed. When he finished consuming all the Qi Blood Pills in his possession, he knew that it was time for him to leave. It wasn’t because he had run out of cultivation resources. It was because he had nothing left to eat. , Since he started refining his vitality into Qi, his appetite had increased greatly. Manager Yang had brought a lot of food with him. If he had rationed the food carefully, it could have lasted him for two months. He planned to hide here for quite some time after all. How could he be inadequately prepared? , Although there was no way for him to calculate time accurately, he estimated that more than a dozen days had passed since he started cultivating. The benefits he gained from this period of cultivation were not great but not small either. , The Spiritual Power in his Source Spiritual Point had been filled to the brim. In other words, he had the qualifications to unlock his next Spiritual Point and cultivate the Golden Liberation Technique. It was just that when he tried to unlock his second Spiritual Point according to the guide written in the Golden Liberation Technique, he could not find the right location. Not only did he fail in his cultivation, but he also wasted a lot of Spiritual Power for no reason. , No wonder I heard people saying that cultivation matters require the guidance of their Elders. Who knows how many detours I will need to take before I can figure things out myself? For that reason, he was still just a cultivator who had only unlocked his first Spiritual Point despite consuming all the Qi Blood Pills in his possession. The injuries on his body had healed completely, so they did not hinder his movements. , Rather, he was troubled over how he was going to deal with Manager Yang’s Storage Bag. He was quite reluctant to leave it here. It was everything Manager Yang had owned after all. Leaving aside the other items, some of those rare ores were very valuable. He had no family nor friends in this world or any Elders to take care of him. He would surely need to consume many resources in the future. With Manager Yang’s personal effects in his possession, at the very least, he would not need to worry about a lack of cultivation resources for the time being. , Nevertheless, it was not appropriate to carry this Storage Bag on him either. This was the Cultivation World. Fortune begot greed and it was not uncommon for killings to take place. If a cultivator who had only unlocked a single Spiritual Point like himself carried such a precious Storage Bag around, it was hard to guarantee that others would not mean him harm when they saw the Storage Bag. , After considering it for some time, he decided to bring the Storage Bag along with him. Wealth always came with danger; if he missed this opportunity, he might never come across another chance to obtain such windfall again. , Once he made up his mind, he returned to the place where he killed Manager Yang before and picked up his mining pick that had been cut in half. Since he had decided to bring the Storage bag along with him, he could not leave the Yuan Metal in this place behind. These ores were very valuable after all. , Raising his mining pick again, he began sweating profusely like rain. He had been mining for more than a year now, so he had long gotten familiar with the work. Moreover, he was much more efficient than before now that he had a foundation of Spiritual Power. He mined the Yuan Metal, piece after piece, and stored them into the Storage Bag. It wasn’t until he finished mining all of the Yuan Metal in this place that he finally tossed the mining pick aside. If everything goes smoothly, I will never need to use this ever again! , Afterward, he took off his clothes, placed the Storage Bag close to his body, and tied it to his body with strips of cloth. By doing it this way, the Storage Bag would not be exposed unless he was stripped and searched. However, he took out the longsword that belonged to Manager Yang in advance. His journey might not be safe, and having a weapon at hand would allow him to respond to an emergency. , When everything was prepared, Lu Ye took a deep breath and followed the route in his memory toward the outside. He was very cautious along the way. Scared that a cultivator from Evil Moon Valley would pop out of the shadows, he did not dare to go too far lest he revealed his whereabouts. , Unfortunately, the more afraid one was, the more likely that fear would come true. When he rounded a corner in the dark and entered a mining tunnel, his figure suddenly froze in place. Not far ahead, a figure was leaning with his back against the rock wall of the mining tunnel and panting lightly. Moreover, there was a faint smell of blood in the air… , Lu Ye was just about to retreat, but it was too late. That person turned to look in Lu Ye’s direction and immediately exclaimed in surprise, “Lu Ye!?” , Lu Ye instantly felt his heart clenching in fear. The fact that his face could be seen in this darkness indicated that that person was a cultivator. Furthermore, a person that could recognize him could only be one of the cultivators of Evil Moon Valley. , Sure enough; if Manager Yang would think of taking refuge in the mine, then so would the other cultivators of Evil Moon Valley. Who knew how many people from Evil Moon Valley were currently hidden inside the mine? , The gears in his head spun quickly. He gathered his Spiritual Power in his eyes and finally saw the other party’s face clearly. It was one of the cultivators in the mine named Zhou Cheng. Zhou Cheng worked under Manager Yang and had a lower status than Manager Yang. His cultivation was probably weaker than Manager Yang’s too. In addition, he seemed to be injured. The smell of blood was coming from his body. , “Come here!” Zhou Cheng lowered his voice and called out to Lu Ye. , “Okay!” Lu Ye immediately responded. He strode forward toward Zhou Cheng, his speed increasing as he walked. , Zhou Cheng immediately sensed that something was amiss. The main reason was that Lu Ye was holding a sword in his hands. Thus, he frowned. “Where did you get that sword?” , That sword looked like the sword given to all the cultivators of Evil Moon Valley. It was very problematic for Lu Ye to be having it in his possession. , Lu Ye did not respond. He was only 10 metres away from Zhou Cheng at this point. , Zhou Cheng finally noticed the killing intent coming from Lu Ye. Hence, he hurriedly got to his feet and shouted through gritted teeth. “I’m going to kill you, you little motherf*cker!” , With that said, he raised his sword and stabbed toward Lu Ye. That longsword was imbued with Spiritual Power. In the dark, it glowed with a bright light. That sword wasn’t anything special. It was just that pouring Spiritual Power into the longsword increased the damage it inflicted. With an ordinary person like Lu Ye as his opponent, it was only natural that he believed it to be more than enough to get rid of Lu Ye. The last person who thought that way was Manager Yang, and his corpse had already begun to rot. , Meanwhile, the Sword Light rapidly expanded in Lu Ye’s vision. He directed all his Spiritual Power to gather around his eyes, and the entire world seemed to slow down significantly. ., It was different from the time he borrowed the power of the Yuan Metal Force Field to ambush Manager Yang. This was the first time he was fighting against another cultivator in a direct confrontation. Therefore, he could not afford to hesitate or falter in the slightest. Fortunately, this cultivator’s cultivation was not that powerful. He was also heavily injured, which was why Lu Ye dared to go in for the kill. , When that longsword was about to hit him, he slid sideways and dodged the attack by a hair. Then, he raised the longsword in his hand and countered. At the same time, a mysterious and complicated pattern flashed across the longsword. It was the blessing of Sharp Edge!

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