Kahn ordered the subordinates to gather the dead bodies close to his location as he put his hands on the dead Nymph floor boss. After 5 minutes, he was finally done. , "Show me the new abilities & skills." ordered Kahn. , The host has acquired the following abilities & skills : , Hive Link (A Rank) : , Allows the user to completely control and share mind connection with underlings or something created by the user. , (Current Range : 200 meters) , Heat Sense (B Rank) : , Allows the user to detect the surrounding environment accurately based on body/heat temperature. , (Current Range : 40 meters) , Sonar Command : , Allows the user to communicate with its subjects through high-frequency noises. , Extension : , Allows the user to create and eject high-density pikes from their body and even shoot them for a short distance. User can also retract them based on their will. , Nymph Bloodline absorbed , Current Bloodline purity : 28% , "Not bad." said Kahn as he let out a satisfied smile. , This floor boss gave Kahn a lot of beneficial abilities & skills. , Hive Link was extremely useful because till now, Kahn could only command his subordinates by giving orders verbally and at best, he could share their vision. But this new ability will allow him to establish a direct mind link with his subordinates and order them as per his will. , Extension would basically give him inborn knives which he could also shoot at high speed in close distance. In other words, he'd never actually be without a weapon. , It was just like Wolverine who had his claws in his forearms. , "System, show me the abilities that can be merged." , The system gave a new list of abilities and Kahn was jumping in joy after he saw the possible skill list. , Hive Mind (A Rank) (Upgradable) : , A combination of Mind Link & Hive Link which allows the host to establish the perfect mental and soul connection with the subordinates. , The host can share sight, feel and communicate with the subordinates and telepathically control them at his will. , Applicable to all the subordinates and there is no limit on the number of subordinates host can control at the same time. , However, it will put a mental strain on the host when used on more than 10 subordinates at the same time. , Thermal Radar (B Rank) (Upgradable): , A combination of Hunter Intent and Heat Sense that allows the user to examine the surrounding and the targets based on body temperature, heat signatures and their physical state. , (Current Range : 100 meters) , "Eureka!" shouted Kahn and started laughing off like a maniac. , These two merged skills were just too good for him. , One was like a Necromancer commanding his army of undead creatures. It will drastically improve Kahn and his team coordination when he fought alongside his subordinates in large group battles. , While the other one was no different than his own Witcher Sense which could help him gauge his surrounding & examine or track things based on heat signatures. , Extremely useful in dark places where his sight was limited and also to track many things by the trail they left behind. , Kahn then cut down the core out of floor boss's heart and put it in his space ring. He looked at the bodies of the floor boss and its minions. , "System, can I directly merge a dead body with one of the subordinates?" asked Kahn as he was having a few doubts. , No. To initiate the Synthesis with an already created subordinates, the host must use another subordinate which has unlocked the Evolution skills. the system replied in its lifeless tone. , "Damn.. Even the cheat abilities are not full proof huh.." said Kahn. , "Well.. I gotta spend some monster cores then." , Even after this demerit, there was still a loophole in this condition. Kahn could simply create a new subordinate, get it to the level of the dead Nymph floor boss which was a Unique rank monster and then merge the bodies of the two to create another subordinate. , Kahn didn't waste any time and started using the dead minion nymphs to create new subordinates one after another and merged them using Synthesis divine ability. Finally when he got a unique rank result, he merged it with the dead body of the floor boss. , What Kahn received was another giant Nymph at Unique rank which was bigger and stronger than the former. But he simply didn't like the result because the thing was just too big and had many restrictions on its movements. , Thankfully it had unlocked Evolution skill because Kahn used 10 B rank monster cores. , Just then, Kahn had another idea.. He looked at the Six Generals that were standing closer to the dead bodies of the minions. , "Who would suit the best for merging together?" Kahn asked himself as he ruled out Omega who possessed the Godbeast Fenrir bloodline which he couldn't afford to waste by mixing with another lower level bloodline. , Based on the use and the skills the result subordinate had, Kahn decided on Oliver; the ranger subordinate out of the Six Generals. , Mainly because Oliver was a long-range attack class who also had unique skills related to sensing and setting traps plus could do long-distance reconnaissance because of his sensing skills. This merging would definitely highlight the previous skills while granting new ones such as Heat Sense could make Oliver a specialized subordinate just for this task. Also, he'd inherit the Hive Link skill so it was a good investment for the future. This could also allow him to shoot pikes like arrows from his hands or use them with a bow. He'd be an Archer with an infinite number of arrows to be precise. , Kahn ruled out Ronin because he was a close combat class and would not benefit much from this merging. , "Merge!" Kahn commanded the system to initiate the Synthesis process and merge them. , The Host needs 50 B Rank monster cores to create a stable subordinate which inherits the memory of subordinate Oliver and possesses the skills of both the specimen. , "Why don't you rob a bank?! Do you think these cores grow on trees?" Kahn said with an irritated expression. The system was asking for too much with each Evolution under the name of merging different species. , It was becoming greedy with each day. Kahn found himself lucky that Rudra & Omega had their relevant species available while he created them. Otherwise, they'd cost too many cores just like this. , "Take it!" Kahn said dejectedly and began the procedure. , In 21 minutes, Oliver was evolved into a new kind of subordinate.. His appearance no longer looking like a human but rather a Heteromorphic monster which was partly humanoid and partly monster. , Oliver's new appearance differentiated from his original appearance in many ways. Now he had six long pike-like legs coming from his back, his legs having multiple spikes on them and his height close to 4 meters in height than his previous 1.7 meter. The face and head no longer belonged to a human but a skinny and boney skull that would give young children nightmares in their sleep. Thankfully he still retained his eyes. , But most importantly.. Oliver was now a Half-Lord rank monster. With a Variant Species named Brtor and had unlocked Evolution skill. , Kahn didn't expect this result but accepted it as there were going to be many of such experiments in the future. , He started creating new subordinates without naming them, simply to make up for the numbers and save monster cores.. In just 2 hours, he finally stopped after creating around 50 new subordinates which were stronger and bigger than the Nymph minions. , "From now on, all of those I created just now will be part of a small group which will grow in the future with new subordinates. From now on, all of you are one & the same. And I shall call you... The Legion." said Kahn as he folded his hands together. , *plays historical background music* , The day was coming to an end and the night was on its way. Kahn returned to the city and visited the same bar like he did yesterday. , After speaking the code.. Kahn met the Snakekin again. , "Have you brought what I asked you?" , "Yes. I gathered all the known incidents, both official and unofficial ones and many that were buried under the rocks in the past five years. I divided them into 3 different books. One for normal criminals like murderers, rap*st, thieves & bandits. Second for the nobles and their relatives who abused their name & family backgrounds to kill, massacre and even abduct women and children for their sick fetishes and torturing. The third one has influential people in government & military including high ranking soldiers, lieutenants and even law enforcement officials like lawyers and judges who have abused their position and authority for personal gain and did favors to rake in money." the Snakekin spoke and sighed in regret. , "I had to spend most of the money you gave me yesterday and pull in a lot of connections you know. This was far riskier than any other intel-gathering job I've ever done. If I was caught, I'd be hanged publicly by tomorrow evening." said the Assassin as he remembered how he played with fire today because the information was too sensitive and had many influential figures involved in the list. , "Great job. I didn't expect any less from you." said Kahn and pulled out another bag of gold coins. , "Consider this as your reward for extra efforts you made. And tell President Solomon that I'll be delivering the heads in much higher numbers very soon." said Kahn as he smirked. , "Kid.. You're not into some kind of Warrior of Justice bull**, right?" asked the snakekin with a cautious expression on his face. , "Well.. You'll see soon." Kahn grinned and left the bar. , The sunrise came and the next day started with a pleasant morning. But unlike the usual cheerful times where people started their day off.. The Flavot city was currently in chaos and more people kept gathering around various squares and parts of the city in groups. , What shook the entire city was dozens of bodies impaled on the walls, one in each street. Rather than the dead bodies, what scared the people the most were the words written on the walls using the very blood of these people. , "Every sinner shall pay for their crimes.. For the Judgment is Nigh."

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