Kahn woke up the next morning, his body had recovered from yesterday's exhaustion and was good to go for another hunt. , He knew that he had to become self-dependent quickly and earn a lot of money on his own without relying on anyone else. , Kahn opened the Space Ring that once belonged to the team commander of the Scarlet Lion team which died yesterday. Soon, the news of their & Groundhog adventurer team would spread among the circle. No way a lot of experienced people & well-renounced adventurers going missing would stay under the radar. It was bound to cause a commotion. , As Kahn opened the Space Ring, he was left stunned. , Unlike his poor space ring which barely had 3-meter inner space, the ring in his had a total of 50 meters of space.. Big enough to be compared with a small warehouse. , As he checked the internal space, he found tons of bodies of rare monsters, weapons and materials such as potions, rare herbs, traps for setting an ambush, ores used for forging weapons and even high-grade monster cores. , Kahn was out of words.. Because as far as he knew.. This wasn't just some personal space ring.. Rather it was used to store all the hunted monsters and materials a large team would get after wiping out hordes of monsters or even clearing an entire dungeon floor. It would cost far more than just 5000 Gold Dramus. Maybe even 50 thousand or more than that. , Kahn took out the monster cores from his payment yesterday night and the cores he got from the space ring. As he tallied up all of them, he was shivering.. with excitement! , "Jackpot!" Kahn shouted with joy. , Because there were more than 500 high-grade cores. Around 200 being B rank while 30 A rank cores. The rest were mostly C rank and below. , Kahn had lucked out and received a fortune. Forget the ton of money he'd get from selling all the resources in the space ring, the monster cores were what he needed the most. Because even if he had tons of abilities & skills, he still lacked the physical strength to fight stronger opponents by himself. Relying on his subordinates was a poor choice for the future so he always wanted to be strong by himself. , This pleasant surprise shook Kahn and an evil grin appeared on his face. , He started eating out all the A & B rank monster cores one by one voraciously and almost choked on them twice. , His entire morning went eating and absorbing these free cores and finally after the afternoon arrived, he was done with his feast. His level arose quite a few times but he didn't bother counting it. , "System. Show me new my stats." Kahn commanded excitedly, ready to see his new levels. , Host Attributes and Skills are as follows : , Name : Kahn (Host) , Species : Human , Level : 53 , Strength : 286 , Agility : 243 , Dexterity : 248 , Defense : 211 , Mana : 385 , Bloodlines Acquired : , Basilisk : 50% purity , Fenrir : 5% purity. , Author : I'm skipping on Abilities & Magical skills because that list alone will take half the chapter. Also, no need of mentioning the Blessings anymore as those who read the chapters till now would already be familiar with them. I'll only mention them when they're needed for explanation or Kahn activates them. , Eleven Levels!! , He raised his strength by 11 levels in just one morning because of all the cores. The majority of his increase was thanks to the cores he found in the space ring. Kahn knew that gathering that many cores alone would take a year or so because they'd need to hunt down too many monsters and raid dungeons. , Kahn had benefitted from someone else's hard work. , As for the other resources Kahn found in the space ring.. He hatched a simple yet efficient plan. , Kahn then departed for Nikola's office which was on the highest floor of the building. , "Are you free for some time?" Kahn asked after knocking on the door. , "Oh, it's you. What is it?" asked Nikola who was doing his daily tasks as the president of this giant merchant enterprise. , "I wanted to ask if I could sell you some of the stuff I harvested from the dungeons. I'd rather sell them to you than Adventurer Association since you also sell them in your shops." said Kahn was he asked in a gentle tone. , "Sure, why not. But do mind you, it has to be in a large quantity or there's no point. We don't do chummy change deals like a few small quantity herbs and ores. It has to be big enough." said Nikola. , He was simply being honest with Kahn as small trade was done in small pawn shops, not in a business enterprise. , Kahn nodded and let out a small chuckle. , "Will this much do?" said Kahn and emptied half the contents of the new space ring on the open space inside the office. , THUD! CLANG! CRRRR! , Things after things, materials after materials started piling up on the empty space and half of the office was full of rare herbs, monster bodies and metal ores. , Nikola was flabbergasted and almost was paralyzed on the spot. , "You.. Where did you get all these?! It's no different than what we deal in an entire week!" Nikola exclaimed in surprise. , "No point in hiding from you, so I'll tell you the truth. I hunted half of these while the other half came from the people who died in the dungeon and I robbed them of their belongings and whatever materials they had on their space rings." said Kahn and sat on the chair next to Nikola's table. , "So what do you think? Big enough to make a deal? I only want the price you'd generally give to any of your traders or suppliers. You can make off the extra profit by selling these in your stores & weapon shops. Not a bad deal, right?" said Kahn as he suggested the old merchant to go with his proposal. , Nikola's eyes flickered and a greedy look appeared on his face. What Kahn offered was indeed a very good deal for him. , "Deal!" said Nikola and nodded in agreement. , "I'll only need some time to calculate all of these products and their cost. Don't worry, I'll give you a fair price." said Nikola. , "Okay then. I'll trust you on that. But remember, there's more coming. So you better not rob me off, old man." Kahn said and laughed. , "Aye, if you can bring more materials & resources like these.. Then I'll often make these deals with you." said Nikola. , He was a merchant at the end of the day. He knew what kind of deal was profitable for him and what kind of people he should make deals with. His impression of Kahn was very good since the time he had come to know him so he indeed found Kahn to be a trustworthy person. , "I'll come back in the evening. Give me the money then. I'm going to dungeons again and will bring more materials soon." said Kahn and bid his farewell to the old merchant. , As for why he decided to sell these materials to Nikola and not keep them to himself? Because he wasn't an idiot! , Many of the contents of the space ring were high-quality resources and someone from the Scarlet Lion adventurers team would definitely look for them. Kahn would be keeping a ticking bomb in his pockets if he kept all that with him. , So he displayed half of it to Nikola as showing all of them would even scare the old man and he'd ask too many questions about the origin of the materials. , Plus, Nikola and his Black Griffin merchant enterprise was the best place for Kahn to sell as he knew that the old man who was grateful to Kahn for saving his life certainly won't cheat his savior. And most importantly, since they did business in all sectors; Nikola would easily distribute the materials in various shops owned by them. , This way, nothing would lead back to Kahn and no one from the Scarlet Lion team would guess that their fortune was being sold legally; and not on the black market either. , Kahn decided that it was time he tested his new strength and improved his skills and weapon mastery. Also, this was the best way he could use to explain how he got all those materials while raising his subordinate's levels and ability ranks. , Kahn went to the adventurer association again and bought another dungeon pass. This time, he went in as an assassin. , He had a clear goal now. Forget the lame low-tier mobs. Kahn was extremely disappointed in the Silver Kobold floor boss. What he needed now was high-grade monster cores, lots of high rank & rare skills. , Kahn knew that he no longer had to play the small game if he wanted to gain strength, fame, money and authority. From now on, everything he'd do should make it to the headlines and become the talk of the city. , Because being an underdog would never help him the way he wanted in his path of Power & Domination. , So ** being an underdog.. He was going to become a goddamn Tyrant!

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