Kahn looked at the redhead girl in front of him and let out a small chuckle as he noticed a red tinge on the girl's face. , "Well, I seem to have a habit of saving you whenever you are close to death. But don't count on it, or you'll end up dying at this rate." Kahn said and gave a small grin. , "By the way, what were you doing with the Scarlet Lion adventurer team? Weren't you part of another team?" Kahn asked as he remembered the details of that day very accurately. , "The group disbanded after that incident. Markus took out all the remaining funds we had and gave them to the families of all of our dead comrades.. And nobody felt like carrying on any longer. We lost a lot of good people that day. People who were no different than family." said the girl as sadness welled up in her heart and her tone turned heavy. , "I see. But why were you in the dungeon then?" asked Kahn curiously. , "I needed the money. I have already spent all the money I had and needed work. So I joined the expedition when they were hiring. It wasn't like it was my first time going in a dungeon.. Just that those bastards never told us that we were going to hunt for the Floor Boss." the girl sighed. , " Only if I knew, I wouldn't have joined no matter what." said the redhead and laid back on the bed, her exhaustion kicking in again. , "I understand. Well, I hope I won't have to save you again from another ambush anytime soon. Take rest. I need to go now." said Kahn and decided to leave. , "Hey, you haven't even told me your name yet." said the redhead. , "I'm Kahn. No last name." said Kahn as he replied. , "Jessica Artwinger." said the redhead girl. , "The next time you decide to do something dangerous.. I'll kill you myself." said Kahn and laughed off. , "Hahaha. Yeah, right. I don't think I'll continue this business anymore either." said Jessica as she chuckled in response. , "See you around." said Kahn and left the clinic. He had already paid for her so they'll take care of Jessica till she recovers. This was probably the first good deed Kahn had done ever since he came to this world. , "Kahn, huh.." spoke Jessica to herself as an expression full of gratitude appeared on her face. , Kahn went into a dark alley and after walking across numerous blocks and various streets, he finally stopped in front of a small bar in the corner of a small street. , There was only a bartender and two more people. One appeared to be a customer and one another seemed to be the guard. , Kahn took his hood out and sat on the counter. , "The sun brightens up my day." said Kahn , "But the night soothes my soul." replied the bartender. , This was a code word in between those who came to do peculiar business at this bar. Suddenly, the bartender signaled both the customer and the guard. All 3 people left the bar and Kahn was sitting alone at the counter. , Suddenly, Kahn felt a slight tinge on his back and gave a small smile. , "Still carrying the training, I see." said Kahn and looked towards his back. , A slim hooded figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The masked figure was someone Kahn knew. , "I see that you're improving as well. I would've been disappointed if you didn't notice me." said the figure and sat on the chair next to Kahn. , It was none other than the Snakekin who trained Kahn with assassin skills. , Kahn took a small pouch full of badges he took after killing the Groundhog adventurer team members in the dungeon. , "The first batch." said Kahn as he pushed the pouch towards the assassin. , In return, the snakekin took out a big pouch full of monster cores and then even a bigger one full of gold coins. , "How did you take out so many?" asked the snakekin as he was astonished after watching pouch full badges. , Kahn simply told him how he lured the kobold group towards the adventurer team and let them kill each other. And finished the remaining ones when they were exhausted from the battle by taking them out using the smoke bombs. He left the part about Omega of course. , The snakekin clapped in approval of Kahn's method. , Kahn shoved the bag full of coins back to the assassin. , "Huh, what's the meaning of this?" the Snakekin asked curiously. , "That's for a job I have for you. I want a list of all the criminals that are roaming free because of lack of evidence against them. Also, make another list of corrupted government officials, military officers who have dark history and nobles who have committed heinous acts such as r*pe, murders, extortion but are still free because of their connections. This is a separate deal between us and not part of the contract." said Kahn in a stern tone. , "Why do you need that?" asked the snakekin. , "That's my business. You don't need to worry. I want the list by tomorrow evening. Keep this a secret from everyone if you're truly a professional. I want a very detailed report. Consider all this money as your payment." said Kahn and bid farewell to the assassin. , The snakekin held the big pouch of coins, there was a lot of money in it. Definitely far more worth than what one would offer for intel in their line of work. , Kahn returned to Black Griffin merchant enterprise. By this time, he was already familiar with a lot of people here and many of the staff also knew him as a friend of their young master and the one who saved their owner's life a while ago. , Kahn met with both Nikola & Elanev and then joined them for dinner. Unlike some country bumpkin, Kahn would have a lot of meaningful conversations with both of them as he too had a lot of expertise in business and money management in his previous life. So he would always lead suggestive conversations and then come up with answers himself. Both the father and son duo were very impressed with his knowledge & ideas so they felt like he was wasting his time being an adventurer. , Kahn would come up with excuses like he learned that all from his deceased friend Pavel who was good at accounts. Obviously, there was no Pavel, it was just a made-up persona he created for his fake background. , Kahn then came back to his room and took a long bath. There was a lot of bloodshed he went through today so he felt like he had to do a proper cleaning. , As Kahn laid in his bed, he ordered the system to give him the list of abilities & skills he acquired today. , The host has acquired the following abilities : , Frost spike , Water blade , Fire burst , Rootbind , Windblast , Lightning bolt , Mana burst , Bullseye , Arrow explosion , Multiple targets , Silence , Shadow shift , Knight's Taunt , Defense Buff , Sword Edge , Parry , Sword Deflect , Mana Recovery (C Rank) , Health Recovery (D Rank) , Rage burst , Cleave , War Cry , The system gave Kahn a long list and also the ones he previously acquired from the Groundhog adventurer team. , "System, show me the merged skills and prioritize on the ones that can help me infiltrate any place without being noticed and also the ones that can cause a high long-range damage." said Kahn as he was already aware of what he needed the most now. , The system then gave Kahn a list of merged abilities as per his specification. Kahn took a look at the list and started sorting the ones he'd actually use and could be integrated into his combat techniques and attack that could be added in his holster. , This time, Kahn only found 3 useful skills. , Windcutter , A result of Wind blade, a mage spell and Sword Edge, a swordsman skill which released small destructive mana during the attack. The merged skill compressed high-pressure wind and released it during swings for 8 meter distance. , This was useful for Kahn when he used a sword. , Shadow Walk , A combination of Silence, an archer skill that prevented making noise while reconnaissance & Shadow Shift, an assassin skill that let the user submerge themselves in shadow. , The resultant merged skill let Kahn travel through shadows without making any noise or getting noticed by anyone. , Firestorm , Combination of Windblast and Fire burst. Both being AoE mage spells. , The merged skill allowed Kahn to attack a giant fireball that would explode on impact for 10 meters. The maximum range being 30 meters from his location. , This was a very destructive and large area covering spell. Kahn would find it useful while dealing with a large mob of enemies. , "Merge them." commanded Kahn. , "System, what abilities did I get from Silver Kobold?" , The host has acquired the following abilities from the Silver Kobold : , Kobold General , Conqueror Roar , Spear Thrust , Sweep swing , Pack Attack Buff , The host has absorbed 5% Fenrir bloodline purity. , "So much for a floor boss.. Impart the 5% bloodline purity to Omega." said Kahn and opened the small book he got this morning which included the names of all his targets as per the contract. , As for the intel Kahn ordered the snakekin to gather was for something else. , Because soon, Kahn was going to wreak a havoc in the entire city.

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