Kahn was completely out of his wits for the first time since he absorbed the Somir's core and inherited its will which changed Kahn's demeanor. , He was able to always keep a calm mind even when facing someone like Stragabor. , But now he could not believe his eyes. What he thought was a Half-Lord rank subordinate was actually a Lord rank monster. It was beyond the results he expected. , "System, how did this happen?" Kahn asked the system because only it could explain the reason behind this result. , System detects that the subordinate Omega already had 2% bloodline purity of the Godbeast named Fenrir. During the Synthesis procedure, the determined will of the subordinate to become more useful to the host triggered this bloodline. Since Kobasu are also descendants of the Lykos species tree, the bloodline was activated to a higher degree and caused this transformation. , "My my.. To think that I would have someone who would be so loyal to me.." Kahn said and ruffled Omega's head. He was genuinely overjoyed for Omega. , Now he understood why people treated their pets as part of the family. Because they too cared about their masters. , "System, how strong is Omega now compared to other people I've met?" Kahn questioned as he didn't know how to exactly decide tiers of Strength so he could only compare. , Subordinate Omega is currently comparable to a Beginner Grandmaster rank person in terms of strength & attack capacity. Subordinate needs to raise its level to reach and utilize its full potential. , "I see. If Omega fights with Arkham, what are his winning chances?" , Subordinate has only 30% chance to defeat the individual named Arkham Holland, who is a Peak Grandmaster rank Magic Swordsman. , "Hmm.. So they're really that strong. I guess I have no choice but to raise my levels quickly. I can't be at their mercy when the time comes. They won't uphold the end of their deal if I'm any weaker than both of them." spoke Kahn. , He was no idiot. He currently lacked a lot of strength and skills compared to the truly strong people in Flavot city. All they needed to do was attack so quickly that Kahn could not even react in time and he'd be dead on the spot. , Even though Omega & Rudra were his shields, there was no certainty that they'd always be able to help him either. At the end of the day, he had to rely on his own capabilities. , Just then, Kahn heard a warning in his head. The warning he received was through his connection with his other subordinates.. The Six Generals. , Through the Mind Link skill, Kahn could see what was happening in front of these subordinates. He quickly switched sights and found that Oliver, the Ranger subordinate and Jugram, the Berserker subordinate saw people incoming towards their direction. , Only now did Kahn remember the massive burst of energy Omega let out when he was created and the roar he let was no different than an atom bomb explosion. So naturally, this was going to alert and bring the attention of a lot of people and monsters on this floor. , "All of you, return quickly to me. And Omega, get in. We need to hide." said Kahn and ran amongst the dense tree lines and crevices. , Soon, Kahn met his subordinates along the way one by one and they all merged inside his shadow. And Kahn decided to hide for some time, away from prying eyes who were coming towards the place of the commotion. No one would pay attention to a lone archer in this situation. , While running through the woods, Kahn saw some adventurer groups but made no contact with them. As they were all heading towards something non-existent. , At this point, he had reached the opposite side of the floor itself because of how clueless he was. The dungeon map he brought with him seemed to be somewhat inaccurate which led him towards a valley full of kobolds instead. , Thanks to his Survival Instinct, he quickly hid himself using concealment skill which was an assassin's exclusive skill that allowed him to merge in the surrounding environment. , Suddenly, his Survival Instinct alerted him again. But this time, it wasn't because of anyone directing any killing intent towards him. Because there was a group of adventures.. Around 40 people were charging towards this kobold settlement. Many of them were well geared up and seemed to be in a proper formation. , Assassins led the way while doing reconnaissance and Tanks & Knights protecting the group in the front. Swordsmen behind the first defense line, the Mages and Healers in the group while the Archers protecting their back. , This was a proper setup for a Boss fight formation. These people were definitely going to fight a formidable monster boss. , "Could it be the Floor Boss?" Kahn asked himself. That would be the only explanation because these were a lot of people for a normal group of kobolds. , As soon as the group reached the nearest kobold group, they firmly launched their attack and decimated the first group with their impeccable timing and coordination. This was a well-established group with plenty of experienced people in it. , Kahn noticed that all of these people had a Reddish insignia on their chest. And in that insignia, was a Lion head carved in the center. , "The Scarlet Lion Adventurer team.." Kahn suddenly remembered the information he heard from one of the adventurers long ago. , This was the Scarlet Lion Adventurer team.. The 2nd biggest and strongest adventurer team in Flavot city. , Kahn kept watching the battle from the dark corners in the trees as a heart-thumping battle happened in front of his eyes. , The timing, the coordination and most importantly; the person in command managing the team formation and adjusting it from time to time for maximum effectiveness surprised Kahn. He understood that the person in charge was a veteran and had hundreds of battles to reach such a level while commanding others. , Wave after wave of Kobolds died in a one-sided massacre while the Scarlet Lion team members didn't lose a single person. The Mages were accurately hitting the Kobolds that managed to go past the first line of defense. , More likely, they were allowed to breach the defense and entered through the small gaps.. Just to get roasted and cut down alive from the fire and wind magic attacks from the mages. Anyone who still managed to escape was finished off by the assassins & archers of the group. , Kahn was quite a calculative person himself so he understood the strategy. The team commander was basically leading the enemy in a deathly trap one by one and whittling down their numbers without losing a single person under his command. , The battle continued for half an hour with the Kobold side losing too many members and not even managing to take out a single member of the opposition. By now, more than 50 dead kobolds were lying on the ground. , Just when Kahn thought there was nothing left to see and decided to leave, a loud noise filled the entire valley. , HOWL!! , "It's finally here. Everyone be on guard. Follow my orders!" the team commander spoke loudly. , "Healers, put shields on Knights & Tanks. Mages, assist the Swordsmen and Assassins. Archers, be ready to release arrows when I command you to." shouted the group commander as everyone got in a defensive formation. , Soon, from the end of the valley, walked in a giant Silver Kobold surrounded by at least 20 kobolds. , Unlike all the kobolds that Kahn had seen till now, this giant Silver kobold was actually wearing grey armor on his chest, he walked on two legs just like Omega did and surprisingly used a long-range spear that was in his hands. The spear itself looked like a very high-grade weapon by the looks of how well designed it was. It was definitely an extremely powerful weapon. , "You lot again? Have you forgotten what happened last time? Don't think about leaving out of here alive." suddenly the silver kobold spoke and released his killing intent on the group of adventurers that were attacking his kin. , Kahn was surprised again. This silver kobold spoke.. Even more cleanly than Omega did after his Evolution. This monster was at least Half-Lord rank. , "You monster! Don't think that you'll get away with killing my brother and my men. This time, I'll cut your head myself!" shouted the commander of the group. , "Looks like you have forgotten how you barely escaped from me last time. Well, thanks for bringing us more food." the silver kobold shouted and dashed towards the adventurer team. , Following it, the group of kobolds also charged with fervor. , And what looked like an impenetrable formation was quickly broken through by this silver kobold with just a few swings of its spear. This monster was just too strong. , "This is a lost battle already." spoke Kahn to himself as he noticed something that the adventurer group didn't. , At this point, they weren't just facing the silver kobold and his crew from the front.. Rather they were actually surrounded by more than 30 enemies from both sides. And another group was also coming from their rear. , The silver kobold didn't just come without preparations.. Rather, it waited till the Adventurer group was only focusing on the enemies that were coming from the front. The silver kobold allowed his kin to die just so it could surround them from all sides. , Noticing this tactic, Kahn could only praise in amazement.. , "So ruthless.. And so intelligent."

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