Kahn called out Omega who was at this point sulking in a corner as he felt like he was no longer going to be useful to Kahn. , At the end of the day, Omega was only an Elite rank monster who had very less intelligence compared to these Kobasu who were standing in front of Kahn. He only knew how to follow orders. , Even though they were stronger than Kahn, none of these two subordinates were haughty or overbearing as Rudra. They didn't try to defy Kahn's authority or taunt him in any way. Because Rudra was a Mythical rank creature and possessed 50% pure bloodline of a Godbeast, the Basilisk. , Although Kahn didn't know much about Godbeasts even now since they were only stuff of the Legends as far as he knew, he didn't try to look for more information about them as finding correct & reliable sources wasn't in his priority list. , At this point, Omega finally came and stood on Kahn's left side. His expression looked of curiosity as he didn't understand what Kahn had in his mind. , "System, how much it will take?" , According to the current level of Species & Rank, it will take the Host at least 100 B Rank Monster Cores for this procedure. the system replied in its lifeless tone. , "Why that many? That's all I have left!" Kahn asked in surprise as the cost of this procedure alone took the number of Monster cores he had used up till now. , Kahn ate 50 C rank monster cores a week ago & now nearly used 50 cores for creating his Six Generals and then the kobolds. 30 of them being B Rank monster cores which were very high grade and hard to come even for Solomon who was the president of adventurers association. , Because what Host wishes to create exceeds the current rank of subordinate in the procedure by many ranks. If the host does not use the required amount of monster cores, the result will create a new being who will not inherit any traits or memories of the chosen subordinate. the system explained. , Kahn thought for a minute and understood the reason. What he wanted to do was skip on at least 3 Ranks of Species Evolution. So certainly it would require many cores for all the upgrades and Mana for it to succeed. , Since both the Kobasu were Half-Lord rank, Kahn expected the result being of the same rank after the process was done. But he still had to make up for the difference in Species rank using extra monster cores. , Luckily, Kahn hadn't used up all of his B rank monster cores Solomon had given him as an advance for the contract. He had consumed only low-grade cores that night and barely used the high-grade ones till now. He wanted to save them for emergency or use it for any exchange later. , So he indeed had more than 100 B rank monster cores left on him. They were all he had left to be precise. , But then Kahn looked at the Dire Wolf who had expectant eyes looking at him. Kahn vividly remembered the time when the first thing he ate in this world was hunted & brought to him by Omega. , The first day he entered the world of Vantrea, he created this Dire Wolf using the pack of Wolves who tried to hunt him and had nearly managed to kill him. , Ever since then, he and Omega were no different than Partners in Crime. They hunted together and killed many dangerous monsters & beasts, even killing the legendary Somir together which led the way to Kahn going from Level 3 to Level 30 in a single day. , While Rudra was the strongest of the all subordinates Kahn had created until now, the giant variant Basilisk was still not completely loyal to him nor did he submit to Kahn even after they spent their time together. , Omega on the other hand, was with Kahn since day one. He protected Kahn when he was weak and defenseless, hunted and fought beside Kahn like they were soldiers on a battlefield who would not think twice before sacrificing themselves to save their fellow soldier's life.. That was true Loyalty. , "It's all worth it." spoke Kahn and put one hand on Omega's head and ordered both the kobasu to touch his right palm. , "Merge!" Kahn commanded and the synthesis process started as usual. All the monster cores Kahn had on him were instantly absorbed by the shadow and so were all three specimens. , This time, the procedure was even more complicated and there were sudden bursts of energy and ground shaking pressure releasing within the shadow. , Kahn let out beads of sweat and focused all his attention & energy into the synthesis. , Unlike anything before, it took 4 hours for Kahn to finally manage to complete the process. , BOOM!! BOOM!!! , A sudden burst of energy and an extremely dreadful aura filled with bloodlust and tyranny exploded from the place Kahn was carrying out the synthesis. A dark black and red cloud of energy was exuding in the 2 kilometers surrounding. The explosion could be heard on the entire 9th floor. , Kahn was thrown back 10 meters due to this explosion and barely managed to land on his feet just in time. , A giant 10-meter tall figure of a black creature which had the head of a Wolf, broad shoulders and arms that were of the same height as Kahn with claws as long as Kahn's forearms.. , The giant figure stood on two legs, slightly slanting downward because of its Hind legs that were just like Wolves & Kobolds. It had two long fangs coming out of its mouth which had numerous sharp teeth. The two fangs were about the same height as Kahn's head. , The giant Wolf-like creature then let out a deafening roar and announced its presence to all the living souls present on the 9th floor. , The roar alone causing sonic booms and Kahn's clothes fluttered in the air from the shockwaves. , Kahn looked at the glowing red eyes with the black iris of this giant creature and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity with it. , The giant wolf creature then started walking towards Kahn. , THUD! THUD! THUD! , Each of its steps causing loud stepping noises because of how big its build was. If anyone else other than Kahn was present here, they'd faint under this immense pressure & bloodlust that was being released by this giant monster. , The wolflike creature then knelt in front of Kahn on its right knee & right fist on the ground while the other leg bent and left hand on its knee. , Just like how a Knight would kneel in front his King. , Kahn let out a visible smile and gently placed his palm on the head of the monster kneeling in front of him. , "You've become very strong.. Omega." said Kahn in a happy voice as he felt genuine joy from watching the Synthesis procedure being a success and Omega finally becoming extremely stronger than before. , Just then.. A hoarse and rustic voice reached to Kahn's ears.. , "Thank you.... Master." , Kahn's eyes widened with surprise. The voice belonged to no one but Omega. He could now speak after this Evolution. , Kahn felt a bit of suspicion and commanded the system. , "Tell me all of his stats and abilities." Kahn commanded the system in his authoritative tone. , Following are the Statistics for the subordinate. , Name : Omega , Species : Lycan (Variant Fenrir) , Subordinate has invoked a dormant bloodline belonging to a Godbeast, the Fenrir. , Current Bloodline purity : 20% , Evolution skill unlocked (Level can be upgraded through eating other monsters & cores. And Rank can be upgraded with higher & purer bloodlines of the same species or descendant species of other Godbeasts.) , Rank : Lord , Level : 55 , Strength : 350 , Agility : 270 , Dexterity : 240 , Defense : 200 , Mana : 180 , Active Abilities & Skills : , Shredder Claws : , Gathers extremely destructive mana around subordinate's claws to execute long-range claw attack. , Berserk : , Gives the subordinate two times physical and attack strength for a short time. , Bloodline Boost : , Chosen bloodline effects can be used for a certain amount of time. , Bloodlust : , Allows the subordinate to focus killing intent on a target and put it in a fearful state for 20 seconds. , Tyrant's Roar : , The subordinate's roar can disorient anyone except the host and fellow subordinates in a 200-meter radius. , Shadow Swap : , Subordinate can instantly travel to a location in sight containing a shadow. , Shadow Merge : , Allows Subordinate to merge and hide under Host's shadow. , Passive Innate Skills : , Lycan Tyrant : , Allows the subordinate to command & exert authority on any Lykos (Wolf) related species. , Devourer : , Allows the subordinate to absorb & purify the bloodlines of other species. , Metamorphosis : , Allows the subordinate to shapeshift into a humanoid form. , Regeneration : , Allows the subordinate to constantly heal itself at a fast pace. , After reading all the Stats on Omega after the new upgrade.. Kahn was gobsmacked. This was beyond what he expected, he could only reply in surprise.. , "What the bloody hell!"

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