Kahn stared at the dead bodies of the kobold group he lured here to fight against the adventurer group and killed them once the time came. , Total 16 dead kobolds were lying on the ground. This was more than enough for him to create at least 8 new subordinates. But Kahn didn't plan on having that many for now. He preferred Quality over Quantity. Besides, having same type of subordinates would only provide him with fodders than some unique subordinates as he had created till now. , "System. How much bloodline purity did I absorb from these Kobolds?" asked Kahn to the system as he knew the System stored in Bloodlines through his Ability Absorption Divine Ability if the same type of monsters or any species was absorbed by Kahn. , The Host currently has 120% of pure Kobold bloodline. Enough to create a higher and many times stronger version of this species. , "And would the Rank of that subordinate will be higher as well ?" Kahn asked out of curiosity. , Yes. The more specimens with the same bloodline the Host uses for Synthesis, the higher chances to create a higher version of that species. , "System, what's Omega's rank based on your database?" , Subordinate named Omega is currently of Elite rank with the Evolution skill unlocked. The system replied emotionlessly. , "What are the ranks for monsters & beasts in general?" Kahn asked as he never had this question pop up in his mind before. He only knew that Rudra was of Mythical rank, a rank above the Legendary rank. , Following are the Ranks for Monsters & Beast species : , Common , Elite , Rare , Unique , Half-Lord , Lord , High Lord , Legendary , Mythical , Godbeast , "So what if I use 4 bodies & 5 high-grade monster cores during Synthesis? Will the resultant subordinate be of an even higher version than the expected result?" Kahn asked in puzzlement because he still wasn't used to creating subordinates & understand all the capabilities of his Synthesis Divine Ability even now. , The Resultant subordinate can only be of one rank higher & an upgraded version of their base bloodline. , "I see." Kahn spoke to himself. He was being too greedy just now so he had to keep his expectations in check. A higher rank result was already too much to ask for. Even a higher rank than that was simply impossible. But there was always a chance to merge that subordinate with others of the same rank & species to get another higher version. Just that he will need a purer bloodline & more dead bodies to experiment with & extra monster cores. , "You guys, keep on a lookout. Don't let anyone come close to this area & disturb me." Kahn commanded to his newly created six subordinates, the Six Generals. , The Six Generals then dispersed in different directions. His newly acquired ability called Mind Link was a passive ability so he would be linked to all these subordinates and could see through their eyes whenever he wanted. His soul connection with them would inform him about everything that was happening with subordinates without putting any strain on his brain either. , Plus the range was 5 kilometers so it was already very good for him to not be noticed by anyone who was far away. Kahn was just being cautious. , Kahn chose 4 bodies of dead kobolds and 5 B-rank monster cores for the synthesis and put his hands and bare legs on all the bodies. , "Merge!" said Kahn as a black shadow was released from his hands and legs on each body and the shadow engulfed them one by one. , Soon all the 4 shadows started converging together and finally the procedure to create a new subordinate started. , Since there were more specimens involved, the procedure took longer than before. , Does the host wishes to impart the pure Bloodline to the subordinate being created? the system asked for his permission like it once did when he was creating Rudra who now possessed 50% pure Basilisk bloodline. , "Do it." Kahn commanded without hesitation. , After 10 minutes of forming different shapes and moves, the new subordinate was finally created. , It was pitch black kobold who was much taller and bigger than the rest of the Kobolds that Kahn had killed and used for synthesis. The fur was darker, claws were shaper, it stood on its two hind legs and two big fangs were coming out of its mouth. , Its appearance no different than a giant Werewolf. , "System, show me his stats." , Following are the Statistics for the subordinate. , Name : Unnamed , Species : High Kobold , Evolution skill unlocked (Level can be upgraded through eating other monsters & cores. And Rank can be upgraded with higher & purer bloodlines of this same species.) , Rank : Unique , Level : 45 , Strength : 160 , Agility : 140 , Dexterity : 60 , Defense : 70 , Mana : 90 , Abilities : , Burst Howl , Pack Leader , Sprinter , Lunge , Tearing claws , Shadow merge , Would Host like to name this new subordinate? , "Wait." Kahn looked at the stats & abilities. This new subordinate was indeed very strong compared to the dead kobolds & even slightly stronger than Six Generals because it had the unique bloodline of kobold species. , Kahn didn't stop there. He simply repeated the same process for the remaining bodies. And after half an hour, finally stopping after he created 3 more subordinates. All of them being no different than the previous High Kobold. , Kahn now finally understood the difference. Kobolds were actually higher and intellectual versions of Wolves. No different than those Wolfkin Demihumans he had seen before in Flavot City and some of the Adventurer groups he had seen also had such members. , Just that the Wolfkin were more evolved and sentient beings while kobolds were primitive & more controlled by their base instincts. , Even Omega who was standing close to Kahn felt like he was looking at his long-distance relatives. He was certainly a much lower version of this species himself. , Kahn didn't stop here either. Since all of them had unlocked Evolution skill, there was no point in standing on a ceremony. , He divided these 4 into groups of two and repeated the Synthesis. Kahn used 10 B Rank monster cores for each time and patiently created 2 more higher versions of Kobold. , "System, show me the stats." , Following are the Statistics for the subordinate. , Name : Unnamed , Species : Kobasu (Varient Kobold) , Evolution skill unlocked (Level can be upgraded through eating other monsters & cores. And Rank can be upgraded with higher & purer bloodlines of this same species.) , Rank : Half-Lord , Level : 50 , Strength : 250 , Agility : 190 , Dexterity : 170 , Defense : 150 , Mana : 130 , Abilities : , Pack Commander , Domain Howl , Hunter's Sight , Long stride , Pincer , Shadow merge , Would Host like to name this new subordinate? , "What the.." Kahn stood rooted on the spot forgetting his speech. , Because the new subordinate he just created was already stronger than Kahn himself. Plus the stats were also higher than him in Strength and Agility attributes. , This guy was at least on Stragabor's level based on the aura & murderous intent it emitted. This subordinate would just make a perfect bodyguard for himself. , Omega now felt even more dejected than before. His head was down as if he felt that he was no longer needed. He simply walked away from Kahn and sat in a faraway corner in the tree line.. Slowly whimpering under his breath. , Kahn was overjoyed with the results and carried on to create another subordinate of the same rank. , Another 30 minutes passed and Kahn finally created another new subordinate of the same rank & skills as the former. , Kahn still hadn't named any of his new subordinates after he named the Six Generals. , He now had 2 Subordinates on the same strength level as Stragabor who once put immense pressure on Kahn with his aura alone. , "System. Can I upgrade them even more?" asked Kahn, not being content with what he already had. , No. The host no longer has any higher or purer version of this bloodline. The new subordinates can no longer evolve any more than their current state unless a higher bloodline which also has traces of the same bloodline is acquired and used for Evolution. replied the system. , Kahn found it logical since it was indeed a limitation of the bloodline. Because he already had upgraded the newly created subordinates by two ranks just with the bloodline he acquired previously. No matter how pure it was, it would still have an upper limit for an Evolution. , "So if I want to use them for further evolution, will I need to mix them with another subordinate?" Kahn asked. , Yes. But the subordinate must have traces of the same bloodline as the specimens and should be a Variant version of its species to mix with this different bloodline. The system stated out the conditions for the next upgrade. Because there won't be any different resultant species if they shared the same base bloodline. And to mix with another subordinate, that would require some traces of the same bloodline as well. , Kahn let out a chuckle as his mood lightened up. Because there was indeed a subordinate who fit both the conditions at the same time. , Kahn then gazed at a certain subordinate who was resting near a tree with its head down and a devilish smirk appeared on his face.

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