As the battle ended, a dreary scene of the blood & flesh torn and splattered on the ground was revealed. The Bowman and the Dire Wolf started to pillage the bodies of the dead without showing any hints of regret as if they were completely numb to killing. , Kahn was no longer a man from Earth who would be disturbed by killing someone or try to use the pretense of moral code or right cause to not kill people when it suited him & when it didn't. He wasn't a hypocrite who would try to justify his acts or look for reasoning before he had to kill someone. , He had killed so many dangerous and vicious monsters in the forest that he was practically comparable to a veteran hunter who had experienced so much that the sight & smell of the blood no longer bothered him. , And after he absorbed the mother Somir's core and also inherited its will, his disposition was no longer that of a normal human. He simply accepted that given different circumstances, both the people he just killed and the kobold monster he lured here to slaughter would not even bat an eye if they had a chance to kill him. Some would even torture him to death if the roles were switched. , So there was no need to feel sorry for someone who wouldn't think too much about the value of life in the first place. , Kahn absorbed the abilities of all the dead bodies lying in front of him one by one and cut out cores from the monsters. As for the Groundhog adventurers team members who were part of his contract, he simply took out their badges and put them in his space ring. He needed the proof of the kills to receive his pay. , "System, show me the list of abilities and skills I just gained just now." said Kahn and the system notified him with the list. , The host has acquired the following new abilities & skills. , Water spear , Knight's Taunt , Shield Bash , Wind slash , Wind blade , Headshot , Charged Arrow , Arrow volley , Archer's sight , Heal (Rank C) , Protection Barrier , Debuff Dispell , Magic Sense , Templar's charge , Templar's Will , Defense Fortitude , Shadow strike , Lacerate , Backstab , Lockpick , Kobold's howl , Pack sense , Pack hunting buff , The system finally stopped after giving a list of abilities Kahn had just acquired using his Ability Absorption Divine Ability. This cheered up Kahn as he was indeed lacking many abilities & magical skills in his holster. Majority till now being related to hunting monsters in the forest only. And out of them, only 2 to 3 were useful to the current Kahn. , So this was a pleasant surprise for him in a way. , "System, show me the list of useful abilities & skills I can create using Synthesis Divine Ability." said Kahn and waited for the system to reply. , Host can create the following Abilities & Skills with the ones currently the host possesses... , The system then started giving him multiple and variety of skills he could create using the abilities he already had and gained just now. Filling his head with all the information about the abilities with their effects and uses. , Kahn started processing all the information and decided to judge the usefulness of all the new merged abilities & skills. He wasn't an idiot to combine them all for no reason. He wasn't even sure if there was a limit to the number of abilities & skills he was allowed to merge together. , And there was no point in creating the ones he won't be needing in the majority of scenarios as they would simply rust inside the inventory (metaphorically). Also, these abilities would need time in practicing and maybe require him to absorb abilities and resources to upgrade & improve them. That would be a waste of time as well. So the most sensible choice was to create abilities & skills that could be extremely useful & had the potential to become one of his hidden cards. , Among the list, he found 2 merged abilities that were also high rank & could be upgraded in the future. , Mind Link (Rank B) (Upgradable) , Allows the host to create a soul connection to multiple subordinates and see their surrounding via a shared vision. , The host can also command them telepathically to perform a task or an action. , The current range of this ability is a 5-kilometer radius from the host's location. , This ability was truly useful for Kahn if he wanted to hunt, gather Intel or keep a lookout. His subordinates could warn him about an incoming enemy or an ambush. , He could also send them to do some reconnaissance on the people or monsters he wanted to kill & even send them to places he couldn't reach or tell them to do something when he was under the public eye. , Kahn them moved to the 2nd merged ability , Mind Transfer (Rank C) (Upgradable) , Allows the host to have full control of one subordinate and its body for 1 hour. , However, the original body of the host will be put in stasis when the ability is activated , The first ability was simply too convenient for Kahn as he would be needing a lot of subordinates sooner or later. And in that case, having a deepened mind connection with them would allow him to carry a group battle more efficiently. , The 2nd merged ability was similar to the first but unlike the former, it allowed him to completely control a subordinate for an hour. This too was useful if he wanted to not take any risks while doing something where he could die and just use a subordinate as a suicide bomber in case there was a chance to get caught. , Kahn was certain that he gained this ability from the group of kobolds as they were indeed the type of monsters who spent their lives hunting in groups. So maybe this was some rare passive ability he accidentally gained. , The Adventurers also gave him plenty of useful abilities & occupation exclusive skills. But Kahn decided to experiment on them later when he had the time. , "Merge the skills." Kahn commanded the system and soon a familiar feeling of learning new abilities flew in this body as if he had spent years on creating it. He quickly got familiarized with it in a minute. , But because of these two 2 newly merged abilities, another door was opened for Kahn which made him rethink his choices. , Kahn then thought of a plan. He had to spend almost an hour and half just to plan and kill these people using a group of kobolds to tire them out in a battle and whittle down their numbers. , What if he had a similar task in the future and had to kill a group just like this one? Where will he find extra help when having a disadvantage in numbers? Things won't go in his favor at all. , So there was no other option than to create a small army of his own. , He didn't feel like leaving the dead bodies to let others know that these people died in a battle against kobolds anymore. Simply because there wasn't a need to leave them as proof. Missing people also counted as dead too. , All the adventurers were above level 30 and some of the kobolds were even level 37. He won't find such a favorable situation again where everything went according to his plan and he successfully completed the kill list. , Kahn weighed the pros and cons in his mind and decided that it was a better choice to use the dead bodies that were lying in front of him to create new subordinates and even experiment on a few to create some different or even higher version of their species. , He ordered Omega to not eat out the remains and started using Synthesis Divine Ability on all different types of adventurers. , To gain the maximum results, he used the high-grade monster cores during the synthesis process which were given to him by Solomon as an advance for the job. There were more coming into his pockets so Kahn found this as a worthy investment. , And he wasn't a fool to randomly merge the bodies together. Kahn chose the specimens based on their profession & their class such as Knights & Templars under physical melee class and Mages & Conjurers in long-range magical class. , In half an hour, Kahn was done merging all the dead bodies together and gained 6 new subordinates. , Six figures who were wearing completely black clothes, Armors and robes that were once part of the original bodies and now turned black, holding weapons of their respective classes and with some very noticeable changes happened to them. , On top of that, since Kahn used 2 to 3 high-grade Monster Cores during synthesis, all of these new subordinates had unlocked the Evolution skill just like Omega & Rudra had when they were created. , A Guardian Knight, a Rogue, an Enchanter, a Priest, a Ranger & finally a Berserker. , All of these were the combination of two different job classes and had merged under the Synthesis divine ability so they also inherited the core abilities of both the classes with the unique abilities of their newly created class. , Kahn named these 6 as Six Generals. Already having plans to make them incredibly stronger in the future if he had the opportunity. , "From now on your names are Blackwall, Ronin, Ceril, Armin, Oliver & Jugram." said Kahn as he named his new subordinates with creative names which fitted their classes and appearance respectively. Instantly raising their loyalty towards him by 50%. , And all of them were Level 40 as both the original bodies were at least level 30. , Kahn then saw Omega looking at him with indignation as if he felt left out and forgotten. , Kahn gently patted the Dire Wolf's head and smiled. , "Don't worry, I still have different plans for you." said Kahn as he gazed at the bodies of the kobolds lying next to him. He let out a devilish smirk and spoke.. , "Let's see who we get next."

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