Old man Arkham stared at Kahn with a bewildered expression. He did not believe that Kahn was the actual culprit all along when they went to law enforcement hall. , He knew that Kahn had a great talent for swordsmanship but he was still far from being able to take out a dozen experienced adventurers by himself. And that too without even using a sword. , "May I ask why?" asked the Elven mage Solomon. , "How do you treat someone who picks up a fight with you for no reason and sets up an ambush to kill you with dozens of people?" Kahn replied in a laid-back manner. , "I see. Then aren't you worried that we will tell this to anyone?" asked Solomon. , "If you wanted to. You already would've done it during the investigation. But I'm sure you didn't support me and took this matter to law enforcements just to protect the Adventurer association's reputation. You want something in return, don't you?" responded Kahn. , He knew very well that a person of Solomon's position and authority wouldn't just interfere in a small matter between a newbie adventurer. He already sensed that there was a hidden motive behind the actions of the middle-aged mage. , "Quite smart for someone of your age." replied Solomon as he sat down on his throne-like chair. , "But first, show me how you managed to kill off so many people just by yourself." commended Solomon. , Kahn heaved a sigh as he spoke gently.. , "Omega, come out!" Kahn said and suddenly a giant black Dire Wolf leaped out of his shadow and stood in the center of the room. , Arkham was caught off guard again. , "A contracted familiar?!" asked Solomon with surprised eyes. , "Yes. I bet you sensed him when we were in the main hall. That's how you figured that it was me who killed those people, right?" asked Kahn curiously. , "Hahaha. Yes, I did sense an external presence coming from you. We Elves have a very high affinity to magic & natural energy after all." Solomon nodded. , "But I didn't expect it to be a Contracted Familiar. That's very rare you know." said Solomon. , This proved that Kahn's hypothesis right. He had perfectly covered his tracks. Not even his footmarks were left at the crime scene. So the only way someone as strong as Solomon still having their doubts about it would be sensing the aura of his allies that were hiding in his shadow. , "So exactly why am I here?" asked Kahn as he wanted to get to the point quickly. , "It's very pleasing to talk with smart people. You don't have to beat around the bush at all." laughed Solomon. , But then his expression turned serious. , "It's because of Stragabor. He's trying to become the next president of the adventurer association." he replied. , Arkham who also sat on the sofa placed on the opposite side decided to speak in. , "If it was through a proper election, we wouldn't be worried at all. But Stragabor doesn't want the position, but the power that comes with this position." said Arkham. , "And what is that power you speak of?" asked Kahn. , "The power to control the city itself." replied Solomon solemnly. , "How? Isn't this just an organization made for mandating adventurers? How can it make one have control over the city?" Kahn asked curiously. , "Let me tell you how." Solomon said and took a small breath. , "Flavot City is surrounded by plenty of dungeons and borders the biggest forest in the world. Our city despite being at the end of the Rakos Empire actually holds vast resources. Let it be ingredients or raw materials you get from dungeons by hunting monsters or by hunting for monster cores in the forest. There is no shortage of resources and jobs that come because of them. , The most sought-after profession in the city is being an adventurer. But thanks to our management for past 2 decades, anyone who isn't worthy won't get to become one. Because people die in this profession all the time and we don't want idiots to lose their lives in search of fame and glory." said Solomon. , From there, Arkham continued.. , "Dungeons periodically spawn magical monsters and beasts. The Adventurers go there to hunt for resources and make money which also keeps the number of monsters in check. But sometimes, there is a surge in their numbers. So many that even the military can't contain them all the time. If they break out of their dungeons, there will be a chaos enough to wipe out the entire city. , And hence, they seek help from adventurer association. And because of that, the association also holds a lot of importance and authority within the city itself." Arkham finished his piece. , "Stragabor sees this as nothing but an opportunity to make wealth and gain power. He has bribed many of our people, many influential military officials and nobles in the past few years. And if he is elected as the next president.. He'll simply use the association for his own gains, make illegal dealings with the black market and also have plenty of support in the city council. So you can imagine the power he'll hold over the city if that happens." Solomon said and finished the explanation. , Kahn was a grown-up man who had tons of experience in doing business and managing money in his previous life. He naturally understood what this entailed. , Being the undeclared ruler of the city would grant you so much authority that even the officially elected people in charge of the city will have to bow to you. And let's not even mention the money & resources one will have at their disposal. , Kahn understood that Solomon & Arkham had the best intentions for the city but he wasn't an idiot to blindly believe them either. , "And what do you want me to do then?" asked Kahn. , Solomon & Arkham looked towards each other before nodding in unison. , "Kill Stragabor's people one by one. Assassinate his connections in both association and the city council." said Solomon. , "What?!" Kahn asked in disbelief. These old men wanted to hire him as a contracted killer? , First, it was God of Darkness & Kravel who wanted him to kill the Demon God and now it was Solomon & Arkham who wanted him to kill Stragabor's people. , Did he give some sort of Agent 47 from Hitman or John Wick type of impression that everyone who deals with him wanted to have Kahn kill somebody? , "Don't play the fool, kid. We did some research on you. You're extremely talented and experienced at killing people and have great combat capabilities even without using a weapon. Plus you have this Familiar as well. Rather than trusting someone who could be a spy planted by Stragabor in our circle, we'd have you do it. Besides, weren't you a mercenary before? Killing for money shouldn't be a new thing for you." said Solomon. , "Why not do it yourself then? Besides, both of you are many times powerful and stronger than me. Wouldn't that save you a lot of trouble than trusting an outsider?" asked Kahn as he shrugged his hands. , To this, Arkham replied quickly. , "Too many eyes on both of us. If any of us goes unrecorded and suddenly Stragabor's people go missing; all the suspicion will fall on us since the election is about to happen in just 1 month. If I hadn't personally seen your capabilities myself, we wouldn't even resort to this method. It was only a plan in the hatching before you showed up. All because you can take out so many people by yourself and have a monster that could divert the cause of the murders in a different direction." he replied in a stern tone. , Arkham no longer looked like the kind man who praised him this morning and even came to law enforcement hall to give his testimony to protect Kahn. Now, he looked like a man who had his fair share of killings to reach the position he was at. , "Let's say that I accept your proposal.. What's in it for me? And how do I know that you two won't bury me under the ground if I managed to finish the job? After all, a dead witness is no longer a liability." said Kahn as he folded both his arms together and gazed at both the men in front of him. , "I believe even if we wanted to do that, we won't be able to. After all, the 2nd presence I feel from you is no less weaker than me." smirked Solomon as he pointed his finger at Kahn. , CLATTER! CLATTER! CLATTER! , The pottery and tables in the entire room started clattering as an extremely deathly and murderous aura was released from Kahn's body. It filled the entire room with black smoke and a sharp hiss full of dread echoed in the room. This aura and pressure were no lesser than what Kahn had previously felt from Solomon. , Kahn knew what it was. Because he had seen this black smoke and felt this deadly aura before. Belonging to none other than his subordinate. , It was Rudra!

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