As soon as the test ended, the crowd gathered around the training ground roared in cheers! , Everyone present there screamed their lungs out as Kahn had finally broken the record by passing Arkham's assessment test which didn't happen in the past 10 years. , "Congratulations on passing your test, kid." said Malcolm who came back a while ago after hearing the commotion. He had never imagined Kahn being able to fight against Arkham for so long and already thought that there would be no one passing today. , Kahn gave a gentle smile and nodded in response. Then he glanced at Arkham and said "It's because he wasn't even using half of his strength. If this was a real-life battle, I would've died in the first few seconds.". , Arkham smiled after hearing Kahn's words. The young man wasn't a fool who'd let a little victory go inside his head. , "Still, I didn't hold back with my attacks and speed in the end. Even though I didn't even use half of my original strength, you being able to withstand it with your current level of strength and skills is indeed worthy of praise." said Arkham as he was very impressed with Kahn's demeanor and the way he addressed the matters of the bout with nothing but the truth than boasting about himself shamelessly. , "Of all the young swordsmen I've assessed till now, only you seem to have the ability to grasp the situation during the battle and quickly adapt your attacking strategy accordingly. That's very commendable. Tell me boy, have you received any formal training before? Who was your teacher? " asked Arkham with curiosity. , "My uncle Vasemir taught me some sword fighting skills since I was young. Saying that we mercenaries must have enough skills & strength to protect others and ourselves." said Kahn as he praised his non-existent uncle. , Why the name Vasemir? Because anyone who knew about Witcher franchise knew about mentor of the legendary Geralt of Rivia. Vasemir was the one who taught him everything he knew so Kahn found it reasonable to use that name and create a fake character for his fake background. , "Then it explains a lot. He must be a very experienced fighter." said Arkham as realization struck him. This explained why Kahn had such a solid foundation and talent for the Sword as he received training from a skilled fighter since his childhood. , Suddenly, Malcolm who was standing on the side spoke, "Arkham, remember what happened with Markus and his Diamond Adventurer team? It was him who showed up when they were close to losing their lives. He alone killed 8 of those Bandits one by one secretly and strategically. Markus said if not for this young man, all of them would've lost their lives.. including Sandra." , "So it was you! Thank you.. you did me a huge favor. I'm glad to finally meet the man who saved my niece's life." Arkham said as he ruggedly shook Kahn's hands. , "Who's Sandra?" asked Kahn as he scratched the back of his head. , Malcolm replied quickly, "The mage girl who survived the ambush thanks to you." , Kahn who had the eidetic memory quickly remembered the young mage girl who was fighting against the bandits that day. She was really good at long-range spells and aiding her allies during the fight. , "I see. Well, those bastards killed my clan members and my friends when we were out on a bodyguard mission. Just like Markus and his team, we too were ambushed and only I managed to survive. I was simply taking my revenge when I finally found them again." Kahn said as he clenched his fist tightly. His face was full of sadness and regret. , This took both Arkham & Malcolm by surprise. They didn't know anything about Kahn's past till now at all. Only that he saved the Diamond Adventurer team few days ago. This made them feel empathetic towards the young man. , "Well.. It still makes no difference. Even though you did it inadvertently, you still saved our people. If you need anything in the future, feel free to ask me." said Arkham as he patted Kahn's shoulder. , He now started liking this boy even more after knowing about his background and how he saved his only niece's life a few days back. , The crowd around them had dispersed at this point and everyone went on their ways, their blood pumped after watching the enthralling fight. Many grabbing their weapons and practicing with vigor. , After leaving the training grounds and waiting for some time. Malcolm bought Kahn's newly made ID card. Arkham had left already to report something to the management. Apparently, Arkham was actually the Vice-president of the Adventurer Association in Flavot City. , Just as things were going nice for Kahn after a long time, a group of more than 30 people entered the association hall. Their loud thuds of footsteps and weapons clanging against each other brought the attention of every single person present in the hall. , The group of people looked extremely proud, domineering and their hostile gazes landing towards the crowd as if they were looking for someone. , This group of 30 plus adventurers consisted of many humans, some elves, half a dozen females, and few demihumans. But unlike the majority of the adventurers Kahn had seen till now, all the members of this group had very decent equipment, their attire matching to each other and all of them had the same logo on their clothes... , The Groundhog Adventurer team! , Finally, someone from the new group pointed his finger towards Kahn who was talking with Malcolm before. , "That's him! That's the guy who beat young master yesterday!" said a Thief class adventurer. , The group of people parted and created a path towards Kahn's direction. , A giant man who was nearly 7 feet tall, had a muscular build with a long and braided yellow beard walked out of the group. His aura and demeanor were that of a tyrant exuding out with his every step. , Kahn looked towards the towering figure coming towards him. The man had a giant battleaxe on his back, full in brown armor and woolen fur on his armor here and there. , Kahn was instantly reminded of Vikings from his knowledge on Earth. , The hostile man stared at Kahn as he stood like a mighty warrior, ready to pounce at him any moment. , "Was it you who killed my little brother and my men?" said the man in his deep voice. His tone filled with rage but trying to hold his anger back. , "And who's your brother?" asked nonchalantly. , "Don't act like a fool. You had a fight with him yesterday in this very place." said the man. , Gasp! , People present in the hall gasped as they heard something they never thought was possible. , The young master Illya of the Groundhog Adventurer team was killed? How's that possible? , The blonde guy was infamous for bullying others and acting like he owned the world. All that because he had the backing of his almighty brother who held a lot of power in the Adventurer community and even the City Administration had a lot of people who owed him favors. , "Oh, that pretty guy? I didn't see him since yesterday. Thought that he brought you to beat me for yesterday's incident." Kahn feigned ignorance but he didn't avoid any eye contact. , "Besides, was he really your brother? You two don't look remotely related to each other." said Kahn. , "Impudence! Answer only what I ask you! Was it you who killed my brother?!" shouted the huge man. , He released his extremely violent aura and the pressure akin to what Kahn felt during his fight with Arkham. He quickly activated his War Dominance and replied in a stern tone. , "I don't know anything. I don't have anything to do with your brother's death. You're looking for the wrong guy." said Kahn as he faced the man without fear in his eyes. , Of course, the man in front of Kahn was many times stronger than the current Kahn. If they were to fight seriously, Kahn would definitely die without being able to fight at all. , But that didn't mean he would cower in fear just because the enemy in front was stronger. One day, he was going to fight the Demon God. Compared to that godly being, whatever he was facing now would not even be comparable to ants. , "Come with me to city law hall. We will decide whether you're lying or telling the truth." said the giant man. , "Do you have any proof that it was me? If you don't, then stop wasting my time." said Kahn in an annoyed tone. , This flamed the anger of the man even more as he fully released his killing intent and a yellow aura enshrouded his entire body. , "Come with me willingly or there were will be consequences. If I wanted to, I could kill you right here on the spot and nobody here will be able to do anything!" said the giant man angrily. , Suddenly, a stern voice resounded in the hall from the stairs coming down in the hall. , "Oh really? I'd like to see how you do that, Stragabor." , A slim-looking middle aged Elf, covered in extremely high quality and we'll designed mage robes walked down the stairs as he intervened in the confrontation. And behind the elf, stood Arkham. , Malcolm who was standing beside Kahn at this moment shouted in surprise.. , "President!"

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