Kahn came back to the eggs made a physical touch to 2 eggs with his right hand and the last egg and the dead body of mother Somir with his left hand and left leg. All he had to do was form physical contact with all 4 of these in any way he could. , "Merge!" Kahn activated his Synthesis divine ability and began the process of merging the eggs and the body together. , Unlike the previous times, something different happened during this creation of a subordinate. , Ding! , Host has acquired additional 20% Basilisk Bloodline purity through the 3 eggs. Since all the cores and the bodies belong to the same species, the resultant subordinate will inherit all the physical traits with Evolution skill unlocked. Since the host is in the possession of 50% pure bloodline of the Basilisk, host can choose to impart this bloodline to the subordinate being created. System informed Kahn who was still not completely over the guilt. , "Will I lose the chance to use the Bloodline abilities of the Basilisk in the future?" Kahn asked. He had to know this first. , No. The Bloodline is already part of the host's body. So the host will not lose it. However, host is currently not able to awaken the effects and abilities of this bloodline. The subordinate will be able to awaken these traits and skills with time. , Host is advised to find more samples of this or any other bloodlines of Godbeast to acquire their abilities and even transform himself into these Godbeasts in the future. , Note : Host will need to absorb a Mythical Rank Metamorphosis bloodline to aid this process. , "Do it!" Kahn said as soon as System finished giving the possible outcomes. , Unlike the time he created Omega, this Synthesis process lasted for an entire hour. This showed how complex and critical this whole process was compared to his previous attempt. , Beads of sweat were dropping down Kahn's head. He noticed that out of 150 points of Mana he had, only 5 points were left. This process indeed required a lot of mana as well. Still, he didn't regret it or budge a bit. , Finally, all the 3 Shadows that covered the 3 eggs and the biggest one which covered the entire body of mother Somir merged. But this time, another surprising phenomenon occurred! , A fog of dark color spread around 1 Kilometer radius from where Kahn was carrying out the synthesis. , And an unimaginably chilling aura pressured the entire surrounding of the valley. Even the insects flying in the air fell. This was an aura of dread, anger and supremacy. Only exuded by the Kings of Empires or beings who were of higher forms and standing at the top in the food chain. , This was the aura of an absolute ruler. , The dark fog started coalescing together and the giant shadow that was covering the body of Somir was forming a shape that of a snake-like creature even taller, bigger & broader than the mother Somir was. , Omega who was standing far away and was on guard duty when Kahn was carrying out the synthesis procedure even fell on the ground under this sheer pressure. By no means Omega was weaker, but the creature being created was already on a different league that both Kahn & Omega could not compare to. , Finally after 10 minutes of adjusting its final form, the creature came to be. , A giant Black Snake-like creature with two horns growing from the backside of its skull came into sight. Its bright yellow eyes with black pupils, Two giant fangs and sharp teeth were revealed when it opened its mouth. Its entire body except the abdomen part was covered in dark & brittle scales which looked like an upgraded version of Somir's Scales. Even more sturdier, darker and edged with small spikes. When this creature stood with its full body, it was already 15 meters tall. And Kahn could not even see how long its total length was. , The creature gazed at Kahn with dreadful eyes as if trying to defy Kahn's control over him. , Khan activated his War Dominance aura the next second, trying to display his authority. To which the gigantic snake bared his large fangs against Kahn and screeched at him loudly. , This was a war for dominance amongst those trying to establish their authority. , Ding! , The system voice sounded in his mind and the information about the creature appeared. , Synthesis successful. New Subordinate created. , Evolution skill unlocked. , Species : Voronir Variant Basilisk , Rank : Mythical , Kahn could feel the pressure which was twice stronger than the mother Somir. He felt the killing intent from the eyes of this new subordinate. , "Eyes full of wrath, trying to defy those who stand against you.. I have a fitting name for you. , From this day forth, your name shall be... Rudra." , After Kahn named the Gigantic Basilisk variant Rudra, the creature finally stopped baring its fangs against Kahn. But it did not budge from its place. , Unlike Omega who sat and bowed in submission to Kahn after being created, Rudra didn't show any signs of acknowledging Kahn at all. Rather he looked like very dismissive of his owner. , "System, why is he showing such attitude?" Kahn asked the system in a calm tone. Rudra didn't make him feel threatened at all because he knew it won't attack him because of the restrictions put on it by the Divine Ability which made him unable to attack or harm the owner in any way. , What bothered Kahn was even after giving a name, the gigantic snake didn't show any form of compliance with him at all. , It's because the subordinate is a being of very high species and rank compared to the host. Since it inherits the traits of its species and the bloodline of a Godbeast, the host is nothing but a weak and lowly creature in its eyes. If not for the restrictions placed by the Synthesis Divine Ability, it would've killed the host the moment it came into existence. system replied. , "Weak & lowly creature huh? Tell me system, if I were to fight Rudra in a head-on battle. What are my chances of winning?" Kahn asked out of curiosity to understand his new subordinate's strength. , Zero. , "What? That strong? You're not over exaggerating, right?" Kahn found it hard to believe. , No. Host barely has a 20% chance of escaping from Rudra if both are to clash in a fight to the death. The system responded in a solemn voice. , "Then what should I do? Because he at least has to listen to me or there won't be any use of creating him at all." Kahn asked in a puzzled tone. , Simple. The host needs to become strong to an extent that not only the subordinate acknowledges but also fears the host. System didn't mingle any words and gave straight-up facts. , "Damn it. Show me his Stats." , Statistics for the Subordinate Rudra are as follows : , Name : Rudra , Species : Voronir Variant Basilisk , Evolution skill unlocked (Level can be upgraded through eating other monsters. And Rank can be upgraded with higher & purer bloodlines of other Godbeasts or their descendant species.) , Rank : Mythical , Level : 50 , Strength : 400 , Agility : 350 , Dexterity : 250 , Defense : 380 , Mana : 300 , Abilities : , Corrosion Acid (Upgraded version of Somir's poison acid) , Hypnosis , Impenetrable Scales , Shadow merge , Dominator's Aura , Silence. Another moment of silence. , Now Kahn finally understood why Rudra hadn't acknowledged him as its Master. Because compared to Rudra, Kahn was nothing but an ant. , Even though there was only 20 Levels of difference between Kahn & Rudra.. The Stats between them were like the distance between Heaven & Earth. There was not even a need for comparison. , Every aspect of Rudra was at least 5 to 6 times higher than Kahn. Even if he were to be on the same level as the snake in front of him, he still won't be able to cover the distance between their strength even by half. , This creature was indeed on a whole level above the Legendary rank. Kahn felt worried that he won't be able to control Rudra at his will at all. , Because only Strong acknowledges the Strong. Weaklings are not even worth looking at in their opinion. And that's why Rudra had not acknowledged Kahn in the slightest. , The gigantic snake could just swat its tail and Kahn would be turned into meat paste. That was their current situation. , Kahn deactivated his War Dominance aura, giving up on trying to make Rudra submit to him. Rather he looked at Rudra as an equal. Because even with the difference in strength, Rudra was still bound to him and Kahn needed him to gain more strength and kill stronger enemies. Their situation was of being codependent on each other. , "You understand what I'm saying, right?" Kahn asked Rudra. , To this, Rudra only changed the way he looked at Kahn. From hostility to understanding. , "Listen, I know I'm weak compared to you and maybe won't gain the same strength as you anytime soon. However, you're also bound to me even if you don't like it. You'll have to follow wherever I go and I'll need your aid to kill those who are stronger than me. So I have a proposition for both of us." Kahn said as he gazed right in the eyes of the Mythical Basilisk variant without any hint of fear. , Rudra slightly tilted his head as if he was saying 'Tell me more'. , "Look, I can gain strength by absorbing the abilities of others & eating their cores. In your case, you need to eat their bodies and cores to raise your strength as well. So how about we work as partners on equal footing than a Master & Servant relationship?" Kahn proposed his idea. This was the only available option. , Rudra screeched at Kahn again with disapproving eyes. He just wanted to kill the human standing in front of him but something kept stopping him from acting upon his will. , He was a highly intelligent being so he understood that there was no other option available. He had to work together with the Human. , "Good." Kahn said as he understood Rudra accepting the deal through their connection. , "System, I have a question. Why are both subordinates black? Even the Somir Scales I used were black ?" Kahn needed some clarification as this kept happening frequently. , Host is the chosen representative of God of Darkness. You have a very high affinity towards the Dark elements in Vantrea. Whether it's Dark Magic or any physical ability which involves having affinity to certain elements. , "I see. Then what's this Shadow Merge ability? Both Omega & Rudra have it." Kahn had noticed this same ability appear in both cases of the subordinates he created. , This is an exclusive ability for all the Subordinates created by the host which allows them to merge with Host's shadow and be with him no matter where the host goes. , Host can use it to carry the subordinate with him to any place. There are no restrictions on time, space required or size of the subordinate. , "Amazing. This helps a lot. I thought I'd always have to hide them somewhere far from people's eyes. Now I can just carry them with me. And I'll never be alone either." Kahn let out a small chuckle. He looked at Rudra again and said, , "Want to go and hunt some food and get stronger?" , To this question, Rudra only maintained aloofness. , "Aiyo. It's like I'm asking a girl 'Where do you want to eat'. I wanted an ally, not a teenager throwing tantrums." Kahn shook his head helplessly. , "Come. Hide in my shadow. We can't let your giant body alert our preys. Stronger ones will have wider senses. It'll decrease our rate of hunts." Kahn said as this humongous body was indeed easy to detect and cause a commotion. , Surprisingly, Rudra didn't hesitate and turned into a black shadow and mixed with Kahn's shadow in just a second. Its building toppling body was nowhere to be seen. , Kahn with newly acquired mental clarity and mindset wasn't bewildered by this fact. He ordered Omega to come to him, then he sat on Omega's back and headed towards other directions where they previously avoided going. , What followed for the next 2 days was a grand massacre and a huge change in the ecosystem as well as the food chain of the forest. , Kahn & Omega saw how fierce Rudra was in his Combat state. Forget fighting back, many of the strong monsters like some hybrid species of tigers & lions, some odd-looking species which differed from anything Kahn ever imagined fell one by one in front of this mythical creature. Some even melted on the spot before they could even run or fight back against Rudra. Kahn cried tears of regret because sometimes, this new subordinate would not even let him absorb the abilities and even melt the cores. He had to constantly remind Rudra to leave the bodies intact first. , And Rudra's Hypnosis sight was even more frightening than his Corrosion Acid. Because as soon as the prey fell in eye contact with Rudra for long, the monster would stop fighting and instead come to them like the trio were its lifelong best friends. And some even died with happy expressions on their faces. , But thanks to Rudra, they managed to kill monsters who were even at Level 50 to 60. Strength didn't matter to Rudra because he was in a different league altogether. And with Kahn & Omega distracting the prey or goading it into attacking them and release Rudra out of Kahn's shadow at crucial moments, they managed to catch their prey off guard and finish the fight in just a single sweep. , The cores naturally went to Kahn as he needed them the most. He would occasionally let Omega chomp on them as well because currently, the Dire Wolf was the weakest among the Trinity. , Rudra only ate the bodies and left small ones for Omega. He found it beneath of him to eat the cores of these weak monsters which barely helped him raise his strength. , If not for the Somir's core, Kahn would be far weaker. But things turned out in his favor in the past two days. The stronger the enemy, the more beneficial the core for him. , In just 2 days, Kahn went from Level 30 to Level 35. Omega went from 15 to 25 because he was eating both cores and the leftover bodies of these monsters. And Rudra only raised 2 levels as he needed much stronger enemies & cores to raise his strength. And they had killed all the possible candidates. There was nothing left for them in this forest any longer. , On the 3rd day however, they heard a sound of infighting in the west of the forest. Kahn and Omega followed the noise while Rudra hid in Kahn's shadow. , After finally reaching the source of the sound, Kahn let out tears of joy. , "Finally. Some humans!"

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