Who could this be other than Kahn? , Elric's new body.. Now Kahn was something he always dreamt of and wanted to have in his ideal standards of a physical body. He was 6 feet 3 inches tall, normal white skin tone same as his previous life. He had an angled but somewhat wider jaw. His face was well proportioned and very handsome. He had bulging muscles and 6 pack abs. Unlike his previous life, this time his hair color was completely black and not brown. They were smooth, soft and wavy. His hair was done from the right side from his perspective. They were long but not till his shoulder length long either. His eyes were black, unlike his former life where they were blue. It was to not stand out or being assumed as someone from a particular region because blue eyes were always the most noticeable part of particular countries or regions. Black hair & eye color was very universal on the other hand. , Author : Take down notes boys. If you want 6 pack abs without working out, all you have to do is commit suicide and get reincarnated. , Thanos : A small price to pay for salvation. , His built was very balanced. His upper body had wider shoulders and big arms, his chest was big enough to align well with his built. His forearms were well proportioned as well while the legs matched that of an athlete. , From his appearance, he looked around 25 to 26 years old. Someone who would have a bodybuilding background or someone who trained for Gymnastics. , His facial structure was something that would be very striking no matter where he went. He chose to base it on the combination of both Bruce Wayne aka Batman & Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, two of the most handsome fictional characters he ever came across in his past life. Not too manly but not too handsome either. That way he could look like someone not to be messed with and not too broody or serious either. So both younger & older people could approach him. , He chose this age & build because of many reasons. Mainly because he didn't like or more likely detested stories where MC is reincarnated inside a 15 years old kid who somehow can stand toe to toe against adults & people who trained for their entire lives thanks to the almighty Plot Armor. , He was 30 years old in his former life for god's sake. Naturally, he wouldn't want to look like a kid again. And 30 or more would also make him look like a middle-aged person which would stop him from entering some places or mix in a circle of youngsters. So 25 was the ideal age for appearance in his opinion. , Kahn was brimmed with life and joy. He could finally feel the sensation of having a body again. He could feel the chill in the air and the breeze going past him. He smelled the earthly scent in the air. This was the time of early morning so the sunrise brightened up his surrounding. He took a deep breath and finally felt alive. He didn't know how long it had been since he died on Earth. Maybe years or decades, or even thousands of years. But he didn't care about that now. This was going to be the world he would live in from now on. This was his second chance at Life. , "Wait, I don't have a single cloth on my body." Kahn exclaimed and suddenly shouted looking towards the sky, , "You damn cheapskate of a God! You couldn't even give me some clothes? God of Darkness my ass! They should call you God of Beggars instead!" Kahn said furiously. God of Darkness was very pitiful. , But he quickly came to terms with it. It wasn't the most important thing now. , Well, based on average story pattern of a Reincarnation Novel & Mangas. I will soon find some lone traveler in the jungle who is being chased by monsters or some Princess who is either being attacked by bandits or have people chasing after her. Which one will it be? Kahn spoke to himself and started looking around. , But in the next moment, he heard a very grim and deathly growl from behind him. And the Survival Instinct ability kicked in. Giving him goosebumps on his entire body. The growl felt like it belonged to some wild beast.. A predator at that. Kahn turned his head around and saw what was standing just 5 meters behind him. , 3 giant Wolves, around 7 feet tall. Their eyes were completely red and their pupils looked like they were focusing on their prey. 2 of them had a mix of black and white fur while the one standing in the front had completely Red fur. It looked like it was the Leader of the pack. , These 3 wolves were prying at Kahn, trying to gauge how strong their morning breakfast was. To their surprise, Kahn was already having beads of sweat falling from his forehead. All he could do is say one word.. , "FUCK!" , Amidst a vast and dark green forest, a naked man ran without the care of having onlookers like an exhibitionist. , It's not like he wanted to but he simply didn't have time to look for clothes or something to cover him. , Behind the man, ran 3 golden retrievers, urmm.. 3 wolves. , Kahn was running for his life as the three giant wolves ran behind with full murderous intent in their eyes and hunger in their stomachs. , This was not the welcome Elric, now Kahn had imagined. , Wtf! That's not how a Protagonist of a story is introduced in a new world. That damn **er sent me right in front of a pack of wolves! Kahn cursed God of Darkness for having an extremely bad timing to send him into Vantrea. , But to no avail, all he could do was run off for his life. Kahn thought it'd be an easy job to kill monsters like they do in Novels & Mangas but damn, these monsters weren't easy to defeat at all. The three wolves behind him were seasoned veterans. When he tried to run in any direction, one of them would close his way to exit and another one would close off the other possible route Kahn could take. , And the leader of this trio was even fiercer. The Red wolf didn't stop trying to go for the kill every time it attacked Kahn. Every move was done in a way to finish off its prey in a single sweep. Kahn was truly cornered because of their excellent teamwork. Now he understood how lethal just a pack of wolves was. Nothing like how they show in Novels, Mangas & Animes where an inexperienced MC easily kills off an entire pack just using some lame magic skill or a single swing of his sword. These things knew how to hunt. , If not for his extremely well-toned body full of muscles and agile built, Kahn would be barbequed by these wolves already. , The trio kept running after Kahn and Kahn kept running like Usain Bolt. Only when Kahn came near a cliff did he stop. , Fuck! No way around it! Wait, did they just intentionally lead me here? Kahn asked himself. Because this was indeed a great strategy. Because whether the wolves killed him or he jumped down, Kahn was bound to die & Wolves were bound to enjoy a delicious meal. , Kahn glared towards the wolves, mainly at the Red wolf who looked like the alpha. Kahn knew he had War Dominance aura to scare off his enemies thanks to the Blessings given by Kravel, the War Deity. But he didn't know exactly what was his strength level & the wolves hunting him. There wasn't any Status window here telling him what his Level & Stats were and how strong his pursuers were compared to him. , What do I do? Should I jump down instead? Kahn asked himself & took a look behind the cliff. Strong winds blew past his naked body and he saw how tall the cliff was above the ground level at the bottom. , Damn it! I'll definitely die I I jump from here. Kahn had no other way to get out of his current predicament. There were many things he wasn't sure about. Like what if he even used both War Dominance aura & Berserk God Mode together and even that's still not enough to beat or even escape from his opponents? These were Wolves after all, not humans who would run out of breath after running extremely fast for some minutes. , At this moment, the red wolf started walking towards Kahn with a visible mockery on its face. They had already seen that Kahn only looked big for a human but not exactly brave or strong at all. , Fuck it! Looks like I have no other choice. Though I don't know if I'll survive against these bastards, it's still better than jumping down. Kahn finally decided to give it all to his only chance. Forget about killing the Demon God, he looked like he couldn't even kill a damn wolf here. Kahn didn't know how to activate his abilities yet but he didn't feel like there wasn't something like a command word there either. , Let's give it a try. He said to himself & thought about him being superior & stronger than his enemy now. Kahn remembered the part in the description of War Dominance that it also depended on his emotions. Since he had been running like a coward all this time, he didn't think about using it this way. , Kahn calmed his mind looked at the approaching red wolf. The other two wolves as usual covered his right and left side to not let him escape. Kahn finally cooled down and thought about that one feeling he rarely felt in his past life. Feeling of power and absolute domination. , Like bloody hell I'm dying in this unknown place! I finally got my 2nd chance. Nobody is taking it away from me! Kahn shouted in his mind and raised his anger towards the approaching wolf. , Suddenly, a black aura started exuding out of his body as Kahn raised his will to kill the wolf in front of him to survive. It was kill or be killed for real this time. , In just the next few seconds, the Aura that covered him dimmed a lot but it didn't disappear completely. Rather the tangible pressure around him increased as if gravitational force around Kahn became much more dense and heavier. The red wolf faltered its footsteps and felt like something as heavy as a boulder had been placed on its body. Its hind legs started giving out and its back arched down as well. It looked towards Kahn again only to find him hard to look at. , The red wolf felt like Kahn was no longer the meek prey but something that was going to hunt them instead. But it tried to defy this pressure and forced itself to walk towards Kahn again. It was just 5 meters away from its prey now. , Kahn was stunned. Damn it! It's not enough! he yelled in his mind. What about the Combat Techniques? I can't find a way to activate them either. Where the ** is my game system dude?! Kahn cursed in his head. The War Dominance aura he was excluding wasn't strong enough to completely suppress the enemy in front of him. He also had the knowledge of all combat techniques given by Kravel but he simply didn't know how to use or activate them.. , Don't tell me that they'll activate when I try to fight with this wolf for real. Like how real warriors fought in battle.. And there's no command or way to perform these combat techniques? Kahn thought. If this was the only way, then he had no other choice but to seek out his enemy in a frontal clash. , Berserk God Mode! Kahn shouted and dashed towards the red wolf which was trying to attack Kahn, unlike the other two wolves who couldn't tolerate the pressure of his aura and has slumped down on the ground. , Kahn ran towards the red wolf and quickly covered the distance between them, the red wolf bare his sharp claws and swung his left claw towards Kahn's chest. , At this moment however, Kahn felt like something happened to his own body. The moment he thought about going in Berserk God Mode, he felt like his muscles suddenly gained double the strength, his feet felt like they could move much faster and as the claw of the red wolf was coming towards him, he gained a form of perception and his reflexes were twice faster than before. And slid below the upcoming claw and quickly gave an uppercut towards the red wolf's mouth. , BAM! , The red wolf got struck in the jaw and lost its balance. It was already fighting against the pressure from Kahn's Dominance Aura and as he was struck hard in its mouth, it lost the balance. This was just enough to make it fall on the ground. , THUMP! , The wolf fell, Kahn on the other hand felt like his fist nearly broke. Even in Berserk God Mode which would make him 5 times stronger for a short amount of time, this barely met the mark to just land a solid hit on the red wolf. This means he was very weak against these monsters to begin with. , Kahn quickly hit the fallen wolf on its head and groped its neck in a chokehold. His muscled and veins were popping out of his body and he felt like he was on a huge adrenaline spike but his brain also told him that this was just temporary. , Kahn mustered all his strength and used all his force on trying to snap the struggling wolf's neck. The wolf wriggled around with Kahn on its body and tried to bite him with its large and long fangs, struggling to get out of Kahn's arms. , "Ahhhhhh!!" Kahn shouted and used all his strength to break the wolf's neck. , CRACK! , The wolf whimpered for the last time before its body slumped down on the ground, dead on the spot. , Suddenly, a ding notification sound appeared in Kahn's head. , Kahn on the other hand didn't pay any attention to it and quickly ran towards the wolf that was covering his left escape route. He came close to the already slumping wolf and joined both of his hands in a joint fist and quickly slammed it on the wolf's head with all his might. , A cracking sound was heard from the wolf's head and blood started leaking out of its ears and mouth. , Kahn was already on his last arrow. He knew he didn't have any more time. He gathered his remaining strength and ran towards the last remaining wolf which was covering his right exit route. Kahn could feel his strength running out already but he kept running and came close to the wolf which was finally somehow started resisting against Kahn's Dominance Aura. , "No, you don't!" Kahn yelled and jumped with all his strength in his legs and performed a downside kick like how they showed in martial arts movies. , BANG! , The kick landed right between the wolf's skull and broke it in half. Blood splattered on the ground and Kahn who didn't time his landing & footing properly also lost his balance and fell down. , "I did it!" Kahn shouted as his body slumped on the ground and he lost all the strength in his body. Only now did he realize how much toll did the Berserk God Mode took on his body. Currently, he didn't even have enough strength to lift his head up or change the side of his body. He was laying down in the grass and soil. He could feel the soil in his face and back as small pebbles were hurting his body. , Barely made it! Kahn came to realize how big of a close call this was. Any second later and he'd be ripped to shreds by that last wolf which was lying just a meter close to him, its blood still leaking out of its smashed head. , "Fuck, this hurts!" Kahn could feel his entire body under immense pain. Mainly both of his fists and his right leg he used to kick the last wolf. , Ding! , Congratulations to the host for unlocking the following abilities for the first time. , War Dominance , Combat Techniques , Berserk God Mode , War Deity Body , The host has learned Chokehold, Vertical Stomp & Joint Fist Combat techniques. , Current mastery for these 3 the Combat techniques, 30% on Master Rank. , War Deity Body will undergo an upgrade after the host is no longer under weakened state. , "There you are!"

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