Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 7: Escaping the Sea of Suffering

Lu Ye did not know how powerful Zhou Cheng’s cultivation was, but it was ultimately much stronger than his. Even if Zhou Cheng was injured, it was still impossible for a newly Enlightened cultivator like Lu Ye to haphazardly fight him. Besides, the intent to kill could only be executed when accompanied by the corresponding methods. Sharp Edge was Lu Ye’s means to do so! , When Lu Ye had nothing better to do before, he had tried experimenting with a few things. He discovered that the Spiritual Pattern, Sharp Edge, could not only be applied to his palm but also to weapons. Moreover, it was much more effective. , The light that blazed out for an instant caused Zhou Cheng to blank out in confusion. When did Lu Ye become a cultivator!? , The two swords clashed against each other, accompanied by a loud sound of metal breaking. He was shocked to discover that his longsword had been cut in half. This situation frightened him very much. Having his weapon broken in front of his enemy was undoubtedly a huge mental blow. , While Zhou Cheng was frozen in shock, Lu Ye followed up with a second attack. After breaking Zhou Cheng’s sword, he immediately lifted his sword and slashed at Zhou Cheng’s neck. He did not know any forms of swordsmanship nor any mysterious moves, so he could only use the crudest slashing movements. , Zhou Cheng was scared out of his wits. At this moment, they were too close to each other and it was too late for him to dodge backward. Thus, he could only call upon what little Spiritual Power that remained in his body to protect himself. Logically speaking, his cultivation should have been enough to withstand the attack of a cultivator like Lu Ye, who had only unlocked one Spiritual Point. Even if the other party held a weapon, the attack should not be able to pass through his Spiritual Power’s defences. , Contrary to his expectations, the protection formed from his Spiritual Power did not display the effect it should have when that longsword came slashing down. The longsword sliced through that layer of protection and subsequently slashed across his neck. , The sound of a sharp weapon slicing through flesh rang out, and Lu Ye felt several drops of warm blood splattering across his face. , “You bastard!” Zhou Cheng was livid. He couldn’t believe a mining slave had injured him so in a moment of carelessness. Lifting his hand, he struck toward Lu Ye. , However, Lu Ye had already released his grip on the longsword and turned around to run back into the depths of the mine without looking back. The sounds of Zhou Cheng chasing him came from behind, and he ran even faster. He gradually stopped hearing any sounds coming from behind him and finally came to a halt. , He waited for a little while longer before turning around to return in the direction he came from. Along the way, he found Zhou Cheng collapsed on the ground. He couldn’t be sure if the other party was dead. Therefore, he picked up some rocks by his feet and threw them at Zhou Cheng. Zhou Cheng did not react at all. Mustering up his courage, he walked over to Zhou Cheng and looked down. Zhou Cheng was lying in a large pool of blood that stained the ground red.? The long sword was still stuck in his neck, and he was no longer breathing. , Although Lu Ye’s second attack had not taken Zhou Cheng Life directly, it had severed more than half of Zhou Cheng’s neck. There was no way Zhou Cheng could survive with such a serious injury. Thus, the desperate battle finally ended with Lu Ye’s victory! , Lu Ye let out a long sigh of relief. He was increasingly coming to understand just how treacherous this world was. Walking forward, he grabbed the hilt of the sword. He was just about to pull the sword out when he noticed something out of place out of the corner of his eyes. Lifting his gaze in that direction, he felt his entire body going cold. Another person had arrived to stand in front of him at some point in time, and he didn’t even notice anything at all. , There is a huge gap in our cultivation! For some reason, this thought popped up in his mind. If this person wanted to kill him, it would only require the slightest effort, equivalent to lifting a single finger. It didn’t make a difference even if he was enchanted with Sharp Edge.? Gritting his teeth, he suppressed the panic in his heart and pulled out the longsword. He held the sword horizontally in front of him and took on a defensive posture, his body trembling slightly in fear. , That person sensed Lu Ye’s hostility toward him and couldn’t help chuckling in response. “I sensed the fluctuations of Spiritual Power in this place, so I came to check out the situation. You don’t need to be so scared.” While he was speaking, he slowly approached in this direction. He stopped in front of Zhou Cheng, looked down, and nodded slightly. “The remnants of Evil Moon Valley.” Then, he raised his head again to look at Lu Ye. “Which Sect’s disciple are you?” , They were standing no more than 3 metres apart and Lu Ye finally got a clear glimpse of the other party’s appearance. It was a tall and large old man with a ruddy complexion. The old man had a slightly hoarse voice, but it gave off an inexplicable sense of congeniality. , Putting two and two together from the old man’s question, Lu Ye immediately formed a conjecture in his heart. He replied, “Mystical Sky Sect!” , “Mystical Sky Sect?” The old man was a little surprised. “The Mystical Sky Sect that was destroyed a year ago?” , “Yes!” Lu Ye gave an affirmative answer. , The old man couldn’t help looking Lu Ye up and down. “So… you are a mining slave that was taken into captivity?” , “Yes.” Lu Ye nodded. , The old man was incredibly astonished. A mining slave killed a cultivator from Evil Moon Valley? If I didn’t witness it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it! He asked, “What is your cultivation?” , “I unlocked one Spiritual Point,” Lu Ye replied. Realizing the meaning behind the old man’s question, he proactively offered up an explanation. “He was injured, and I sneaked up on him.” , The old man looked at Lu Ye with a smile. “That’s very courageous of you.” , “Old man, are you from Grand Sky Coalition?” Although Lu Ye had a guess in his heart, it was still better to confirm something like that. , The old man stretched out his hand and stroked his beard. “That’s right. I am from Grand Sky Coalition.” , Lu Ye was overjoyed to hear those words. It would seem that what Manager Yang had been worrying about had come true. Grand Sky Coalition had attacked this place, and Evil Moon Valley was unable to defend this mine. It could be seen just from the fact that the old man had killed his way into the mine. Grand Sky Coalition had already taken control over this mine. As for whether the old man was lying to him… that was completely unnecessary. The gap between their strength was too large. If the other party had malicious intentions, it would only take one hit to kill him. , “Old Man, please help me out of this predicament!” Lu Ye quickly said. He wanted to leave this mine, but he did not know whether he would encounter more danger along the way. After finally meeting such a powerful Senior, it was only natural that he wanted to rely on this Senior to get out of this place safely. , The old man nodded in response. “Follow me then. I was just about to head out myself.” , “Thank you, Old Man!” Lu Ye was incredibly grateful. , After the old man finished speaking, he turned to lead the way. However, Lu Ye did not follow immediately. Instead, he crouched down and began searching Zhou Cheng’s corpse. He soon found a Storage Bag. A Storage Bag was something almost every cultivator had. It didn’t seem to be something incredibly valuable. 𝗼𝐯𝗹.𝐞𝘁, Feeling as though he was floating on cloud nine, he jogged to catch up with the old man. Then, the old man turned to look at Lu Ye. He smiled and reached out his hand. “Hand it over!” , Lu Ye made a face as though he had swallowed a fly. Even so, he obediently handed the Storage Bag over to the old man after considering his current situation. The old man took the Storage Bag and placed his hand on the mouth of the bag. Then, a ray of light flashed out. , Just as Lu Ye was scolding the old man in his heart, the old man tossed the Storage Bag back to him. “I’ll be taking this bottle of Dragon Tiger Pills. This is too strong for you; you won’t be able to take them. Think of it as honouring this old man!” , Lu Ye held the Storage Bag that was thrown back at him with both hands. Only then did he realize that the old man wasn’t trying to snatch his spoils. The old man was simply lending him a helping hand, knowing that his cultivation was too weak to break the Restraining Lock on the Storage Bag. , This old man sure is a nice guy! With that thought in his heart, he thanked the old man. “Thank you.” , He was feeling very happy again…

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