In the void of nothingness, where the flow of time itself didn't exist and not even a ray of light could be seen. This place was neither Heaven nor Hell. It was just an infinite space filled with absolutely nothing as if the concept of life & death did not exist here. , Suddenly, a crack in space appeared out of nowhere, it kept elongating at an extremely fast speed and in an instant, it stretched around 10 Kilometers and a gigantic figure sitting on a black stone throne which was no less than a size of a mountain itself emerged from the other side of the void. , This figure was akin to the height of a couple of mountains, completely clad in majestic black clothes and had a hood on the head almost resembling the Grim Reaper itself. Its face could not be seen as if it didn't exist. It looked around for a moment and waved its right hand and created a space of its own, widening for a dozen kilometers and stabilizing itself like forming a gigantic barrier. , An ancient voice, so deep that it could reach thousands of miles & destroy mountains resounded in that space. , "Who should I pick this time?" the being asked itself. Just few moments later, a set of footsteps could be heard from the void crack behind the throne and another being, which was completely clad in a Red & Black Ancient Armor stepped in. , There were two giant black swords that were big enough to cleave 5 stories building in two were hanging on its back. The Warrior-looking being had its face covered by the helmet so nothing about its face could be seen. Whether it was a living being, an undead or a specter could not be guessed. The other being was half the size of the Former who was sitting on the throne. It came in the front and kneeled in front of the gigantic being on its left knee like how a Knight would in front of their King. It spoke in a hoarse yet very authoritative tone. , "My liege, it's about time. But I hope you reconsider your decision. We can not make a mistake this time." , "Kravel, I know what worries you. We can't afford to have someone like the previous human we summoned all those centuries ago. But do not worry. I have already decided upon a suitable kind of person for this task." , "But my liege, the one you've decided upon do not possess any qualities we need to complete this mission. The ones you previously summoned possessed an incredible talent for leadership, had unyielding willpower and wisdom to overcome any adversity that was thrown at them. And yet all of them failed. So what could the type of person you've decided upon even do? They'll die even before reaching halfway of their objective." Kravel graveled in front of its master, yet the being did not seem to be concerned. , "I understand your worries but this is the exact reason I'm looking for someone who does not have anything in common with their predecessors." the being spoke and rested its head on its right hand. The palm of the being looked like something that was covered in black metal and it had no flesh or any bones. , The being spoke again, "This time we need someone different and very... unconventional." , "But my liege, this is probably our last chance. You will no longer have the strength to summon anyone again, not for at least the next one thousand years. And by then.. The other Gods will have their own chosen ones complete the mission. It'll be a loss we can't afford at all." Kravel said with a grim face. , "My decision is final, Kravel. Sometimes, uncertainty can bring you wonders. This summon will be able to surpass those who came before him." The being said and didn't stand on ceremony any longer. It waved its left hand and a rift of the size of a kilometer opened inside the barrier they were in. And suddenly, millions of bright spherical white orbs with a blue hue around them rushed out from that rift. The ancient being simply glanced at all these orbs of light and its eyes shone. And a reddish wave of light swam across all the orbs and the being closed its eyes. After few moments, it opened its eyes and waved its left hand again. And suddenly at least a million of these orbs were segregated from the sea. , "Now let's see the most miserable ones with enough knowledge & experience to do our bidding." The being spoke again. , In the next instant, only around 5 thousand of these bright orbs were left. The eyes of this being flickered again as if it was trying to read & understand what was inside of these orbs. When it opened its eyes again, only around a hundred orbs were left. , "My my.. So pitiable. Not a single one of these people ever accomplished anything in their lives. Well, good for me. Now let's see if I can find the most suitable person." the ancient being pulled these remaining orbs in its palm and kept staring at them as if it was analyzing something. A dozen seconds later, the being seemed surprised and exclaimed in joy. , "I found him! I found the perfect match!" , Kravel who was still kneeling sighed and shook his head. , "It's the end for us." he spoke to himself. , The ancient being looked at the tiny orb which looked like a tiny molecule compared to its size. He waved his hand again, the rest of the white orbs that came through the rift started returning at an unimaginable speed and in just 10 seconds, only this one orb was left. , "I hope you don't regret this, my Liege." Kravel said and looked at his master. , "Haha. You have no idea, Kravel. We've struck gold!" the being said and suddenly an archaic pentagram appeared below the white orb. And the white Orb shone brighter and started expanding until it was of the size of a man. And it started shrinking in a vertical direction; four limbs started forming from it. 2 hands, 2 legs, a head and a #censored# came to be. , There was a human-looking face but the outlines hadn't formed completely. The facial structure differed from a normal human face and looked more like a mannequin face. This human-looking figure started opening his eyes. , "Wake up, Elric. I'm the God of Darkness. And I'm here to give you another chance at life." the ancient being finally revealed its name. , It was the God of Darkness who ruled over death and eternal abyss. , The human finally opened his eyes. It was none other than Elric Johnson, who had committed suicide & ended his own life after suffering through many traumatic, heartbreaking experiences & one big betrayal throughout his life. , The memories of every single moment of his previous life started coming back to Elric and he didn't move a single bit, he was currently suspended in the air by force unknown. He clearly remembered that he died because the unimaginable pain he experienced when his body finally hit the ground was still completely fresh in his memory. , He looked in front of him and saw a towering figure his eyesight could not grasp completely. The being calling itself the God of Darkness was so gigantic, huge and vast that even 100 Elric would not even amount to the size of its fingernail. , Elric made a gesture of looking at something far away and trying to focus his eyes. , "Umm.. Can you be any less bigger? I can't even tell how you look." Elric said. , Suddenly, Elric felt a burst of chaotic wind coming from behind him. And he looked back and saw another being half the size of the one standing in front of him, yet still very humongous and staring at him. The gigantic warrior-like person stared at Elric as if it wanted to cut Elric into millions of tiny pieces. The red iris was visible through that giant figure's helmet and Elric almost felt like he died in that instant again. This figure was none other than Kravel. , "Insignificant being! How dare you speak to my Liege like that ?! You're nothing but a speck of dust and yet to dare to ask my Liege to adjust himself to your level ?!" Kravel said angrily. , "Leave it, Kravel. He's simply not aware of what's happening now. He was dead just few seconds ago." God of Darkness said and quickly shrank his size in the next moment. The resized G.O.D. was still the size of a 10 story building. He looked at Kravel and gestured to resize his appearance as well. Kravel on the other hand still kept looking at Elric with murderous eyes but did follow his master's orders and become half of his original size. That was his limit. , Elric let out a sigh of relief and looked at G.O.D. again. , Author : Let's shorten God of Darkness to G.O.D. as it's kinda lengthy to address. , "What do you want from me ?" Elric asked. , "Elric Johnson. I'm the God of Darkness in my world. And I have a task for you. I want you to become my representative in our world and complete a mission. In return, I will give you a chance to live your life again as a Human being. A new start where you are completely free from your past." G.O.D. said as if he was bestowing the world's greatest honor on Elric and appeared very Godly and magnanimous in his tone. , Elric thought for a minute and took a long breath before replying in a loud voice.. , "FUCK OFF!!"

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