It had been nearly 30 days since created his ability by merging Paralysis Gaze and Predator's Eyes. But he never had a chance to use it in a confrontation because this ability worked only on those who were weaker than him & only at one person or an enemy at a time., However, this was perfect for this moment. Kahn wasn't going to allow anyone to talk down on him after his awestrucking display of swordsmanship., Since he couldn't kill the opponent because at the end of the day, the young man charging at him belonged to a noble clan. But there was a better way to do it without dirtying his hands., "Deamos, no!!" bellowed a middle-aged nobleman who stood amongst the guests. , EXECUTIONER'S GAZE!, Kahn's eyes flickered with a yellow spark and met the eyes of the incoming attacker., But before the attacker's sword could even reach a meter close to Kahn, the young noble heir fell in his charge after getting paralyzed on the spot and his body skidded on the grassy ground, just stopping before Kahn's feet., Kahn didn't make any remark on this attempted murder.. Rather he maintained his calm and collected demeanor. Not even speaking a word and solemnly looking at the teen who was now close to licking his shoes. , "What's the meaning of this?! You can't even accept your fair defeat and attack someone from the back?!" roared the old lionkin in rage., This was a banquet hosted by him, and this young heir made an attempt on someone's life right in front of him.. And that too after losing in an overwhelming manner. This was simply a slap in the old magistrate's face., "Please forgive him.. My son is naive and foolish." the nobleman spoke as he ran towards the young man.. Afraid that the magistrate would order to kill his son on the sight., "Get him out of here! I better not see him in the city again. Or I will not show any respect to your father or your family!!" spoke the old lionkin in an angry loud voice., In the end, nobles held some authority but he was the damn magistrate of this city! He was officially chosen as the one to run this city by the government.. Anyone causing such a commotion and going as far as attempting to kill someone in front of him was an outrageous act. , Captain Nordak ordered the nearby guards to pick up this young noble heir who had created a scene and thoroughly shamed his & his clan's name by these actions., "We apologize again mister Kahn.." spoke Nordak and left him alone., Kahn's display of strength and dominance had left all the guests and onlookers completely baffled. Especially the old noblemen who thought he was just some nobody who lucked out and got popular. But now they realized that the young man they thought as nobody was actually a Dragon amongst men. They all had no choice but to notice him., One by one, people started cheering and praising Kahn on his overwhelming and one-sided victory. Especially because he had made some of the noble houses lose their face by beating and admonishing their family heirs. This was soon going to create another storm tomorrow in the entire city., "Hahaha! That was amazing. Even though swordsmanship isn't my lane.. I'm impressed!", Suddenly a loud and majestic voice landed on everyone's ears., A giant blue Tigerkin walked in fully black and white regal clothes. He stood in front of the old lionkin and then stared at Kahn., The tall 4-meter long figure of a muscular demihuman stood in front of Kahn and reached out a hand to introduce himself., Everyone else showed utmost respect towards the new addition to this banquet. No different than what they showed in front of the magistrate. , Kahn shook the hand of this tall figure and the next second, he felt an insurmountable pressure landing on him.. Coming from nowhere else but the blue tigerkin. , He felt like his kneecaps were to drop on the ground as he maintained his body to stand properly. , WAR DOMINANCE! , Kahn quickly activated War Dominance aura and broke this invisible pressure in just 2 seconds.. , "Huh.. That quickly? I see that I underestimated your strength." spoke the tigerkin and deactivated his aura.. , Kahn wasn't a weakling anymore like when he met Arkham, Stragabor and Solomon. His level had risen by nearly 24 levels compared to back then and so did his experience in fighting and Weapon Mastery. Now, he had no problems facing the aura of someone as strong as Solomon. Though in terms of actual combat strenght, his capabilities against them couldn't be decided yet.. Kahn knew he won't have a problem escaping either. He was certainly weaker than the Tigerkin in front of him but he simply didn't care about it. He'd bridge this gap soon. , "You've already met the conditions to become a grandmaster.. Just that something feels missing before you break that threshold. Nevertheless, it's an accomplishment not even millions of people can ever achieve. I'm certain that you'll enter the grandmaster rank in a short time." spoke the muscular tigerkin. , His voice was clear for everyone to hear. , "You're late, Commander Straze." spoke the magistrate. , "My bad.. I took some time choosing clothes. I don't like attending such fancy parties you know. Rather fighting and killing monsters in my thing." said the blue tigerkin and returned to Kahn.. , "Straze Boltomir, Commander of the Military Battalions that protect the city. Nice to make your acquaintance." introduced Straze as he shook Kahn's hand promptly, as if trying to check his strength through some pulse or something. , System, details.. spoke Kahn and ordered the system to scan the demihuman in front of him. , Scanning Complete. , Name : Straze Boltomir, Species : Nectoral Tigerkin (Rare Species) , Rank : Peak Grandmaster rank Brawler/Warrior (Semi-Saint rank) , Level : 68 , Peak Grandmaster rank! And about to enter in the Saint rank as well.. , Kahn finally got the idea of this commander's strength. , The tigerkin in front of him was even stronger than Solomon, president of Adventurer Association. By far, the strongest individual Kahn had met in Vantrea. , "So even Commander Straze approves of mister Kahn.." spoke one of the guests.. , "He's a true deal. There's no doubt. We must form a good relationship with him no matter what." spoke an elderly noble. , "And he's so strong and handsome! Totally my type!" spoke an old noblewoman who gazed at Kahn's body with covetous eyes. , Kahn suddenly felt a chill under his skin for a second. , The talk between these people continued while Kahn was gossiping with the two of the most powerful & influential people in the entire city. , While Arkham & Solomon held a huge authority through the Association, they were still not officially in command or control of the city.. The two people in front of him were.. , The conversation shifted from his training to many other irrelevant things., But then suddenly, the topic shifted towards one thing Kahn didn't want to talk about.., "So, mister Kahn.. What do you think about this Azrael?" asked the magistrate; captain Nordak and lieutenant Beatrice perked their ears to hear into the conversation., But unlike what they expected.. Kahn's expression didn't change in the slightest or looked surprised at all., Because Kahn had already suspected this as one of the two reasons why he was invited to this banquet in the first place.. One was to investigate his prowess while the other was undoubtedly about him being the Azrael.. The most notorious criminal in the Flavot city who has killed more than 40 people now. , Because a sudden emerge of two different and strong fighters doesn't happen by coincidence. Anyone with two brain cells could link the connection. , "Eh, nothing but just a psychopath. At the end of the day.. He is someone doing this for the kinks and using this whole judgment and justice to make himself look good. Because no matter how righteous his cause may seem.. He's nothing but a coward." spoke Kahn without a hitch as if he truly looked down on Azrael., "Why do you think so mister Kahn?" asked commander Straze., He simply nodded and replied.., "Because he's simply killing the small-timers.. The ones he can afford to kill without suffering consequences. If he was truly powerful.. He wouldn't kill under the blanket of night and hide behind the shadows." replied Kahn and continued.., "Because if it was me and I had the strength.. I would declare an all out war on everybody instead." said Kahn in his regal tone., Instantly giving him a tyrant-like appearance.. Especially to lieutenant Beatrice who was already extremely impressed by Kahn's demeanor so far., "Hahaha! Exactly my thoughts so far! Only a weakling would hide behind the shadows. If he truly had the guts, he would not make these petty killings and try to gut down big fishes instead." spoke commander Straze., The night continued and Kahn enjoyed the delicious meals and company of many businessmen and nobles who tried to become friends with him., Just during that time however.. He felt something was odd after he drank a glass of luxurious wine., Ronin!, Kahn spoke in his mind and the rogue subordinates passed from of his shadow and mixed with the shadow of the servant who just served this wine to Kahn., Kahn spent the rest of the time enjoying the banquet and finally bid farewell to everyone he came to know today. He was certain that his impression was solid and soon he'd be known amongst the top ranks and creme de la crop., But as soon as Kahn came few kilometers away from the location of the banquet.. He ordered the carriage driver to take off and entered a dark valley.. His expression turned that of rage and his eyes fumed with anger., Because during the party as he was merrily chatting and creating connections with the fellow guests.., Kahn was... poisoned!

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