Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 36: What a Cute Rabbit

Lu Ye was in no hurry to take the Barrier Penetrating Fruit. He did not know whether it was real or fake, so he did not dare to rashly consume it. , His battle with the tiger might have been short, but that short moment of confrontation had been extremely dangerous and he was injured in the process. He had been in a stand-off against the tiger just now, so he had not had the time to check on his injuries. , Finally removing his clothes at this moment, he discovered that the flesh and blood on his chest was a total mess. There were several immensely deep claw marks across his chest, and his blood had long since dyed the front of his clothes crimson. Fortunately, he was no longer just an ordinary person now. During his confrontation with the tiger, he had consciously urged his Spiritual Power to seal his wounds. Therefore, the blood lost was not too serious even though the wound looked extremely hideous. , He moved his muscles a little and confirmed that there were no broken bones. Then, he let out a breath of relief. It would be much easier to handle if it was only a flesh wound. , He still had 8 Healing Pills in his possession, which had very good restorative effects. Taking out the bottle with the Healing Pills, he poured one out and swallowed it. After that, he took out another one, crushed it with his fingers, and evenly applied the powder to the wound on his chest. The agony that followed made him grit his teeth and grin in pain. , Once he was done with that, he put his clothes back on, sat down cross-legged, and refined the Pill Power of the Healing Pill. He felt much better after one night passed. The wound had begun to heal and knit, so it probably wouldn’t take more than a few days to recover. During that interval, he polished off the large snake he had been eating before to replenish his energy. , When day broke, he came to the watering hole several kilometers away and easily caught a big, fat rabbit. Holding it by the ears, he returned to the cave. , A short while later, he sat cross-legged inside the cave. Holding the Barrier Penetrating Fruit in his hand, he used his longsword to gently slice off a small piece of the fruit, forced the rabbit’s mouth open, stuffed the piece of fruit into its mouth, closed its mouth again, and gave it a vigorous shake. Only after ascertaining that the rabbit had cleanly swallowed the entire piece of fruit that he let it go. It might have been because of the shock it received earlier, but it simply crouched frozen stiff on the ground. , He ignored the rabbit and blocked the entrance of the cave to prevent it from escaping. Afterward, he began investigating the Storage Bags that Yi Yi had brought over. Neither Yi Yi nor Amber had asked for the Storage Bags back when they left yesterday. The main reason was that these bags were locked by the Restraining Lock, so these Storage Bags were useless to them. , The Storage Bags were covered in dirt as though they had been dug out of the ground. He casually picked one up at random and poured his Spiritual Qi into the Storage Bag. However, he distinctly felt that his Spiritual Qi was unable to penetrate the Storage Bag. It was being blocked by a strange force. That was the Restraining Lock. Every Storage Bag had its own Restraining Lock, and the key to unlocking it was the owner’s Spiritual Qi. , Lu Ye originally had three Storage Bags. One belonged to Manager Yang, one belonged to Zhou Cheng, and the last one was given to him by the Sect Master. , Although Manager Yang’s Storage Bag had a Restraining Lock on it, he had unlocked his Storage Bag to take his longsword out of the bag before he died. The situation at the time had been such an emergency that he did not have the physical or mental energy to lock the Storage Bag again. Therefore, all the items inside the Storage Bag had greatly benefited Lu Ye. On the other hand, the Restraining Lock on Zhou Cheng’s Storage Bag had been forcefully unlocked by the Sect Leader. The Restraining Locks on these two bags had remained in an open state all this while. , Meanwhile, the Storage Bag that the Sect Master had given to Lu Ye was brand-new. When Lu Ye obtained it, he had used his Spiritual Qi to register himself with the Restraining Lock on the Storage Bag. Thus, he could freely open and close the Restraining Lock as long as he poured his Spiritual Power into the lock. Even if he accidentally lost his Storage Bag and other people got their hands on it, they would not be able to open it easily unless they had some special way to unlock the Restraining Lock. , . , Needless to say, he had no special way to unlock the Restraining Lock. He was simply giving it a try out of boredom. His Spiritual Power slowly flowed into the Storage Bag. Feeling the existence of the Restraining Lock, he repeatedly stimulated his Spiritual Power and used it to ram against the Restraining Lock. , Once… Twice… On his third attempt, he felt the Restraining Lock vanished without a trace all of a sudden. , While he was reeling from the surprise, the Storage Bag in his hand abruptly burst into flames and burned fiercely. He quickly threw the Storage Bag away from him and watched blankly as it turned into a pile of ash in a very short time… , So, it does that too? He frowned. , It wasn’t until this moment that he finally understood: The Restraining Lock was not just for protecting the Storage Bag and preventing strangers from stealing the contents of the Storage Bag. It could even destroy the entire Storage Bag at critical moments. It was a bit like the principle of ‘better to destroy everything than to let another person have it’. 𝚍n𝚘v𝚕.𝚝, Looks like I really can’t mess around without a special way of unlocking the Restraining Lock. Ruining a Storage Bag was a trivial matter, but if some of these Restraining Locks had any dangerous restrictions hidden in them, he might be wounded as a result. , Therefore, he put the remaining Storage Bags away and checked on the rabbit’s situation. There was nothing wrong with the rabbit. It was still alive and kicking, looking extremely adorable. He grabbed the rabbit by the head and gave a brutal twist. There was a cracking sound. Such a cute rabbit will certainly taste delicious. , He had confirmed that the Barrier Penetrating Fruit was not poisonous even if it did not have the properties to break through his barrier. Therefore, it totally put his mind at ease. Walking over to the spot where he cultivated, he took out a floor cushion and sat down cross-legged. Then, he took out the Barrier Penetrating Fruit and bit into it. The juice flooded his mouth with a fragrance that lingered on his tongue. It was surprisingly sweet. Lifting his eyebrows in amazement, he polished the Barrier Penetrating Fruit off cleanly in several bites. , The fruit did not have any seeds. It was similar to a small tomato. Reminiscing about the flavor, he closed his eyes, concentrated, and quietly perceived its effects. , Nothing changed at the beginning. However, he soon felt a current of heat in his lower abdomen. The feeling was similar to when he consumed the Spirit Pills while cultivating. The difference was that the Pill Power of the Spirit Pill would transform into Spiritual Power or vitality whenever he took the Spirit Pills. In contrast, the heat produced by the Barrier Penetrating Fruit was neither Spiritual Power nor vitality. It was a force that he had never felt before. , The current of heat accumulated in his lower abdomen. Thus, he tried to guide it into his Source Spiritual Point. The process was very smooth… , The heat then flowed from his Source Spiritual Point into his second Spiritual Point, then his third Spiritual Point, followed by his fourth Spiritual Point… , Very quickly, it entered his eighth Spiritual Point and continued to rush toward his ninth Spiritual Point. In the next moment, he felt the barrier of his ninth Spiritual Point rapidly melting away like snowflakes under the sun! , The discovery shocked him. Every time he unlocked a Spiritual Point in the past, it had required great effort for him to guide his Spiritual Power and use it to ram against the barrier of the Spiritual Point, again and again. Moreover, every impact he made felt extremely uncomfortable. It was almost as if somebody was using a small hammer to strike at the location of his Spiritual Point. It would inevitably give rise to a feeling of soreness when it happened many times. But now, there was no impact and no discomfort. The barrier of his Spiritual Point had rapidly dissolved when touched by the medical efficacy of the Barrier Breaking Fruit. , Comparing the two, the Barrier Breaking Fruit was certainly a blessing for a cultivator to achieve Enlightenment. , No wonder Yi Yi had given him such a strange look when he asked her about the use of the Barrier Breaking Fruit. It would seem that the Barrier Breaking Fruit was not an unknown item. Perhaps, every single cultivator was aware of this Spirit Fruit’s existence.

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