Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 31: Eighth Spiritual Point

For a lowly Three Spiritual Point cultivator, these items were undoubtedly a huge asset. , I can’t use the mineral ores and Spirit Talisman Paper yet. For now, I can only rely on the Spirit Restoring Pills and the Qi Blood Pills to further increase my cultivation. , Lu Ye stored the mineral ores along with most of the Spirit Pills and Spirit Talisman Paper in the Storage Bag the Sect Master had given him, then tied the Storage Bag to his body for safekeeping. Afterward, he divided the remaining items into two parts before placing each part in Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng’s Storage Bags respectively. One was tied around his waist for easy access at any time while the other was hidden in his chest area for emergency use. , When that was done and over with, he changed into a set of clean clothes. The clothes he had been wearing before were in tatters and there were also bloodstains on them from his fight with Manager Yang. If not for the fact that he had nothing else to wear, he would have tossed them out a long time ago. , He suddenly felt incredibly refreshed with new clothes and a new look. 𝘯𝑜𝘷.𝑐𝘰𝘮, All his preparations were in order. Thus, he took out a Spirit Restoring Pill, stuffed it into his mouth, and began refining the medicinal efficacies. A current of heat soon formed in his lower abdomen. It was the Pill Power dissolving and transforming into his Spiritual Power, then pouring into his Spiritual Points. , His Spiritual Points that were originally only half-filled slowly began filling up. However, he soon noticed something strange. He discovered that there were some strange existences next to him. They were invisible and intangible, but omnipresent. Moreover, he could only sense them when he calmed down and focused. It reminded him of the time when he sat on that array disc during the test to determine his level of talent back then. , Is this… Spiritual Qi? Absorbing Spiritual Qi was one of the most important methods of cultivation for a cultivator. The supply of Spirit Stones could be exhausted. It was also not advisable to consume Spirit Pills frequently, lest the Pill Poison accumulated in the body. On the other hand, the efficiency of refining vitality into Qi was very low. Therefore, cultivators mostly utilise the method of absorbing the Spiritual Qi from the world. After all, the Spiritual Qi was everywhere in the world. It was only a matter of how dense it was. , From the time he achieved Enlightenment until now, he had only ever sensed the existence of the Spiritual Qi during the test to determine his level of talent. That was also only due to the atomisation of the Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Stones on the array disc. He had never felt any trace of the Spiritual Qi’s existence before aside from that one incident. That was, not until this moment! , Why am I suddenly capable of sensing the Spiritual Qi’s existence now? I’m sure it’s not because my cultivation has gotten stronger. There’s not much difference between unlocking one Spiritual Point and three Spiritual Points. In that case, is it because the Spiritual Qi in this place is dense enough to make even me aware of it? Lu Ye quietly cultivated and discovered that the density of the Spiritual Qi in his surroundings was only slightly less dense than the environment during his test. Even so, it was much better than the environment at Evil Moon Valley or the outside. Is this environment unique to the Spirit Creek Battlefield? In that case, it is clearly more advantageous for a cultivator to cultivate on this battlefield. , He was starting to gain a vague understanding of what the Spirit Creek Battlefield meant to most cultivators. In reality, his guess was correct. The Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Creek Battlefield was indeed much richer than the outside world. Moreover, this was only on the outskirts of the battlefield. If he went to the encampments of the various Sects, he would discover that the Spiritual Qi there was even denser than where he was now. The higher the grade of the Sect, the greater the concentration of Spiritual Qi, and the faster the cultivation progress of a cultivator. , That was also one of the reasons why so many new Sects have sprung up continuously over the years like mushrooms after the rain. The establishment of a new Sect allowed them to obtain a Divine Opportunity Column, which in turn gave those Sects their very own territory within the Spirit Creek Battlefield. Cultivating in their own encampments in the Spirit Creek Battlefield was far more efficient than cultivating in the outside world. , In addition, the encampments of the major Sects in the Spirit Creek Battlefield were not only used for the sole purpose of cultivating but also to grow and produce Spirit Plants and Spirit Herbs. It could also be used for other things. It could be said that each Sect’s encampment in the Spirit Creek Battlefield was the most important foundation of the Sects. , At present, Lu Ye did not know much about the situation on the battlefield. He had simply felt a slight sense of curiosity upon discovering the Spiritual Qi in his surroundings. Nevertheless, he did not bother cultivating by absorbing the Spiritual Qi. It was not an efficient method. There was no denying that the most effective method out of all the other methods for cultivation was by consuming Spirit Pills. , One day later, his third Spiritual Point was filled to the brim again. He took a short break, took out the wolf meat he butchered from before, grilled it, and ate it wholeheartedly. Wolf meat was not delicious. Even if he grilled it, there was still a gamey smell to the meat. However, he knew that it was more important for him to focus on cultivating right now and did not want to waste time hunting. , He practically cultivated without pause as he continuously consumed the Spirit Pills one after the other. , Just half a day later, he broke through the barriers of his fourth Spiritual Point. , Three days later, his fourth Spiritual Point was brimming with energy. , Another three days passed, and his fifth Spiritual Point was brimming with energy. , Yet another three days passed, and his sixth Spiritual Point was brimming with energy. , Consuming a large amount of Spirit Restoring Pills and Qi Blood Pills allowed him to unlock his Spiritual Points, one by one. By the time he finished all the Spirit Restoring Pills and the Qi Blood Pills in his possession, he had already reached the eighth Spiritual Point. Furthermore, only half a month had passed since he began! , Unlocking five Spiritual Points in half a month basically meant that he progressed at a rate of unlocking one Spiritual Point every three days. If he counted the three Spiritual Points that he had unlocked previously, he was now an Eight Spiritual Points cultivator! He was only one step away from breaking through to the First-Order Spirit Creek Realm! , This cultivation speed was extremely shocking. He was not sure how fast other people progressed in their cultivation, but he was certain they did not progress as quickly as he did. That was because he had consumed too many Spirit Pills in this half a month’s time. , At this point, he could finally confirm something. He did not experience any major hidden dangers from cultivating by consuming Spirit Pills. His Spiritual Power remained as pure as ever. There were no signs of his Spiritual Power becoming cloudy due to the accumulation of Pill Poison like what the Sect Master had mentioned before. , He had exhausted his supply of Qi Blood Pills and Spirit Restoring Pills but had yet to break through to his ninth Spiritual Point. This made him feel a little uncomfortable. Thus, he tried cultivating by absorbing Spiritual Qi and was frustrated to learn that the efficiency of cultivating in this manner was very low. It was very difficult for him to incorporate the Spiritual Qi from his external surroundings into his body. Still, it wasn’t to say that there were no effects. He estimated that he might have a chance of breaking through the barrier of his ninth Spiritual Point after cultivating for 3 to 5 months. Unfortunately, there were too many variables in a period of 3 to 5 months. He had to reach Spirit Creek Realm as soon as possible. Only then would he have the qualifications to barely scrape by on the battlefield! , Lu Ye secretly lamented that the Sect Master had not prepared more Spirit Pills for him. However, this was his misunderstanding. In general, the correct cultivation method for those who were just starting out like himself was to consume one Spirit Restoring Pill every 3 to 5 days. As his cultivation increased, he could then consider increasing the frequency of consuming the Spirit Pills. , The Sect Master had prepared 20 Spirit Pills for him in one go. Combined with what he had from before, it would have been enough for him to cultivate for a very long time. Not to mention that he also had some Qi Blood Pills in his possession. Who could have known that he would consume those Spirit Pills as though he was eating peanuts? He had finished the entire supply in just half a month’s time. There was nobody else in this world who could cultivate in this manner. Absorbing Spiritual Qi or borrowing the power of Spirit Stones were the most orthodox and safe ways to cultivate for most cultivators.

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