Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 27: Thinking of Escaping After Stroking the Tiger’s

The thin man, who was proficient in casting cultivation techniques, quickly cast different cultivation techniques while shouting furiously. Spell after spell continued to shoot out in the meantime. On the other hand, the burly man moved as quickly as lightning with an overwhelming aura while the figure of the slender woman flickered in and out of sight. The three of them formed an encirclement in an instant and lunged toward the Sect Master and Lu Ye. , The Sect Master flipped his hand over. Several small banners appeared out of thin air. He shouted, “Go!” , The small banners flew away in all directions and concealed themselves in the void. , “Rise!” he shouted again. The Spiritual Power in his body surged violently. Immediately following that, a transparent curtain of light formed a semi-circular shape that covered the entire palace. Mysterious Spiritual Patterns flowed across the curtain of light. , The cultivation technique cast by the thin man blasted against the curtain of light, causing ripples to form on its surface. The burly man’s figure slammed against the curtain of light, and several Spiritual Patterns on that curtain of light immediately shattered. The woman with the flickering figure showed herself too. Her face and hands were painted with strange patterns, which masked her original appearance. It made her look rather ghostly. She was holding a dagger in her hands that resembled a Spirit Snake. She slashed at the curtain of light aggressively, and more Spiritual Patterns shattered. , “An Array!” That thin man’s eyes contracted at the sight. The information had not mentioned that Tang Yi Feng was proficient in Arrays. However, the speed at which Tang Yi Feng had set up the Array undoubtedly showed that he was very skilled in Array cultivation. , “Three seconds!” the burly man shouted. , The meaning behind his words meant that he could break the Array in three seconds. This was an Array that the Sect Master had set up in a hurry after all. Being able to withstand the attacks of three cultivators on the same cultivation level for three seconds was already an extremely remarkable achievement. , As soon as those words rang out, the burly man poured his Qi into his dantian. Then, he slowly threw a punch. It might have looked extremely slow, but his arm steadily swelled and thickened. , Inside the Array, the Sect Master ignored all three people standing outside. He dragged Lu Ye over to the center of the dilapidated palace. There was something similar to a crystal pillar that was as tall as a Human and as thick as a bucket standing there. , “Put your hand on that and activate your Spiritual Power!” he shouted. , Although Lu Ye did not know the purpose of doing so, he knew that the Sect Master would not harm him. Hence, he quickly did as he was told. The moment his hand covered the top of the crystal pillar and he activated his Spiritual Power, the figure of the Sect Master, who was standing in front of him, began to blur without warning. He couldn’t help feeling as though he was getting further and further away from this world. , “Once you enter, find a place to hide immediately! You must survive! Also… Never tell anybody that you are the disciple of the Crimson Blood Sect!” The Sect Master looked at Lu Ye with a look of guilt in his eyes. , Lu Ye opened his mouth to speak but could not hear his own voice. The figure of the Sect Master in front of him was becoming more and more blurred. Even the world became blurred. When he came back to his senses, the Sect Maser was no longer in front of him again. Even his position had changed. , *Crack.* The Array shattered. The moment the Array broke, the burly man rushed at the Sect Master with great vigor. He blasted out with a punch and secretly thought to himself. I did it! , In the next instant, a violent wave of Qi swept out. The already dilapidated palace fell into further ruin. Only the crystal pillar remained safe and sound. , The burly man’s eyes contracted abruptly. He was staring at the Sect Master. The Sect Master’s shirt was in tatters, which in turn revealed a well-defined and muscular chest. Moreover, he had single-handedly caught the burly man’s punch. The sight caused the corners of the burly man’s eyes to twitch in response. “How is this possible!?” , It was public knowledge that Tang Yi Feng of the Crimson Blood Sect was in the spell cultivation faction. However, he was unlike a practitioner of the spell cultivation faction at this moment. That was clearly the body tempering cultivation faction! Moreover, the level of cultivation he was revealing right now was by no means as simple as the information had reported. , “Mission failed! The information was wrong! Retreat!” The thin man proficient in cultivation techniques let out a shout. , The slender woman, who had lunged at the Sect Master, did not hesitate whatsoever and swiftly retreated. The target of their mission was gone. It was obviously not cost-effective to fight Tang Yi Feng to the death. , *Crack.* The sound of bones breaking was accompanied by a muffled grunt. Several bones in the burly man’s fist that had been caught in the Sect Master’s hand were broken and crushed. Even so, the burly man was extremely stubborn. He didn’t even make a single sound. In the next moment, a fist struck at him from an unexpected position and hit him severely on the chin. He was thrown into the air, and golden stars spun in front of his eyes. , “Are you thinking of escaping after stroking the tiger’s whiskers?” The Sect Master’s gaze was lowered. He had appeared in mid-air while he was speaking. Then, he kicked out at something. , Something crashed into the ground. The slender woman, who had concealed her figure and fled into the distance, had been kicked in the middle of her escape. Her screams rang out as she fell out of the sky and crashed into the mountains. , Afterward, the Sect Master raised his hand again. A rope-like treasure flew out and curled toward the thin man. , … , A short while ago, Pang Zhen sat in the cabin of the Flying Dragon Boat. There was an obese figure kneeling in front of him. It was none other than Pang Da Hai. He was pinching his ears with both hands, looking extremely pitiful. , Pang Zhen slammed his hand on the desk and roared furiously. “You stupid idiot! Do you know what you have done!?” , Pang Da Hai looked very aggrieved. “I was only giving some pointers to Lu Ye and directed him to choose Elder Tang’s Crimson Blood Sect. Isn’t that all?” , “Don’t you know that that violates the rules of the coalition!?” Pang Zhen was even more livid than before. , When Pang Da Hai had been giving advice to Lu Ye and Yu Xiao Tiea, he had done it in front of many people. Other people might not know what they had been talking about, but many people had witnessed it. An investigation would easily reveal that the blame lay on Pang Da Hai’s head. , Over the years, Elder Tang had accompanied the Grand Sky Coalition on many missions and rescued many enslaved people. However, those who had the aptitude and talent for cultivation seldom chose the Crimson Blood Sect when the time came for them to choose their Sects, much less choose only the Crimson Blood Sect. , An exception had occurred this time around. Therefore, Pang Zhen had found this matter to be rather suspicious and wondered if somebody had secretly taught them something. In the end, his investigation revealed the culprit to be his own family member. , “Well, what now? Why don’t you deal with me according to the rules of the coalition, Uncle?” Pang Da Hai glanced at Pang Zhen, blinking his small eyes. , “You bastard! If not for your mother, I would have slapped you!” Pang Zhen raised his hand to slap Pang Da Hai as he spoke. Pang Da Hai couldn’t help shrinking back slightly. Seeing that Pang Zhen wasn’t planning to hit him, he smirked again. 𝓋., Pang Zhen became more and more irritated at the sight of his smug, smiling face. Fuming for a while, he said, “Thank goodness you knew where to draw the line. That brat only has one talent, so he won’t become too accomplished in the future. According to Elder Tang, he planned to send the boy to another Sect the moment he got the chance. I hope it won’t cause too much trouble.” , Pang Da Hai frowned. “Uncle, the Crimson Blood Sect has not taken in any disciples for more than 30 years now. The Sect will be deposed off according to the rules of the coalition if they don’t take in any disciples soon. Elder Tang and Senior Sister Shui Yuan are good people. I only gave Lu Ye some advice because I couldn’t bear watching without doing anything. But, Uncle, what on Earth happened back then? Why does everybody want to suppress the Crimson Blood Sect to this point?” , “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t know. Don’t forget; this is a very complicated matter. It’s not something a Cloud River Realm Master like you can intervene in. Don’t act according to your own assumptions on your own in the future.” , “Yes!” He quickly responded, knowing that the catastrophe had passed him by. Then, he slowly stood up from the ground. , “Who allowed you to stand?” Pang Zhen raised his gaze. , *Thud…* Pang Da Hai knelt smartly. , Pang Zhen gave Pang Da Hai an angry look. He was just about to reprimand Pang Da Hai some more when he scowled suddenly. Lowering his head, he looked at the thumb ring on his thumb. His expression changed drastically in the next moment. Afterward, he stood up abruptly and rushed out anxiously! , 10 seconds later, a beam of light landed on the mountain to reveal a figure. It was Pang Zhen, who had rushed over as quickly as he could. He had not hesitated in the slightest, rushing here as soon as he received the message from Elder Tang. Lifting his gaze to look around, he saw that the mountain was a mess. There were traces of battle everywhere. , The corpse of a burly man lay by the side with a huge gaping hole in his chest. It looked as though somebody had killed him with a punch. On the other side, a woman’s body who was covered in strange patterns appeared to be twisted and distorted in a strange direction. She was also embedded on a mountain wall. There was another person under Elder Tang’s foot. His head had been smashed to pieces and his brains were splattered all over the ground. Meanwhile, Elder Tang was topless. The Qi in his body was churning and his Spiritual Power was boiling. , The corners of Pang Zhen’s eyes twitched involuntarily.

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