Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 24: The Joy of Cultivating Through the Use of Spirit

The Sect Master might be unaware of Lu Ye’s situation, but Lu Ye himself was well-aware of his own situation. , . 𝘰𝑣.𝘤𝑜𝘮, Putting aside the fact that he had successively redeemed more than 30 of those Qi Blood Pills’ residue from Manager Yang and consumed them over the past year, he had also consumed about 200 to 300 of those pills in the span of 10 or so days during the period he had spent inside the cave. , Under normal circumstances, taking so much residue into his body would surely have caused great hidden dangers to himself. So, why did the Sect Master claim that his Spiritual Power was still fairly pure? , On the other hand, the Sect Master couldn’t have been mistaken about something like this. Lu Ye might not know how high his cultivation was, but he was a Ninth-Rank Sect Master. He should be in the Cloud River Realm at the very least. In other words, there really was nothing wrong with Lu Ye’s Spiritual Power. But, how was that possible? , The first thing that came to mind was the Skill Tree. Even when Lu Ye had been in the mines, he had the vague feeling that the Skill Tree wasn’t something as simple as the host for the Spiritual Patterns. It would now seem that the purity of his Spiritual Power was also related to the Skill Tree. There was simply no other explanation for the current situation otherwise. Unfortunately, this wasn’t something he could tell the Sect Master so easily. After considering it for a bit, he asked, “Sect Master, how do you cure a person who has accumulated too much Pill Poison in their bodies and caused their Spiritual Power to become clouded as a result?” , “Naturally, they have to stop cultivating and slowly remove the Pill Poison from their bodies. This process will take a very long time to complete. Therefore, an excessive reliance on Spirit Pills during cultivation will not increase your cultivation speed. On the contrary, it will have the opposite effect. But, you don’t have to worry. Appropriate use of the Spirit Pills as a supplement is not a problem. The key is moderation and knowing your limits.” , “I understand.” , “Hmm. Your cultivation is still fairly shallow at this moment, so it is understandable for you to borrow the help of Spirit Pills to aid your cultivation. But, why aren’t you using the Spirit Restoring Pills when you already have them? Why do you choose to use the Qi Blood Pills to refine your vitality into Qi instead? You must know that even though both Spirit Pills can assist you in your cultivation, the latter’s main function is to replenish one’s Qi and blood, as well as consolidate one’s energy.” , He was surprised. “I can’t tell which are the Spirit Restoring Pills…” , He had taken out the Qi Blood Pills to consume them out of habit. All he wanted was to recover his Spirit Energy as soon as possible to break through the barrier of his Spiritual Point. He had not thought much about what he was doing. , Elder Tang burst into a peal of laughter before pushing a bottle over to Lu Ye. “This bottle contains the Spirit Restoring Pills. Although these are the lowest-rank Spirit Restoring Pills and their quality is poor, it’s just right for your use.” , Lu Ye tipped a single pill from the bottle and studied the appearance of the Spirit Restoring Pill carefully. As I expected, Manager Yang had some Spirit Restoring Pills in his possession. I’ve seen something similar in his Storage Bag. It’s just that I didn’t dare to consume them lightly. , Now that he had the Sect Master’s guidance, he confidently swallowed the Spirit Restoring Pill in his hand and calmly refined it. , “After consuming the Spirit Pill, you need to guide the Pill Power so that it doesn’t remain stagnant and cause complications down the road.” The Sect Master’s voice rang in his ears. This was the reason why the Sect Master had said that the lowest-rank Spirit Restoring Pill was just right for his use. With his cultivation of only One Spiritual Point, he would not be able to guide the dense power of the Pill Power in time if he had consumed a better-quality Spirit Pill. Once too much Pill Power had been accumulated in his body, it would have a huge negative impact on his cultivation. , After listening to the Sect Master’s teachings, he did as he was told. A warmth slowly seeped out of his lower abdomen. It was the Pill Power of the Spirit Restoring Pill being released and converted into the Spiritual Power used by cultivators. Following his guidance, the Spiritual Power converted from the Pill Power slowly poured into his Source Spiritual Point. , His Source Spiritual Point, which had almost dried up completely, gradually filled up again. The medicinal efficacy of the Spirit Restoring Pill was incomparably better than the residue of the Qi Blood Pills that he had been consuming before! , In the first place, Spirit Restoring Pills were more suitable for cultivation than Qi Blood Pills. Moreover, what he previously consumed was the residue formed from the failed attempts of Evil Moon Valley’s cultivators in refining Spirit Pills. It had required a process of refining his vitality into Qi to transform his vitality into Spiritual Power. Therefore, it was only natural that it was utterly incomparable to what he was experiencing now. It wasn’t until this moment that he truly realized the joy of cultivating through the use of Spirit Pills! , His nearly dried-out Source Spiritual Point was filled to the brim again in less than half a day, but the Pill Power of the Spirit Restoring Pill was still in effect. Thus, he hurriedly guided the Spiritual Power in his Source Spiritual Point to charge at the barriers of his second Spiritual Point repeatedly. At one point, he vaguely felt as though something inside his body had broken and the Spiritual Power that had been blocked before suddenly flowed onward without any hindrance. , His second Spiritual Point had been unlocked! , The Spiritual Power brimming in his Source Spiritual Point gently flowed into his second Spiritual Point, which gave him a very comfortable feeling. Be that as it may, some of the Spirit Restoring Pill’s medicinal efficacy still remained. A very long time passed before he sensed that the medicinal efficacy of the Spirit Restoring Pill was completely consumed. Only then did he open his eyes again. He was about to report his achievement to the Sect Master when he realized that the Sect Master was nowhere to be seen. , The Sect Master had left at some unknown point in time. Nevertheless, Lu Ye wasn’t too bothered by the Sect Master’s departure. The Sect Master was a Sect Master after all; he would surely be busy with his own affairs. Besides, he had already helped Lu Ye locate the positions of the next few Spiritual Points. All that came afterward was for Lu Ye to follow the steps he was taught and work hard in his cultivation. , Lu Ye’s goal was to unlock his Spiritual Points according to the training course laid out by the cultivation method as soon as possible. After all, he could only be regarded as a proper cultivator once he unlocked those Spiritual Points with his Spiritual Power and reached the Spirit Creek Realm. , He also intended to test whether his previous conjecture regarding the Skill Tree was correct. Thus, he did not stop to rest as he took out another Spirit Restoring Pill and consumed it. The dense Pill Power was converted into Spiritual Power, which filled his Spiritual Points under his guidance. Two days later, he had consumed almost 6 Spirit Restoring Pills and filled his second Spiritual Point to the brim. , He was startled by the speed. It had taken him more than 10 days just to fill up his first Spiritual Point when he first achieved Enlightenment. However, the same process now only took 2 days to complete. The gap was simply too wide. It could be seen that the medicinal efficacies of the Spirit Restoring Pills were truly nothing like those residues, even if it was only the lowest-quality Spirit Restoring Pill. , He suddenly thought of Yu Xiao Tiea. At the time, Yu Xiao Tiea had told him that she had spent more than 20 days to fill up her first Spiritual Point when she first achieved Enlightenment. In addition, she had consumed a Spirit Restoring Pill at the time. It was something a cultivator of Evil Moon Valley had given to her. , In comparison, his cultivation speed was clearly abnormal. What he could be certain of was that it had something to do with the Skill Tree. Unfortunately, he had no means of figuring out what the exact connection between the two was at the moment. In any case, it was a good thing for him. He could probably unearth the secrets of the Skill Tree once his cultivation foundation had gotten much stronger in the future. , The Sect Master did not reappear again. Meanwhile, Lu Ye had already cultivated for two days. He was not tired, but he was starving. Ever since he achieved Enlightenment, his appetite had grown. He had already noticed this point when he had been in the mines. It was just that having a good appetite at his age was a good thing. The more he ate, the more vitality he would have. It wasn’t convenient for him to leave in search of food. Fortunately, Zhou Cheng’s Storage Bag still contained some food. He was not too picky about what he ate, so he took them out and ate them with some clean water to wash it down. , After he had his fill of food and drink, he continued cultivating. He broke through the barrier of his third Spiritual Point half a day later. Two more days after that, he filled his third Spiritual Point to the brim. The entire process consumed 6 Spirit Restoring Pills, just like before. , Although he wanted to continue cultivating, he was struck by a wave of drowsiness the moment he relaxed his mind. He knew that he had been cultivating for too long. He had no choice but to rest for now. Taking out some bedding from the Storage Bag, he lay down to sleep and soon fell asleep.

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