Humanity’s Great Sage

Chapter 14: Realms

All the signs showed that, even though Lu Ye wasn’t highly talented, his result couldn’t possibly be only one leaf. Does it have something to do with the Skill Tree? There are some Spiritual Patterns on the leaves of the tree, but how do they help me in my cultivation? , Besides the Skill Tree, he couldn’t find any other explanation. In that case, he had a feeling that the Skill Tree wasn’t as simple as it appeared to be. , “Miss Yu, there’s something I need to ask you about.” He decided to change the topic to stop feeling sorrowful. , “Just ask away, Brother Lu.” Yu Xiao Tiea looked solemnly at him. , After pondering on how he should word it, he said, “The thing is, my first Spiritual Point is full now, and I want to unlock the second one. However, I can’t locate where it is. How should I solve this?” , This question had been plaguing him for several days. He thought that after his first Spiritual Point was full, he could readily unlock the second one. However, after several attempts, he still couldn’t locate the second Spiritual Point. He had even wasted a lot of Spiritual Power during the process. There was no doubt that Yu Xiao Tiea was more experienced than he was, and she was his only friend in this place, which was why he wanted to ask her about it. , “To people like us who have just started cultivating, this is indeed a tricky problem. This has nothing to do with aptitude or talent. The main problem is that our Spiritual Power is still weak, which is why it’s hard for us to locate the Spiritual Point. If you want to solve this problem, you’ll either have to explore it on your own or look for a strong cultivator to help you. When I was unlocking the second Spiritual Point, it was the cultivator from Evil Moon Valley who helped lead my Spiritual Power to the second point. In order to do that, the cultivator has to be in the Cloud River Realm at the very least.” , Upon hearing that, Lu Ye put on a bitter smile. “I’ll explore it on my own then.” He couldn’t think of anyone who could help him. , “Brother Lu, all the cultivators’ Source Spiritual Points are similar, but due to the fact that we cultivate different techniques, the location of each individual’s second Spiritual Point is different. If you don’t have a suitable technique, I suggest that you don’t unlock your second point on a whim. Otherwise, you’ll get into trouble.” , “I do have the manual of a technique.” Golden Liberation Technique probably wasn’t an excellent technique, but Lu Ye had no other options. , “By the way, you just mentioned Cloud River Realm… Is it a kind of cultivator realm?” He remembered that when he was inside the tent, Third Senior Brother mentioned Real Lake Realm and Divine Ocean Realm, which he had never heard of. , During his one-year stay in the mine, he rarely talked to anyone and he had no friends. All the information he learned about cultivation was hearsay, which was why it was fragmented. , “Yes.” Yu Xiao Tiea nodded. “For the cultivators, there are four major cultivation realms, which are Spirit Creek Realm, Cloud River Realm, Real Lake Realm, and Divine Ocean Realm. There are nine orders in every major realm.” , Creek, River, Lake and Ocean. The categorisation is interesting and straightforward. , “Are we in the Spirit Creek Realm, then?” Lu Ye asked. , With a smile, Yu Xiao Tiea shook her head and replied, “Not yet. We’re just people who have been enlightened. We have to unlock more Spiritual Points so that our own Spiritual Power can pass through these points and form a Cosmic Orbit circulation. Only when our Spiritual Power passes through the points like the flow in the creek can we be regarded as Spirit Creek Realm Masters, and we’ll have the right to be called cultivators then.” , Lu Ye asked in shock, “You mean we’re not cultivators yet? Then what are we?” , “Cultivators-to-be?” Yu Xiao Tiea tilted her head, which made her look adorable. , “Alright.” Lu Ye accepted that he was just a cultivator-to-be. He thought that he was already considered a cultivator since he had been enlightened. However, now it seemed that he was still too naive. , Realising that he had no basic knowledge of the cultivation world, Yu Xiao Tiea decided to tell him more about it. “There are countless Sects in Jiu Zhou. If we’re talking about Bing Zhou alone, there are more than a thousand Sects and Clans of different sizes. A Sect is considered strong or weak based on their inner disciples’ cultivations. If the inner disciples are in a higher realm, the Sect will be considered powerful. Moreover, these Sects are tiered as well.” , “Oh? How are they tiered?” Lu Ye’s interest was piqued. He had figured out that she was trying to tell him the basic knowledge of the cultivation world, so he wouldn’t let this chance slip through his fingers. , “Every major realm of a cultivator is divided into nine orders. Sects are divided into nine tiers as well. The Ninth-Tier is the lowest, and the First-Tier is the best. I’m not sure how they’re actually categorised, but there are definitely top cultivators in the Divine Ocean Realm in the First to Third-Tier Sects. I remember that the number of such cultivators is taken into consideration as well. For Fourth-Tier to Sixth-Tier Sects, there have to be enough Real Lake Realm Masters. For the Seventh-Tier to Ninth-Tier Sects, they only need some Cloud River Realm Masters.” , “What about those with only Spirit Creek Realm Masters?” Lu Ye asked curiously. , Yu Xiao Tiea pressed her lips together and smiled. “Spirit Creek Realm Masters have no right to found a Sect.” , Lu Ye started flushing as he felt that he was so ignorant. , Yu Xiao Tiea went on to say, “In Bing Zhou, we have ten First-Tier Sects, and they’re collectively called One Palace, Two Temples, Three Sects and Four Clans. One Palace refers to Auspicious Cloud Palace. Two Temples are Yama Temple and Rainbow Temple. Three Sects are Righteous Sect, Green Jade Sect and Rasho Sect. Four Clans are Infinity Clan, Scarlet Moon Clan, Northern Profound Sword Clan and Sky Origin Clan. Grand Sky Coalition and Thousand Demon Ridge respectively occupy half of them. There are many Divine Ocean Realm Masters in each Sect.” , Lu Ye recalled that Third Senior Brother told him that Green Jade Sect was one of the top five Sects in Bing Zhou when it came to comprehensive power. At that time, he thought that the Sect was indeed highly ranked, but he hadn’t expected that it was actually so powerful. There were more than a thousand Sects in Bing Zhou, so the Green Jade Sect was truly incredible if it could rise above others and become one of the top ten Sects. , . , “This time, in order to launch an attack on Evil Moon Valley, Grand Sky Coalition has sent a Deputy Coalition Leader. He is from Righteous Sect.” , “Is the Deputy Coalition Leader surnamed Pang?” Lu Ye nonchalantly asked. , “I’m not sure. How do you know?” , “I just heard it from somewhere.” Lu Ye did not explain it in detail. “It seems that Evil Moon Valley is pretty formidable. Two out of ten First-Tier Sects, Righteous Sect and Green Jade Sect, have come together to destroy Evil Moon Valley.” , Yu Xiao Tiea replied with a smile, “That’s not how you should judge their power. Although Evil Moon Valley is fairly powerful, it’s still not comparable to a First-Tier Sect. I think it should be around Fifth-Tier or Sixth-Tier. Although two top Sects have come together, not everyone in the First-Tier Sects is a top cultivator.” , “You’re right.” Lu Ye agreed with her. , Yu Xiao Tiea went on to say, “Besides the two First-Tier Sects, we still have some other Sects. The test is almost over. Anyone with a jade tablet has a chance to join one of those Sects. Brother Lu, you mustn’t miss this chance.” , Aptitude and talent tests were just to pick out people who could cultivate. Joining one of those Sects to cultivate and learn new techniques was the real opportunity. It wasn’t that these Sects lacked disciples. First-Tier Sects like Righteous Sect and Green Jade Sect were never lacking disciples. , They had somewhat agreed upon such a way to take in disciples. For people like Lu Ye and Yu Xiao Tiea who had been rescued, even though the world was big, they had nowhere else to go. Therefore, Grand Sky Coalition had to help them settle down and help those with the aptitude to cultivate to join one of the Sects. They wouldn’t suffer any losses anyway. Perhaps they could even find some highly talented people. , Lu Ye put on a smile. “I guess no Sect will take in someone like me who has only one leaf.” ., “You should look on the bright side.” Yu Xiao Tiea consoled him. “Your advantage is that you’ve been enlightened. There are about ten Sects that have come over. I’m sure you’ll be able to join one of them.” , “Thanks for your kind words.”

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