Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 48 - Sanguine Ape Transformation

A man and a monkey fell onto the cold and snowy ground. The spirit monkey vomited a huge mouthful of blood that coincidentally landed on Su Zimo, splattering all over the latter’s face., Su Zimo’s mouth was filled with the spirit monkey’s warm blood., The spirit monkey turned to his side with his eyes drooping and pupils losing focus. He stared blankly at Su Zimo, his eyes filled with some indignation, some nostalgia, some reluctance and some regrets., Finally… it closed both its eyes., “Monkey!”, Su Zimo called out, his heart trembling., The spirit monkey did not move the slightest bit. The vitality in its body was draining rapidly., The mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator had unsheathed the middle-grade spirit weapon and attacked with all his might. That had a devastating impact to the spirit monkey., If Su Zimo had not blocked the weapon with the Sanguine Crystal Bow and the weapon were to pierce through the spirit monkey’s body, the monkey could have disintegrated!, Su Zimo wriggled his body in the snow and crawled to the spirit monkey. He reached out his uninjured left palm and patted the spirit monkey’s cheeks continuously, speaking in a trembling voice, “Monkey, wake up. Please don’t die!”, The spirit monkey did not utter a sound. It looked like it had fallen asleep., Su Zimo bowed his head. His black hair scattered down and covered both his eyes, which were gradually reddening., It was not light or dark red. It was a bloody scarlet red., It was striking, eerie and frightening!, Su Zimo was already covered in wounds. After being splashed with and swallowing the spirit monkey’s blood, a trace of the spirit monkey’s blood had already been integrated into his blood and veins., This trace of blood from the spirit monkey was circulating rampantly in his body and resulted in many strange and chaotic changes., Su Zimo’s veins and blood were boiling!, Besides Su Zimo himself, the Joyful Clan people would not be able to sense such changes., The Joyful Clan people floated in mid-air, encircling a man and a monkey. They finally heaved a sigh of relief., Elder Chen looked as though he had a weight off his shoulders. He swallowed his saliva and smiled lightly, “Although there were some hiccups, we still didn’t let them escape.”, At the sound of these words, Elder Qian’s face dimmed., Just as he wanted to ask Elder Chen to shut his jinxed mouth up, he heard a sound filled with cold and pervasive murderous intent., “All of you have to die today!”, Everyone glanced at the source of the sound, only to see Su Zimo, who was kneeling on the snow, suddenly standing up and gradually turning his head back. As the cold wind blew past him, a pair of bloody red eyes were revealed., Psst!, After being glanced at by this pair of bloody eyes, everyone suddenly felt chills down their spines and could not help gasping in cold., “Sanguine— Ape— Transformation!”, Just as he finished his words, the energy in the blood and veins of Su Zimo’s body surged rampantly. His large tendons pulsated, flesh and blood recharged, body expanded into a strong and huge figure that actually reached a height of ten feet!, Ten feet was already slightly more than three meters tall. He was two times taller than an ordinary man!, Although the Joyful Clan people were flying in the air, they were at most at the height of about ten feet., If they were too far away, their control of the spirit weapons would definitely weaken., However, Su Zimo’s current height was already ten feet. Both his eyes were at the same level as the Joyful Clan people!, In comparison to Su Zimo, everyone suddenly looked relatively small and insignificant., “T—this… what monster is this?” Some of the Qi Refinement Warriors were so scared that they turned as white as a sheet. Their voices were trembling., Giant!, Wrong. This appearance did not belong to the human clan!, Sanguine Ape Transformation’s transformation was not restricted to the body figure and height. Even Su Zimo’s appearance had undergone a drastic change. He looked ferocious and frightening, and bore a resemblance to the spirit monkey who was lying on the ground., A giant ape!, The muscles on Su Zimo’s body were knotted together like metal casing. They were flickering with metallic shine and filled with an explosive strength!, That pair of bloody eyes were exuding endless murderous intent., Wind and snow seemed to have solidified at every nook and crook swept across by that bloody glance., “Kill!”, Su Zimo gave out a deep and furious roar. He strode forward, reached out his left arm, opened his hands and simply grabbed Gong Liangjing who was in mid-air., Su Zimo hated these three Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Joyful Clan to the core., If not for them, the spirit monkey would not have been injured, and its life or death unknown., Gong Liangjing’s reaction was a tad slower. He had just wanted to reverse his flying sword and dash higher into the sky. However, he had a surprise blackout as Su Zimo’s palm had already enshrouded and clutched him., Su Zimo squeezed hard!, Poof!, A mist of blood filled the air., Gong Liangjing who was at the early-stage Foundation Establishment Realm was crushed by Su Zimo!, At this moment, Elder Qian and Elder Chen had just flew to a height of 20 feet. When they looked back instinctively, their eyes met with this gruesome and bloody scene. They could not help shivering with shock and fear in their hearts., “It is no wonder that this Su Zimo’s body is so scary. It is because he is not human but demon! He is a spirit beast!” Elder Qian said coldly. He could still feel the fear in his heart., “S—should we report this to the clan first and get more reinforcements to come here?” Elder Chen was also feeling a little scared., Elder Qian waved his hands and said, “We don’t need to worry. This Su Zimo must have used some demon techniques to stimulate the potential of his body. He can’t hang on for too long.”, Just as he finished his words, Elder Qian saw something from the corner of his eye and was scared out of his wits. He did not even have the time to call out to Elder Chen as he started fleeing to one side., “Bang!”, Both Su Zimo’s feet stepped on the ground heavily. His legs bent slightly and then jumped into the air., Initially, there was nothing to be alarmed about a jump., However, Su Zimo’s leap actually covered a height of ten feet!, How strong must the body be in order to erupt such frightening strength?, Elder Chen heard a deafening sound. Slightly distracted, he felt his vision dimming and he looked up instinctively., Unknowingly, Su Zimo had already appeared at the top of his head., A humongous footprint landed and trampled with the power capable of destroying everything!, Bang!, The footprint landed on top of Elder Chen’s head. The Protection Talisman was shining brightly and shaking vigorously. Lines of cracks appeared on its surface., This Protection Talisman had been released for a long time. Hence, there was very little spirit qi left on it. On the impact of Su Zimo’s violent strength, it was instantly on the verge of collapse and could shatter to pieces at any point in time., Once the Protection Talisman lost its effect, Elder Chen would be no different from other Qi Refinement Warriors in front of Su Zimo., Elder Chen turned pale with fright. Just as he wanted to flee from the spot with the flying sword, another sole immediately trampled. There was hardly any pause in between., This time, it was even more ferocious, strong and powerful!, Divine Steed Trampling., With every successive step, the strength would increase and become stronger!, Snap!, The Protection Talisman shattered., Another step came., Poof!, Elder Chen was directly trampled till death by Su Zimo and ground into minced meat!, In the blink of an eye, two out of the remaining three elders of Joyful Clan had died. Only the mid-stage Foundation Establishment Elder Qian was left., Elder Qian knew that Su Zimo would definitely target him next., Swoosh!, Elder Qian controlled the flying sword and rose continuously in the air, wanting to distance himself from Su Zimo as much as possible., No matter how strong Su Zimo was or how astonishing the powers he erupted, he could not fly, and that was his weakness., 30 feet, 40 feet…, In the blink of an eye, Elder Qian had already risen to the height of 50 feet tall!, It was only until now did Elder Qian’s expression gradually ease. After calming down, he looked back., “Mmm?”, Elder Qian was stupefied. He exclaimed in puzzlement, “Where is he?”, Su Zimo actually disappeared from the battlefield!, How was that possible?, He could not have escaped from the place in such a short time., At this moment, the few Qi Refinement Warriors not far away pointed to the front of Elder Qian with shock and fear written on their faces. They seemed to have witnessed a terrifying sight.

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