Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 47 - Landed in a Desperate Situation

“Which bastard dares to wreck the important matter of my Joyful Clan!”, Elder Qian was instantly enraged. After a moment of distraction, he leaped onto the flying sword in the sky and led everyone from the Joyful Clan to chase after them., Flashes of lights streaked across the sky., Elder Qian’s face was ghastly pale as he glared at Elder Chen, clenched his teeth and scolded, “Look at your jinxed mouth!”, Earlier on, Elder Chen had just said that it was impossible for Su Zimo to escape given the latter’s grave injuries., In the end, an unknown spirit monkey sprang out of nowhere and killed a few of the clan disciples. It even saved and took Su Zimo away., Elder Chen wore an innocent expression., For the sake of chasing and killing this Su Zimo, Elder Chen had already been scolded harshly by Elder Qian twice. He was also enduring a bellyful of anger and had nowhere to vent his frustration., Elder Chen looked at the spirit monkey who was dashing far ahead. His eyes filled with resentment and malice, he said coldly, “This bastard’s speed is not fast. It can’t run for too long!”, Similar to what happened six months ago when Su Zimo was surrounded by the wolf packs, at a time when he faced critical danger, it was the spirit monkey who stood up for him and saved him from the doors of hell., However, the situation this time was different from that six years ago., The spirit monkey was clever at ascending hills and adept at climbing rocks. It could also leap and swing with extreme ease in the forest. However, speed was not its forte., Furthermore, the spirit monkey was carrying someone on his back., Su Zimo made use of environment, terrain and external factors to cause the Joyful Clan to suffer heavy casualties. However, these factors also made it very hard for the spirit monkey to steer away from the Joyful Clan’s line of sight., These external factors were a double-edged sword. It could benefit both the self and the enemy., It was the beginning of winter and heavy snow was falling. Although the withered trees were still around, they were barren. Without the green, luxuriant forest and camouflage of thick, dense branches and leaves, the trails left behind by the spirit monkey’s escape were visible with one glance., Su Zimo felt listless all over. He leaned on the spirit monkey’s back and listened to the winds howling by his ears. His heart was full of sorrow and misery as he said in a low voice, “Damn monkey, we can’t escape. Put me down and leave on your own.”, The spirit monkey did not utter a sound. Streams of mist surging out from its nostrils, it dashed forward continuously, sweating profusely. Obviously, it was already using all its might and exhausting a lot of energy., The sounds of clothes flapping in the air were coming closer and closer., The speed of the Qi Refinement Warriors’ Sword Kinesis Flight was obviously much faster than that of the spirit monkey!, Su Zimo sighed gently, “Monkey, these people only want to kill me. Put me down and you still have hopes of escaping. Otherwise, if we continue like this, they will catch up with us in less than 15 minutes. We will both die here.”, The spirit monkey continued to keep mum. His expression was obstinate and his gaze sharp. He stubbornly dashed ahead., Su Zimo clenched his teeth and punched the spirit monkey’s shoulders harshly. He said loudly, “Leave me alone and only one of us will die. If you take me along, both of us will die! This is such a simple logic. Why can’t you understand? Why can’t you understand?”, “Damn monkey, aren’t you very smart and quick-witted? You’ve become a fool! Quickly scram!”, Roar! Roar!, The eyes of the spirit monkey reddened. It suddenly roared loudly, shaking the heaven and earth. Upon the impact, snowflakes on the surrounding old trees fell one after another., The Joyful Clan group following closely behind were shocked at the sudden roar from the spirit monkey., Fear? Furore? Or hopelessness?, They did not know., However, Su Zimo understood., “Yours truly wants to do so. It’s none of your business!”, This was the spirit monkey’s response to him., The spirit monkey was not stupid. From the moment that it saved Su Zimo, it already knew that they would possibly die here., However, the spirit monkey still saved him., Six months ago, the spirit monkey saved Su Zimo because of its enmity with the wolf clan., Six months later, the spirit monkey saved Su Zimo because it saw him as his buddy, a buddy that he could share weals and woes with and live and die together., This was the chemistry between a man and a monkey. There was telepathy without the need to communicate in words., Su Zimo was silent for a while. He then laughed., “Hahahaha!”, Su Zimo laughed heartily., The Joyful Clan group looked puzzled. They did not understand why Su Zimo could still laugh, and in such a hearty and happy manner., Their hearts were already numb and they could not understand the friendship between Su Zimo and the spirit monkey., In the eyes of everyone, the spirit monkey was basically a beast that had not attained spirit intellect, and Su Zimo was a man struggling on his death-bed., However, the more Su Zimo laughed happily, the angrier they felt., “Attack!”, Elder Qian gave orders. Many flying swords tore the wind and snow and dashed towards them, filling the air., With just a bit of effort and the distance between the two parties had closed so much. They were already within the Joyful Clan group’s geographical scope of attack., The spirit monkey ran left and swung right. Bending its body at one point and leaping at another, it dodged the attacks with all its might., Poof!, Flashes of blood appeared., The spirit monkey trembled for a while and staggered. Thereafter, it straightened its back and continued to dash on, pretending that nothing had happened., Su Zimo looked down and saw that the spirit monkey’s thigh had been pierced through by a flying sword. It was bleeding heavily non-stop. A striking and scarlet bloody trail was left on the snow behind it., Su Zimo’s heart ached. He could clearly sense that, earlier on, this sword was heading towards the middle of his back., However, at the eleventh hour, the spirit monkey suddenly jumped…, The spirit monkey noticed Su Zimo’s concern. It tilted its head and smiled. It looked a little silly, seemingly wanting to make Su Zimo feel assured., Su Zimo’s sight gradually turned blurry., He was not sure if it was because the snowstorm was too strong or other reasons., The spirit monkey’s speed had obviously slowed down. Its steps were also not as swift and agile as before. It was limping, looking a little unkempt and pitiful., Its thigh had been pierced through and it must be dying of pain. How could it be alright?, However, the spirit monkey still did not give up., Suddenly, the spirit monkey threw away the alloy steel rod in his hands, hurled Su Zimo in front of his chest and carried him., This was just a simple action but Su Zimo understood further., The spirit monkey was worried about the flying swords coming from behind., It was worried that the flying sword would hit Su Zimo first. Hence, it carried Su Zimo in front of its chest while baring its own back to the flying swords!, The Joyful Clan group was right on their heels and closing in., All of a sudden!, The corner of Su Zimo’s eyes twitched vigorously. His scalp was blistering and he broke out in goosebumps., It was extremely dangerous!, Without the Cold Moon Saber by his side, Su Zimo took out the Sanguine Crystal Bow immediately. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a ring-shaped spirit weapon amongst the many flying swords behind the spirit monkey. Two dazzling and eye-catching spirit patterns were shining on it., The spirit monkey did not sense the threat of his ring-shaped spirit weapon. It could barely dodge the many flying swords. More wounds appeared on its body, and flesh and blood could be seen. It was a gruesome sight., This ring-shaped spirit weapon was charging towards the middle of the spirit monkey’s back., They could not avoid it anymore!, Su Zimo bit the tip of his tongue. He exhausted all of the remaining strength in his body, raised the Sanguine Crystal Bow and smashed towards the ring-shaped spirit weapon., Clang!, Su Zimo’s entire body was shaken. The Sanguine Crystal Bow left his hands., A cloud of bloody mist erupted from Su Zimo’s entire right arm. His skin burst open and his large tendons broke. All the bones in his arms were fractured and hanging down., This was a middle-grade spirit weapon and the mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator launched the attack with all his might., Su Zimo could not endure it at all., The ring-shaped spirit weapon paused momentarily upon the impact of the Sanguine Crystal Bow but it still smashed heavily on the spirit monkey’s back eventually., Bang!, The spirit monkey’s back caved in deeply. Horrifying sounds of bones breaking could be heard. Its entire body was shaken. Carrying Su Zimo, it was directly hurled into the air before falling onto the snowy ground nearby.

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