Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 46 - The Spirit Monkey Appears

He had no choice but to fight head-on!, In a split second, Su Zimo circulated Body Petrification. His entire body muscles tightened, large tendons pulsated and he unleashed his strength to the maximum. Holding the saber in one hand, he swiftly drew an arc in front of him!, There were numerous flashes of saber shadows and icy cold lights., Clang! Clang! Clang!, Spirit weapons continuously clashed in the shadows of the sabers in front of Su Zimo. Successive sounds of weapons clashing with one another could be heard. Sparks were flying everywhere., Su Zimo’s steps were clumsy and he retreated continuously. There was a sweet taste in his throat as he held a pool of blood in his mouth, refusing to spit it out., Su Zimo gritted his teeth and endured. Once he released this breath, he would instantly lose his life!, Bang!, Su Zimo’s body landed heavily on a huge pit not far away; his mouth vomiting fresh blood. He lost his grip on the Cold Moon Saber, and his palms were mangled and trembling., Although he had blocked the attack of more than 50 Qi Refinement Warriors, Su Zimo was gravely injured., Under such powerful and intensive blows, Su Zimo’s body crumbled. He was covered in cuts and his green robe drenched in blood., Snowflakes that dropped onto Su Zimo’s body were instantly melted by his body warmth., “Ee… ”, Su Zimo was ghastly pale. He murmured a little before struggling to sit up. However, he only felt his tendons and bones about to break, and piercing and intensive pain constantly stimulating his brain., Under such aggravating conditions, Su Zimo’s body shivered and twitched uncontrollably., Everyone from the Joyful Clan surrounded the huge pit and looked at Su Zimo from the sky. Their eyes were full of excitement, mingled with some fear and reservation., Finally, this person was going to die., Everyone actually felt relieved of a huge burden., If they were to continue with the chase and this person hid in another cave, everyone including Elder Qian dared not guarantee that they would be courageous enough to enter it., The Elder Qian trio had been in the cultivation world for more than ten years and had gone through many life-and-death battles with cultivators. However, they had never encountered someone who was so difficult to deal with., The most terrifying thing was that this person was not a cultivator but a mortal without any spirit qi!, “Hahahaha… ”, Su Zimo started laughing., Each time he laughed, more fresh blood would spill out from his mouth, making one’s flesh creep., At the sound of Su Zimo’s laughter, many Qi Refinement Warriors felt chills down their spine., “Damn. He’s really a madman!” Some Qi Refinement Warriors cursed in a low voice., Gong Liangjing was having goosebumps from Su Zimo’s laughter. His face dimmed and he said coldly, “I’ll go and kill him!”, Having said that, Gong Liangjing unsheathed his flying sword, wanting to cut off Su Zimo’s head., “Wait a minute.”, Elder Chen stopped Gong Liangjing and sneered. “He looks half-dead. Are you still afraid that he will escape? We’ll spare his life first, then bring him back to the clan and give him a good round of torture. We’ll make sure that he begs for death!”, “What are you laughing at?”, At this juncture, Elder Qian suddenly asked. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Su Zimo., “Hehe… ”, There was a flash of mockery in Su Zimo’s eyes. Tilting his head, he spat out a mouthful of blood, raised his brows and said, “Do you really think that you will surely win? Mark my words. Cang Lang Mountain Range will be your tomb!”, Just as he finished his words, he gave out a deep and deafening roar, “Sanguine Ape Transformation!”, The Sanguine Ape Transformation was the last style of the Sanguine Ape Tri-style. In Die Yue’s words, this style was the essence and also a forbidden skill that could not be used unless one was on the brink of death., Su Zimo rampantly circulated the incantation of Sanguine Ape Transformation and constantly did breathing and expiration., If he did not use this style at this juncture, he would no longer have any chance to do so., At the sound of the three words ‘Sanguine Ape Transformation’, everyone from Joyful Clan jumped in shock. Elder Qian and trio shuddered and moved a step back instinctively., Everyone’s expression was grave as they fixed their gazes at the Su Zimo in the deep pit, preparing to attack at any point in time., However, after about ten moments of breath, Su Zimo was still sitting in the pit, looking expressionless and still., Nothing changed!, Su Zimo’s heart sank deeply to the bottom., How could this be?, After circulating the heart sutra of Sanguine Ape Transformation, there was no change to his body. Su Zimo could still feel the pain from the various parts of his body. He felt drained and listless., Previously, when he was rounded up by the wolf packs, Su Zimo had just cultivated Tendons Transformation and was not qualified to release Sanguine Ape Transformation., Now, Su Zimo had already begun cultivating the Bones Strengthening section. Why did nothing happen when he circulated the heart sutra and incantation for Sanguine Ape Transformation?, This was Su Zimo’s last trump card., In the end, he discovered that he could not use this trump card when he took it out!, As the Sanguine Ape Transformation was a forbidden skill, Su Zimo had never released it before. This was his first time., Su Zimo’s first reaction was that he did not cultivate it correctly., “Something must have gone wrong somewhere.”, Su Zimo wracked his brains and tried to figure out this puzzle., However, this was not the cultivation field and Die Yue was not beside him. Instead, a group of cultivators full of murderous intent in their eyes were staring at him ferociously!, No one would help him clear his doubts and the other party would not give him that much time., After waiting for a while, everyone from the Joyful Clan discovered that they could not find the slightest bit of change on Su Zimo., They had been tricked!, Everyone was enraged., “Damn, this inferior commoner can still think of fooling us!” One Qi Refinement Warrior cursed and scolded loudly., “Kill him!”, “Kill him!”, Everyone was aggravated and many Qi Refinement Warriors were shouting above him., Almost everyone had their attention on Su Zimo but no one noticed that, in the forest behind them, amidst the wind and snow, a tall and huge figure was swinging on the tree branches and approaching them at lighting speed. Eyes flickering with flashes of blood, his murderous intent was strong!, “Mmm?”, Su Zimo exclaimed in puzzlement. He suddenly smelled a familiar and pungent odor and looked up instinctively., Right behind everyone from Joyful Clan, a tall and huge figure leaped down from the towering old tree, dropping from the sky with a furore. Holding an alloy steel rod in one hand, it was swinging it towards the Qi Refinement Warriors in front of him., Poof! Poof! Poof!, The skulls of a total of five Qi Refinement Warriors were smashed by this rod. Their brains split and their headless corpses fell into the pit., “Spirit beast!”, “It’s a spirit beast!”, “Be careful, everyone!”, A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd., “Damn monkey!”, Su Zimo rejoiced greatly in his heart., The big and tall figure that rushed here to help was none other than the spirit monkey whom Su Zimo had lived together with for six months in Cang Lang Mountain Range., The alloy steel rod in the spirit monkey’s hands was the inferior-grade spirit weapon left behind by that Joyful Clan Qi Refinement Warrior who died in Su Zimo’s hands previously. He did not know when the spirit monkey picked it up to become its weapon., Just as the joy in Su Zimo’s heart rose, it completely turned into worries., Although the spirit monkey was powerful, he could only defeat the Qi Refinement Warriors. After all, it had not advanced to the realm of a spirit demon., Furthermore, the spirit monkey had the same weakness as Su Zimo. It could not fly in the sky., At the thought of this, Su Zimo hollered, “Damn monkey, quickly scram!”, “Ga! Ga!”, The spirit monkey opened its mouth and laughed, seemingly oblivious to Su Zimo’s shout. After killing all five Qi Refinement Warriors at once with one hit from the rod, it did not pause as it leaped into the pit, grabbed Su Zimo and carried the latter on its back. Thereafter, it tried to escape out of the pit without even turning its back., The spirit monkey was very smart., Although he could not differentiate the realms that the cultivators were at, it knew how to assess the situation., Since Su Zimo had been beaten up so badly to the point of no escape, he was definitely not their match., Hence, the spirit monkey’s first thought was not to forcefully fight with the Joyful Clan but to bring Su Zimo out of the place!

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