Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 45 - On the Brink of Death

In the darkness, the three elders from Joyful Clan wore capricious expressions. Simultaneously, the trio unsheathed their spirit weapons. There were two inferior-grade weapons and one middle-grade one., Swash! Swash! Swash!, The spirit weapons shone brightly, exuding cold and sinister murderous intents and charging forward., Poof! Poof!, Two clan disciples from the Joyful Clan were unprepared and killed on the spot by the spirit weapons of the Elder Qian trio., Unabated, the spirit weapons continued to charged at the vital points on Su Zimo’s body!, In the small and narrow cave, the people from Joyful Clan barely had any space to avoid the attacks. Nevertheless, this also meant that Su Zimo’s movements would be greatly restricted., Su Zimo did not expect the three elders of the Joyful Clan to be so ferocious and merciless. They actually attacked forcefully without caring about the safety of their clan disciples!, Su Zimo tilted his head and averted the ring-shaped sword weapon which was the greatest threat to him. He lowered his body and dodged a flying sword. Using a reverse grip on his saber, he slashed all the Qi Refinement Warriors in front of him., Poof!, At the same time, a dot of cold light suddenly appeared on this Qi Refinement Warrior’s chest., Another flying sword came out from this person’s chest and pierced towards Su Zimo’s throat!, It was too close!, Given the distance, Su Zimo could not avoid it at all., Su Zimo retracted the Cold Moon Saber and then blocked the flying sword., Clang!, Clashing sounds of sword and saber could be heard and sparks flew everywhere. Su Zimo’s entire body had taken a huge blow. His purlicue split upon the impact and blood was spilling out from it. The Cold Moon Saber was almost flung out of his hands., Since both parties started fighting, Su Zimo had been trying to avoid a direct confrontation with the Foundation Establishment Cultivators., As expected, the power of the flying swords controlled by the Foundation Establishment Cultivators was definitely not something that his body could endure., Su Zimo’s entire right arm felt numb. He could not exert any strength at that point in time., The inferior-grade spirit weapon directed by an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator was already so powerful. If Su Zimo were to forcefully receive Elder Qian’s ring-shaped middle-grade spirit weapon, he feared he would become paralyzed on the spot!, Of course, this slash of Su Zimo’s was not completely useless., Elder Chen’s flying sword should have pierced Su Zimo’s chest but due to colliding with the Cold Moon Saber, it deviated slightly and penetrated Su Zimo’s scapula region, splattering fresh blood everywhere!, This was Su Zimo’s first injury since the start of the fight. The piercing pain in his shoulder region was unbearable and he could no longer use his left arm!, “It is so powerful!”, Su Zimo was secretly astonished., Su Zimo could escape without the slightest bit of injury when he fought Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors head-on., However, the power of early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators had crossed into a different level!, Fortunately, although Su Zimo’s right arm felt numb, it did not suffer too huge a blow. After resting for a while, he could still continue with the fight., Su Zimo no longer dared to remain in this place. He turned, used Mountain Reliance to send the few Qi Refinement Warriors who blocked his way flying, executed movement techniques and dashed towards the outside of the cave., Su Zimo was unaware that, at this very moment, the Elder Qian trio were feeling even more stunned, their faces full of disbelief., “He didn’t die?”, “He actually blocked Elder Chen’s sword?”, “How is that possible?”, “He is actually still alive and jumping, and has the energy to escape outside?”, Elder Qian decisively shouted, “Hurry up and chase him. This lad is injured and can’t run too far away!”, The three elders followed after Su Zimo first while the remaining Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan hurried over. They really did not wish to stay any longer in this cave., Before entering the cave, there were still more than 80 Qi Refinement Warriors. Now, there were only about 50 Qi Refinement Warriors left., Most of them died in Su Zimo’s hands, and a few in the hands of the clan elders., In fact, everyone was aware in their hearts that, no matter the outcome, the Joyful Clan had already lost., Five Foundation Establishment Cultivators had led about a hundred Qi Refinement Warriors to chase after a mortal. That was almost half the strength of the clan. Yet, half of the forces were killed!, Two elders were dead. The remaining Qi Refinement Warriors were still badly shaken, terrified and wondering what happened., “We have to kill him!” Elder Qian clenched his teeth and said with a sinister and gloomy expression., Elder Chen revealed a ferocious expression and said viciously, “It will be best if we can capture him alive. I want to make him suffer endless tortures for the rest of his life, and then crush this lad’s bones into ashes and chop his corpse into ten thousand pieces!”, “We can’t let the Su family off too. We will ensure that their blood flows like a river, and even the fowls and dogs will not be spared!” Gong Liangjing said coldly., Everyone from Joyful Clan chased after Su Zimo. Although it was still snowing heavily outside, it was spacious and open. They had finally got rid of the suffocating pressure felt inside the cave., “Over there!”, Elder Qian pointed to a place in front. Not far away, Su Zimo was dashing continuously, holding onto his left arm, dripping blood and appearing extremely eye-catching on the snowy ground., “Chase!”, Everyone from Joyful Clan rose to the sky and charged forward., “Brother Qian, the spirit qi on the Protection Talisman can’t hold on for too long. We have to subdue this lad as soon as possible.” Elder Chen said in a low voice. “Once the protection talismans lose their effect, our lives will also be in danger!”, Once the talisman was released, it could not be effective all the time., After sustaining itself for a period of time, it would lose its effect when the spirit qi on it dissipated., Elder Chen had such a Protection Talisman on him. Once the effect was gone, he would be no different from Gong Liangjing., If he were to encounter the same situation in the cave, it would be hard for him to escape death., Elder Qian nodded., In fact, he had another Protection Talisman in his storage bag. However, protection talismans were very precious and he did not wish to waste it., Elder Qian stepped onto the flying sword, clasped both hands and muttered a sutra. In the wind and snow, as if they had been summoned, a mysterious flow of energy suddenly surged into Elder Qian’s fingertips., “Ground-caving Skill!”, Elder Qian suddenly pointed to the direction in which Su Zimo was escaping., Long before this, Su Zimo had sensed a wave of trepidation in his heart. Upon hearing Elder Qian’s voice, he quickly paused his steps., “Boom!”, The ground right in front of Su Zimo seemed to have suffered a powerful impact. It suddenly collapsed and a huge pit appeared., If Su Zimo was unprepared and his legs wobbled, he would have fallen directly into this deep pit., “What is this?”, Su Zimo’s eyes were alternating between shock and puzzlement., He had already foreseen that Foundation Establishment Cultivators would have some mysterious means but the scene before him was truly beyond his knowledge., “Vinewood-twining Skill!”, In that split second that Su Zimo was distracted, another sound rang in his ears., “Mmm?”, Su Zimo was stunned and he secretly cursed. He wanted to go around the huge pit in front of him and run towards the other side., Unexpectedly, just as Su Zimo got up, a few withered branches and vines suddenly crept up from the snow below his feet and ensnared both his legs!, Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!, Sounds of spirit weapons breaking through the air could be heard. It was terrifying and soul-stirring., At this moment, Su Zimo’s body was restrained and he could not move or dodge. Once he was hit by the spirit weapon, he would die instantly., Su Zimo remained calm in the face of danger. He dropped to the ground directly, reverse-gripped the Cold Moon Saber and slashed hard on the vines holding both his feet., Snap!, The vines broke., At the same time, spirit weapons successively appeared before him. Su Zimo clenched his teeth, twisted his body till the limit and contracted his large tendons. Crisp and cracking sounds could be heard coming from the bones in his body. He had an extremely close shave with the three spirit weapons from the Joyful Clan elders., After successfully dodging the three spirit weapons, no matter how, Su Zimo could not avert the over 50 other spirit weapons that were coming towards him., Although all of them were from Qi Refinement Warriors, more than 50 Qi Refinement Warriors attacked at the same time. Hence, this was a frightening force not to be underestimated!, All of a sudden, the situation became extremely dangerous and Su Zimo was on the brink of death!

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