Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 44 - Perfect Ambush

The Joyful Clan was in utter chaos. Su Zimo felt energized. He leaped up and charged diagonally, rampaging forward with the Divine Steed Fleeting movement technique., Elder Qian and the group hurried and chased after him., At a place not far away in front stood a precipitous hilltop., The eyes of Elder Qian and the group shone., Su Zimo did not know flying techniques. He would have to make a detour in order to pass through this hilltop. As such, they could make use of this opportunity to round him up., They might even capture him alive!, However, everyone from the Joyful Clan could not understand why Su Zimo neither reduced his speed nor changed his direction. Instead, he charged straight towards the hilltop in front of them., “Perhaps this man is looking for his own death? He wishes to kill himself in the collision?” Muttered a Qi Refinement Warrior., Just as he finished his words, Elder Chen exclaimed in puzzlement., Before Su Zimo’s figure reached the hilltop, strangely, he disappeared!, The Joyful Clan people rushed forward to take a closer look. It turned out that there was a cave at the foot of this hill., It was quiet, dark and deep inside the cave. A fearsome beast was seemingly bending over the ground with its big predacious mouth opened and waiting for everyone from Joyful Clan to enter it., Su Zimo actually escaped into this cave!, The cave was dark and sinister, narrow and small. Be it Qi Refinement Warrior or Foundation Establishment Cultivator, they could not fly in the air., This meant that the Joyful Clan would not have any upper hand or advantages. On the other hand, Su Zimo turned extremely dangerous and could even possibly slay them!, All of a sudden, a layer of haze engulfed the hearts of everyone from Joyful Clan., It was originally a sure victory but for some unknown reason, everyone had a hunch that they had been led around by the nose., To chase or not?, If they were to chase him, how should they do it?, These two doubts flashed across everyone’s minds., If this cave had a dead end, that would be the best scenario. Everyone could just guard at the cave’s entrance and Su Zimo would die of starvation inside., However, if this was just a tunnel in the hilltop, Su Zimo would have long escaped when the Joyful Clan stayed put to guard the entrance., This was the most tricky part. If the cave had an exit, the people from Joyful Clan did not even know where it was. If they were to go their separate ways, it would be very easy for Su Zimo to attack and destroy them., However, if they look for the exit together but headed towards the wrong direction, Su Zimo would have long escaped without a trace., “Damn, this inferior commoner!” Elder Chen was boiling with fury, and he clenched his teeth and scolded., Elder Qian pondered deeply for a moment before gritting his teeth and saying, “Chase!”, After pausing for a while, Elder Qian said again, “Chen Bin, we have talismans to protect us. Even if Su Zimo closes in on us, he won’t be able to break both of our defenses. We will lead the group and guard Gong Liangjing and Lu Wencheng well.”, Gong Liangjing and Lu Wencheng were the other two elders of Joyful Clan. Although they were Foundation Establishment Cultivators, they did not have any talismans. The weapons that they controlled were also inferior-grade ones., In the cultivation world, it was common for Foundation Establishment Cultivators to do without talismans and control inferior-grade spirit weapons, especially small clans such as Joyful Clan., This was also the reason why Elixir Refinement Master, Weapon Refinement Master and Array Formation Master had special statuses in the cultivation world., If the Weapon Refinement Master could refine middle-grade spirit weapons, many Foundation Establishment Cultivators would have worn out their doorsteps to make friends or exchange spirit stones for their services., With a layer of glowing shield on both Elder Qian and Elder Chen, they entered the cave first. Right on the heels of them were the rest of the Joyful Clan., The grounds in the cave were uneven and full of bumps and hollows. The Qi Refinement Warriors had many treasures in their storage bags but they could not light up the place., They could only rely on the faint glow from the Protection Talisman on Elder Qian and Elder Chen to move quickly forward., The rest of Joyful Clan following behind the elders were ghastly pale. Everyone was high-strung as they surveyed the surroundings, for the fear that Su Zimo would suddenly jump out and catch them off guard., Although Gong Liangjing and Lu Wencheng were Foundation Establishment Cultivators, their palms were also drenched in sweat. They were treading in the cave with fear and trepidation., The atmosphere was getting increasingly stifling!, Each time there was a slight movement of grass or wind in the cave, it would cause a commotion among the crowd., Elder Qian and Elder Chen were leading the group at the front. They first observed what was below their feet, followed by what was before them but did not look up at all., Under everyone’s subconscious mind, Su Zimo did not know flying techniques. Naturally, it was impossible for him to appear from the top of their heads., However, they had forgotten one point., This was a cave., There were stone walls on the ceiling of the cave!, At this moment, someone was attaching himself closely to the stone wall on the ceiling, narrowing his eyes and staring coldly at the people of Joyful Clan who were striding below him., Suddenly, Elder Qian paused his steps and said in a low voice. “Something is amiss. There is a stench of blood and it’s very strong. This lad is nearby!”, Before he could finish his words, a flash of blinding light broke the darkness in the cave., Poof!, A large skull flung off, splashing fresh blood all over the crowd. Everyone from Joyful Clan suddenly exploded in shock!, “Elder Lu?”, “Elder Lu is dead!”, “Where is he?”, “At the top… Ah!”, There was another miserable scream. One of the Qi Refinement Warriors died on the spot., Prior to this, Su Zimo once shot out five arrows and managed to find out which two of these remaining four Foundation Establishment Cultivator had defensive tactics similar to the Augmentation Talisman., With his current capability, he could not break such defenses at all., Hence, this slash of Su Zimo’s were aimed at Lu Wencheng and Gong Liangjing, who did not have the talisman to protect them., However, Gong Liangjing was more alert. At that instant when Elder Qian paused his steps, he realized that something was not quite right. Hence, he bent down without a care about his pride. As such, he avoided a calamity., When Su Zimo dropped from the stone ceiling and wanted to chase after him, Gong Liangjing had already ran behind Elder Qian and Elder Chen and broke out in a cold sweat., At this very moment, Su Zimo landed in the crowd of Qi Refinement Warriors., In the narrow and small cave, the Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan barely had any space to dodge. In his panic, someone even bumped into Su Zimo when he was trying to flee., Su Zimo’s sinister and cold laughter resonated in the dark., “Hahahaha… you wish to kill me. Such a small number of people is not enough!”, Poof! Poof! Poof!, Su Zimo did not even need to look. With the Cold Moon Saber in his hands, he could slay the Qi Refinement Warriors on-site easily with any casual wave of his saber., Along with the miserable screams of Qi Refinement Warriors, flashes of blood appeared constantly as they splattered everywhere., In this cave, Su Zimo was like a tiger moving into a herd of sheep, chopping those on the left and slashing those on the right, going on a rampage. The Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan could not retaliate at all., Even escaping was wishful thinking!, This was an ambush targeted at the Joyful Clan that could be described as perfect., Su Zimo made use of his familiarity with the Cang Lang Mountain Range terrain to successfully lure the other party into the deep, dark and quiet cave., The cultivators’ advantages were minimized whereas Su Zimo’s merits were unleashed to the maximum!, The three elders of Joyful Clan stood rooted to the ground, perspiring on their foreheads but did not make any moves., It was not because they did not want to., It was because Su Zimo had been moving about in the crowd continuously. His movement techniques were swift and agile. The cave was already very dim. Once they attacked, they would definitely injure their own clan disciples by mistake., At the sight of the decreasing number of clan disciples, viciousness flashed across Elder Qian’s eyes. He said in a low voice, “Attack!”, “What?” The other two elders were stunned., “I said, attack!”, Elder Qian said coldly, “We can’t worry so much now. Even if we kill our clan disciples by mistake, it is better than letting all of them die in this lad’s hands!”

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