Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 43 - Flee With All His Might

Having lived in Cang Lang Mountain Range for one year, Su Zimo gained a deeper understanding on fighting., There were many factors affecting a fight. One’s ability was the most basic factor but not the only one., Weather, mindset, environment, preparation and various details could also change the circumstance and even affect the trend of the eventual victory., On this occasion, advanced preparation and the weather were Su Zimo’s advantages., One party was totally unprepared while the other party had long been waiting., Coupled with the heavy snow flying and blocking one’s views, there was low visual acuity. When the cultivators from Joyful Clan came to their senses, five sharp arrows had already appeared before their eyes!, Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!, Out of the five arrows, two of them hit the respective glowing shields of two Joyful Clan elders. The glowing shield vibrated a little and the sharp arrows bounced off them., The other two arrows had been blocked by the flying swords unsheathed by two Joyful Clan elders., However, the arrow that shot Elder Gao resulted in devastating damage to many cultivators from Joyful Clan!, Caught off guard, Elder Gao, who was an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator, was killed with one arrow., Seemingly, this arrow’s power did not weaken as it continued to shoot through the air., The spirit vessel was not large. Over a hundred Qi Refinement Warriors were divided into five rows as they stood behind the five elders, and there were 20 Qi Refinement Warriors standing behind Elder Gao!, Even the Foundation Establishment Cultivator did not react in time, much less the Qi Refinement Warriors behind them?, The 20 Qi Refinement Warriors felt piercing pains in their hearts even before sighting this sharp arrow. As the vitality in their body drained rapidly, their eyes dimmed and they fell off the spirit vessel., This arrow was too powerful!, After piercing through the flesh and blood of 21 cultivators, it still had some strength left. It ended up on a towering old tree with its tail shaking and swaying vigorously., An entire group of 21 cultivators including one Foundation Establishment Cultivator were killed by one arrow shot by Su Zimo., “That’s him!”, “It’s Su Zimo!”, The few Qi Refinement Warriors on the spirit vessel recognized Su Zimo and yelled loudly., “Retreat the spirit vessel. Surround and kill this man!”, Enraged, Elder Qian hollered harshly., Although this arrow did not hurt the other four Foundation Establishment Cultivators, they could still feel the fear in their hearts., If they were to react slower by a bit, they would already be a corpse!, Swash! Swash! Swash!, Many Qi Refinement Warriors on the spirit vessel rose to the sky, unsheathed their spirit weapons and attacked Su Zimo at the same time., In a split second, successive flashes of light appeared in mid-air. It was dazzling and eye-catching. Sword auras traveled through the wind and snow like frost, engulfing the heaven and earth., Of course, Su Zimo did not think that he had the capability to contend with a clan. He was already very lucky that the earlier arrow could kill the Foundation Establishment Cultivator., After shooting out five arrows, Su Zimo immediately fled as far as possible without hesitating., “Jee!”, Two Joyful Clan elders attacked simultaneously. There was a flash of light on each of the flying swords as they suddenly charged towards the back of Su Zimo’s head at lighting speed., Even before the sword reached him, Su Zimo could feel his scalp exploding. A surge of bone-chilling coldness penetrated his body., “I can’t fight head-on!”, Su Zimo realized that he would still be gravely wounded if he were to erupt all his energy to block the flying swords of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators., Elder Chen unsheathed a long cloth from the storage bag and held it towards the direction of the wind. On the rectangular-shaped cloth was an eerie picture of something that looked like a fearsome ghost., All of a sudden!, There was a flash of light on the long cloth. That fearsome ghost suddenly opened its eyes and stared at Su Zimo ferociously, giving him goosebumps on the scalp!, Su Zimo felt dizzy. His eyes blurred and he began to feel a little dazed., He shuddered in his heart and dared not look at it again. Biting the tip of his tongue, he tried to maintain soberness as he dashed forward continuously, weaving and moving in the forest, and dodging the numerous spirit weapons constantly piercing at him from behind., It was only now that Su Zimo truly experienced the change that spirit perception had brought to him., Honestly, spirit perception’s usefulness was not that apparent during one-to-one fights with cultivators., However, under such successive attacks with lights filling the air and dazzling the eyes, swords and sabers clashing, penetrating gold and splitting rocks, one’s sight and hearing would be greatly affected., Even if Su Zimo could see the flying sword coming over, it would be too late for him to dodge it., Nevertheless, spirit perception was different., It could sense and avert danger without even looking or listening!, Su Zimo did not need to look or listen. He relied completely on an incredible instinct that was beyond description while traversing through successive flashes of swords and shadows, and fleeing for his life., Earlier on, Su Zimo shot out five arrows at once because he realized that the other party might not give him another chance to shoot any arrows once the fight began., True enough., The attacks were raining on Su Zimo like raging storms and a devastating downpour. He would be instantly killed on the spot if he were to pause momentarily, let alone shoot an arrow., Oo! Oo!, Terrifying sounds that stirred the souls could be heard., Su Zimo’s heart suddenly leaped. He had to force himself to stop charging forward. He then flipped his hand, unsheathed the Cold Moon Saber, turned back and blocked off the dozens of flying swords piercing towards him., Riding on the forces from the flying sword, he tilted his body, fell on one side and rolled on the ground., Bang!, There was a deafening sound., Out of the corner of his eye, Su Zimo saw a ring-shaped spirit weapon smashing on the ground, creating a huge pit about three inches from the earlier spot where he paused his steps!, If he had moved just half a step forward earlier, his entire body would have exploded upon the impact of this spirit weapon!, Su Zimo took a closer look and saw two spirit patterns shining on this ring-shaped spirit weapon., It was a middle-grade spirit weapon!, Seeing that Su Zimo had dodged the sure-kill move that he had been waiting for, Elder Qian sneered coldly. He redirected the ring-shaped spirit weapon towards Su Zimo to kill the latter again., Su Zimo crawled with both his arms and legs, moving close to the ground. His body was as flexible and agile as a python as he slithered across the snow, leaving behind a curvaceous trail., The flying sword was about to pierce Su Zimo. Yet, Su Zimo twisted his body in an eerie manner and dodged the attack just in time, never decreasing his speed at any point in time., The fury in many cultivators’ hearts intensified and they attacked even more viciously., Bang! Bang! Bang!, The spirit weapons came to nothing and smashed onto the ground countless times after brushing shoulders with Su Zimo., Su Zimo felt slight pangs of pain on his body as raging sandstones hit him., Su Zimo pursed his lips tightly. He looked calm as he gritted his teeth and hung on., The cultivators from Joyful Clan had never seen such movement techniques., He was alternating and interchanging between movements of a galloping horse, a swinging ape and a swathing python with extreme ease., Su Zimo’s physique was completely beyond the comprehension of the numerous cultivators., Even spirit beasts who were known for their strong and powerful bodies definitely could not achieve this!, “Lad, you have to die today. I’ll see where you can escape to!” Elder Chen hollered furiously, waving the long cloth in his hands. The fearsome ghost on it opened its mouth and released a cloud of black mist., Who would have expected that due to strong winds and heavy snow, just as the black mist was surging out, it was dissipated by the wind and snow and then reversed towards the direction of the Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan instead., Many Qi Refinement Warriors were caught off guard and stained by the black mist. All of a sudden, their complexions turned purplish-blue and foreheads blackened. They lost their balance in the air and were about to fall., Everyone hurriedly searched out an elixir from his storage bag and swallowed it before the poison gradually eased., Although Elder Chen’s spirit cloth was only an inferior-grade spirit weapon, it could influence the opponent’s mind and heart. The black mist that it released earlier was its trump card., If mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were slightly distracted, they would also suffer big time., Never did Elder Chen expect that his trump card would not injure Su Zimo but instead caused chaos on his own side., At the sight of this, Elder Qian hollered angrily, “What a fool! Put away that lousy cloth of yours and chase this lad properly. He can’t hang on for too long!”, Elder Chen had an ugly look on his old face. He blamed it all on Su Zimo, and the murderous intent in his heart intensified.

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