Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 42 - Snow-covered Bow and Saber

Su Zimo ran all the way toward the direction of Cang Lang Mountain Range in the snow. He ran faster and faster, his eyes clear, his gaze steady., Su Zimo had barely shut his eyes and slept for the past half a month., In addition to the fierce battle in the capital, Su Zimo was thoroughly exhausted. Although Su Zimo had the essence that was sealed inside his body by the Scarlet Flame Fruit, it was of no help as he was mentally drained., The next battle was the real test for him., A life or death ordeal!, If Su Zimo was an ordinary Qi Refinement Warrior, he would definitely die this time., However, since Su Zimo cultivated The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he was not without any chance of winning., Su Zimo kept thinking about the words that Die Yue told him., “Demon cultivators are best at skipping levels and killing opponents. Given your capabilities now, although you are not as good as Foundation Establishment Cultivators, if you are able to be in their close proximity, you will still be able to instantly kill them!”, Su Zimo could only rely on close combat., However, the most difficult part was that the cultivators from the Joyful Clan already had a taste of his abilities at close combat. They would be on guard and he would not be given much chance at close combat!, Moreover, Su Zimo had no idea about the fighting prowess of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators., Was it simply manipulating spirit weapons?, He knew that it would not be that simple., Su Zimo ran at his fastest speed, reaching Cang Lang Mountain Range in no time., Unlike ordinary men, if cultivators wanted to hurry on with one’s journey, they would fly in the sky. If they wanted to reach Ping Yang Town in the shortest time, they needed to pass by the sky above Cang Lang Mountain Range., Su Zimo would wait here in ambush and kill the Joyful Clan Cultivators!, Su Zimo felt an indescribable familiarity at being back in the Cang Lang Mountain Range., Here was his main battlefield!, Su Zimo found a towering old tree and used his hands and legs to climb up the tree in no time. He was even more agile than the apes., He had to be in a high spot to be able to notice any suspicious activity and to make the first move., Su Zimo had to consider every detail in preparation for the big battle. This was his only way to turn the tide and survive the battle!, Su Zimo sat on the old tree. He placed the Cold Moon Saber horizontally in front of his knees, holding the Sanguine Crystal Bow in his hand, and closed his eyes., This was his final chance to rest., The snow was getting heavier., It kept snowing, covering the entire area., Cang Lang Mountain Range seemed to be covered by a thin layer of white snow, it was crystal clear, a stunning and breathtaking sight., The Sanguine Crystal Bow and Cold Moon Saber were covered with snowflakes. One could no longer tell its original appearance., Su Zimo rested while practicing the breathing and expiration methods of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. His body was heating up while white clouds of vapor rose from the top of his head., Su Zimo’s body might be burning, but his heart became colder each second. He exuded a piercing cold and murderous aura, it covered every corner of Cang Lang Mountain Range., Suddenly!, Su Zimo opened his eyes and looked afar., A flock of birds in the forest at the far distance seemed to be given a shock. They spread their wings, soaring to the sky, emitting anxious hooting sounds., They were here!, Only two hours had passed since Su Zimo reached Cang Lang Mountain Range!, Su Zimo moved slightly and slid down from the old trees, quietly dropping onto the snow. He drew out the last five remaining sharp arrows from the quiver with a backhand grip, nocked all of them on the string, and moved stealthily toward the far direction., …, The spirit vessel was the most common flying spirit weapon in the cultivation world. It was steady, fast and had a large capacity., One of the spirit vessels of the Joyful Clan had entered the sky above Cang Lang Mountain Range, speeding forward., There were more than a hundred people on the spirit vessel. Most of them were Level 8 or Level 9, or even Perfected cultivators. The five leading cultivators were Joyful Clan elders. Four of them were early-stage Foundation Establishment, while one of them was mid-stage Foundation Establishment., In the Joyful Clan, only Foundation Establishment Cultivator could be conferred additional titles to be the elder., In order to kill Su Zimo, Joyful Clan had sent almost half of their cultivators out in a hunt for Su Zimo. It proved that the Joyful Clan highly valued the operation this time., If the opponent was a cultivator, even if he was a Qi Refinement Warrior, the Joyful Clan would be wary, lest they provoked the clan that the cultivator belonged to., After all, Joyful Clan was just a small clan. Otherwise, it would not have worked with one of the small states like the Country of Yan., However, Su Zimo was just a mortal. Did he think that he could provoke the clan just because he had a strong physical body and he knew corporal mortification martial arts?, If Su Zimo remained alive, and the Su family was not annihilated, the Joyful Clan would become a laughingstock in the cultivation world., “Elder Chen, Su Zimo was terrifying in close combat. All of us dared not come close to him. You must be extra careful. You must not get too close to him.” One of the Qi Refinement Warriors who was next to the elder smiled, trying his best to fawn on the elder, and to give him a kind reminder., To his surprise, Elder Chen looked upset and snorted. “Is Foundation Establishment Cultivator the same as Qi Refinement Warrior? Do we need you to remind us?”, Another elder sneered. “Not only would Su Zimo not be able to get close to us, even if he does, he cannot hurt us!”, “Yes, yes, yes. Elder Gao is very right.” The Qi Refinement Warrior looked embarrassed as he plastered a flattering smile on his face., The Qi Refinement Warrior seemed to think of something, but he hesitated and held back his tongue., “Say what you want,” The only mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator said lightly., The Qi Refinement Warrior seemed to be in a panic, his heart still throbbing with fear. “Elder Qian, the man had a sanguine big bow. The arrows that were released from it were very powerful and fast. Although it was not as accurate, if it was within a short distance, it has a high lethality. All of the elders must be careful.”, “Hehe.”, Elder Qian smiled, a look of disdain in his eyes, but he remained silent., Elder Gao gave a loud laugh. “All of you are a bunch of useless fools. As Qi Refinement Warriors, how can you be frightened by the bow and arrow of a mere mortal? You have shamed the clan. When we see him later, he could shoot as he likes, I will show you how I destroy his sharp arrows!”, Elder Gao was still laughing when a figure appeared at the old tree in front of the spirit vessel, holding a sanguine big bow in his hands., Bow like a full moon and the arrows were ready., “Mmm, there is a murderous aura!”, Initially, Elder Qian assumed a lotus position on the spirit vessel. However, he was startled and he slapped his hands on the storage bag and a talisman landed on his palm. He squashed it and shouted loudly, “Be careful!”, “Swoosh!”, There was a loud sound of arrows piercing through the air., Five sharp arrows glittered and it reached the Joyful Clan cultivators in no time., The five Joyful Clan elders bore the brunt of it., Elder Chen reacted very quickly. Just when Elder Qian squashed the talisman, he also squashed a talisman and he was shrouded by a sparkling light., The other two elders unsheathed their flying swords, blocking horizontally in front of them., Elder Gao was the only one who was still laughing wantonly. He was slow to react and there was a shock in his eyes., The cold light grew larger and larger in Elder Gao’s pupil., Poof!, A black light hit directly into the chest, coming out through the body, blood bursting out from Elder Gao’s body!, Although the arrow did not hit the heart, the terrifying power that came with it tore the wound open and destroyed all chances of survival for Elder Gao!, Elder Gao stood motionless on the spirit vessel, blood spewing from his chest and mouth. There was a look of regret and blankness in his eyes. He muttered softly, “The arrow… is so fast…”, Foundation Establishment, dead!

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