Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 49 - Tomb

Swoosh!, Sounds of snowflakes falling could be heard coming from behind Elder Qian., “Mmm?”, Elder Qian was stunned and he looked back instinctively., Behind him was a tall and old tree. It was sturdy and straight, with a height of about 70 to 80 feet. Using both his hands and legs, Su Zimo was climbing up the tree like a giant ape with extreme ease. He had already reached the height of 50 feet!, Elder Qian traveled by air while Su Zimo relied on the old tree to climb up. Yet, there was not much difference in their speeds., Relying on the energy of the blood and veins, Sanguine Ape Transformation could not only improve Su Zimo’s body strength within a short time frame but also cause major transformation to his body’s agility, coordination and flexibility. His speed had thus increased exponentially!, The moment that Elder Qian looked back, Su Zimo had bounced off the old tree. The bloody shine in his eyes intensified and the murderous aura was towering. He reached out his gigantic palm, almost engulfing Elder Qian., Su Zimo’s palm looked soft and weak like a tongue. He gently wrapped it on Elder Qian’s body but erupted the strength of twisting and crushing someone. It was extremely cruel and savage., Pa!, Elder Qian’s body shook violently. The Protection Talisman shattered on the spot!, “Go!”, Elder Qian’s expression changed greatly. Stepping on the flying sword, he tried his best to balance his body. In the panic and chaos, he quickly unsheathed the ring-shaped spirit weapon in his hands and smashed it towards Su Zimo’s chest., The two parties were very close to each other. Su Zimo’s body was in mid-air and he had no place to lean on. Facing the oncoming ring-shaped spirit weapon, he had to fall on his back with his face facing the sky in order to dodge the attack., But if that were to happen, Su Zimo would also drop from the sky., Su Zimo’s bloody eyes were filled with viciousness. Facing the ring-shaped spirit weapon, he neither retreated nor dodged. His palm transformed into a fist. Using the fist as a seal, his left arms drew a gigantic arc in the air., Boom! The gigantic seal landed!, Following Bovine-tongued Saber was Sanguine Ape Fist Seal., Su Zimo would rather take the hit by the middle-grade spirit weapon so that he could kill Elder Qian with his palm!, Elder Qian was really panicking., He could clearly sense Su Zimo’s determination to perish together with him., Just as the ring-shaped weapon left his hands, Elder Qian did not think twice about patting the storage bag and took out another brand new Protection Talisman. He immediately tore it with a pinch of his fingers., Elder Qian’s face revealed a pained expression., To him, every talisman was very precious., This was reserved by Elder Qian to save his life. It could block a wave of attacks from Foundation Establishment Cultivator. But now, he actually had to consecutively waste two Protection Talismans when chasing a mortal., Bang!, The ring-shaped spirit weapon crashed onto Su Zimo’s chest directly, as if it had hit something strong and hard., The sound of bones cracking could be heard., Su Zimo’s chest caved in deeply, his blood and flesh were mangled., If Elder Qian had not been distracted by the tearing of the Protection Talisman and as a result, caused insufficient energy to condense on the spirit weapon, Su Zimo would have died instantly when he released Sanguine Ape Transformation!, Simultaneously, Su Zimo’s fist transformed into a gigantic seal and smashed on the top of Elder Qian’s head heavily!, Bang!, The gigantic fist collided with the glowing shield formed by the Protection Talisman and erupted a deafening sound. Waves of air gushed and turned the falling snowflakes in the surroundings to vapors instantly., “I blocked it!”, Elder Qian did not care about rejoicing. He escaped from the place on his flying sword as soon as possible., On the other hand, Su Zimo’s figure dropped from the sky. Fresh blood was spilling from his mouth but the murderous gleam in his eyes did not reduce. He was still glaring viciously at Elder Qian who was fleeing towards a greater height., Bang!, Su Zimo landed on the snowy ground heavily. Soon after, he turned and got up, panting and gasping heavily. Each breath of his was accompanied by a strong stench of blood., This were signs of grave injury to his internal organs., The injury to tendons and bones could heal fully after resting for a hundred days., However, it was extremely hard to cure injuries to the vital organs of the body., Furthermore, no one was clearer than Su Zimo about the condition of his own body., The earlier hit by Elder Qian had already crushed his internal organs., He could not live for too long., Elder Qian hid and loitered in the air. He did not leave., In Cang Lang Mountain Range, none of the other old trees had that kind of height. Elder Qian would not give Su Zimo any more chances to come close to him., Su Zimo clenched his fists. Suddenly, with his back facing the spirit monkey whose life and death was still unknown, he rampantly charged towards a direction., Although the Sanguine Ape Transformation could increase Su Zimo’s strength exponentially within a short time, it could not nurse his injuries., This meant that the injuries on Su Zimo were still present. After an intensive battle, the injuries in his body had worsened!, The Sanguine Ape Transformation made Su Zimo turn into berserker mode. His nerves were numb and he thus could not feel any pain in the body at all., Although Su Zimo was swift and succinct in his movement techniques, his body had already crumbled both inside and out. He was only relying on the strength of his blood and veins to hang on with one breath., When the time of the Sanguine Ape Transformation was up, Su Zimo would revert back to his original state and become even weaker., At the sight of Su Zimo escaping, Elder Qian chased him hurriedly on the flying sword., The Joyful Clan suffered heavy casualties this time. He was the only one left among the five elders. If he did not kill Su Zimo here, how could he explain this to the clan when he returned., Since Elder Qian had decades of experience in the cultivation world, he could tell that Su Zimo was now an arrow at the end of its flight and could not hang on for long., Although the remaining five Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan also rushed over, they dared not get too close and kept a huge distance from Su Zimo., Su Zimo’s speed gradually decreased. His body also began to shrink as he slowly reverted to his original appearance., Waves of fatigue surged in his heart and mind. He began to feel the pain on his various body parts intensifying., Su Zimo gritted his teeth and continued to dash ahead., Not far away at the front was a valley. The steep hilltops surrounding it were straight, tall and had strong walls. They looked ordinary, and were very quiet., Su Zimo came to the center of the valley and revealed a trace of a smile., The time for Sanguine Ape Transformation was almost up. Su Zimo arrived at the middle of the valley and paused his steps. With his back facing the spirit monkey, he began to climb up the stone walls., The surrounding stone walls at the valley had many cave entrances. It was pitch dark and there was no light inside them., The Joyful Clan people looked at the Su Zimo who was covered in wounds but still dared not move forward casually., They watched on as Su Zimo climbed into a cave without any further movement. Everyone finally could not endure any further. They flew on their flying swords and arrived at the top of the valley., At the sight of the cave entrances of various sizes on the surrounding stone walls, Elder Qian frowned. Suddenly, a trace of uneasiness flashed across his heart., At that very moment, Su Zimo suddenly appeared at the entrance of the cave, holding a purple gigantic bird in his hands. He looked at Elder Qian and started laughing., That laughter was a little eerie and horrifying. It made people’s hearts shudder., Pierce!, Su Zimo tugged with his might and simply broke the neck of this purple gigantic bird. Fresh blood flowed and a unique stench of blood filled the air in the snow and wind., “Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!”, Suddenly, waves of hurried chirps of birds resonated and echoed in the valley. The pitch was getting higher and the sound getting clearer., Commotion could be heard coming from inside the caves of various sizes., At this very moment, Su Zimo’s voice could be heard. It was calm and still but made everyone’s heart instantly sink to the bottom., “I have said… Cang Lang Mountain Range… is your tomb!”, Just as he finished his words, Su Zimo threw away the gigantic purple bird in his hands and wriggled into the cave., In the cave surrounded by valleys, beams of purple lights shone in the darkness. Their lively eyes actually emanated endless murderous intent!, “Chirp!”, Another shrieking chirp could be heard, penetrating gold and cracking stones. Initially, they were still far away. When the Joyful Clan people came to their senses, a huge shadow had already engulfed the top of their heads and shrouded the wind and snow…

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