Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 40 - Quelling Cang Lang

As Su Zimo approached, the sky suddenly darkened., A drastic change of weather!, It was without any signs., Dark clouds loomed, covering the entire sky, shrouding Luo Tianwu and the 50,000 strong army behind him in darkness, leaving them with a tightness and unbearable feeling of suffocation in the chest., The dark clouds were constantly changing, it evolved into a ferocious man-eating demonic beast. It looked very realistic as it opened its large, fierce-looking mouth. It was a frightening and hideous sight., Bang! Boom! Boom!, There were deafening and heart-pulsating sounds from the sky. On the one hand, it sounded like thunder, on the other, it seemed as if the demonic beast was yelling and snarling., “Luo Tianwu, do you still remember what I said to you before I left Cang Lang City?”, Su Zimo stopped in front of the two armies, looking straight at Luo Tianwu, who rode a tall and mighty horse in the far distance., Luo Tianwu maintained a calm expression. Many thoughts flashed across his mind, and he smiled suddenly, “Second Young Master Su, congratulations on taking your revenge. Lord Wuding can rest in peace having such a son like you. Ping Yang Town is proud to have you. As the city lord, I am very proud as well. I will return to Cang Lang City, and prepare a banquet to celebrate Second Young Master Su’s victory. The two of you from the Su family must make sure to come.”, Luo Tianwu knew that there was no hope in taking down Jian An City anymore. He quickly made the decision to retreat to Cang Lang City., The King of Yan was dead and the country had become leaderless. It was a great opportunity for him., However, Luo Tianwu still decided to give up. In the world of chaos, ambitious and formidable people like him had to make a decision without the slightest hesitation!, Luo Tianwu would not have come this far without this resolution and drive., “I had warmed a snake in one’s bosom and fell short of success at the last stage! If I had known, I should have killed the two of them when they were still kids!”, Luo Tianwu lamented inside his mind, but he still had a bright smile on his face., In Luo Tianwu’s opinion, Su Hong would definitely not chase after him if he did not fight back and return to Cang Lang City., In fact, as Luo Tianwu expected, Su Hong came all the way only to protect the people of the Country of Yan. As long as he was willing to retreat, Su Hong would not lead the black armored cavalry to chase after him., Once they went into battle, the black armored cavalry were bound to suffer losses. Su Hong would try to avoid such a situation., However, Luo Tianwu had miscalculated., Because, he was not against Su Hong, but Su Zimo., Su Zimo raised his eyebrows in question. “Are you thinking of escaping?”, Luo Tianwu pretended not to know and had a smile on his face. “Second Young Master Su, what do you mean?”, “Before I left Cang Lang City I said that I hated to be made use of, and I told you to watch your conduct. It is a pity that City Lord Luo doesn’t seem to have taken my words seriously.”, There was mockery in Su Zimo’s eyes. He stared at Luo Tianwu as he said coldly, “Are you thinking of running now? Are you able to run away?!”, Bang!, With that, Su Zimo tapped his feet on the ground and suddenly launched forward, his strides were so rapid that it seemed like shadows. He was right in front of the Cang Lang City’s army in the blink of an eye., There was an army of soldiers in front of Luo Tianwu., However, Su Zimo barged right into them, creating a bloody path as he advanced, no one was able to stop him in his path!, “Ah!”, Luo Tianwu was aghast, retreating automatically as he shouted. “Advisor, save me!”, “Jee!”, The gray-robed man executed his flying sword immediately. A beam of light shone on the flying sword. It turned out to be an inferior-grade spirit weapon., Swoosh!, The flying sword flew in at an alarming speed. It turned into a bolt of lights, dashing toward Su Zimo’s head., Su Zimo sneered, not reducing his speed in the slightest. Just when the flying sword was about to hit his glabella, he ducked to avoid the flying sword by bare inches, and continued to advance!, The gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior’s pupils constricted in shock., He had not expected that his flying sword would miss the target, and he was most surprised at Su Zimo’s alarmingly fast speed!, The gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior immediately controlled his flying sword so that it would change its directions to stab Su Zimo., However, Su Zimo made a leap and was already right in front of the gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior, saying softly, “You are too weak.”, Bang!, Su Zimo flipped his palms and rested it on the top of the gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior’s head., His brains burst and blood came shooting out. The gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior had yet to utter a word and he dropped dead from his horse., Su Zimo lowered himself to step onto the strong horse that the gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior used to ride on, and leaped into the sky once again, dashing toward Luo Tianwu, who was not too far away., Luo Tianwu was scared stiff., He had not expected that the Qi Refinement Warrior that he highly valued would be dismembered and slain by Su Zimo after seeing each other face-to-face!, It was too fast!, Luo Tianwu had no chance to escape., “Ah!”, In the life and death moment, Luo Tianwu tried hard to suppress his fear. He roared loudly, taking out his long saber at his waist, using all his strength to swing the saber at Su Zimo!, Su Zimo did not dodge., It was unnecessary., Su Zimo reached out his palm, grabbing the oncoming long saber, coldness evident in his eyes., There was a loud splitting sound. Su Zimo made used of his palm to break the long saber into two pieces!, Luo Tianwu knew that all hopes were dashed to pieces at that moment., Su Zimo grabbed Luo Tianwu by the throat, saying loudly, “If I allow you to flee back to Cang Lang City, who will take responsibility for the innocent people who died because of this?!”, “When there’s a war between the two countries, it’s difficult to judge who’s right and wrong. But you sacrificed the lives of innocent people for your ambitious dreams. I will not let you live!”, Snap!, Su Zimo exerted strength in his palm and snapped Luo Tianwu’s neck, throwing his corpse aside. He swept his gaze over the surroundings, shouting loudly, “Luo Tianwu is dead, aren’t all of you going to retreat?”, The 50,000 strong army of Cang Lang City were stunned by the aura of one single man. No one dared to move forward., Su Hong, other people and the 5,000 black armored cavalry stood motionless in the far distance., It was not that they did not think of aiding Su Zimo, instead it was that everything happened too quickly., All the people that were present did not expect that Su Zimo would make that move. They also did not imagine that he would be so swift and powerful. He killed Luo Tianwu instantly like lightning!, Song Qi had just executed his flying sword and did not even manage to send it flying., In the fights with the other army just now, he had sparred several times with the gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior. Although both of them belonged to Level 8 Qi Condensation, the gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior was far stronger than him., But the gray-robed Qi Refinement Warrior only executed one style when dealing with Su Zimo, and he was slain by him., Cao Gang, the Wolf Guard of Cang Lang City was the first to react. He took in a deep breath before he cupped his fists, saying, “Young Master Su, thank you for letting us go.”, “Let’s go back to the city.”, Cao Gang grimly carried Luo Tianwu’s corpse. He felt deeply about the turn of events as he let out a sigh. “The city lord racked his brains in scheming, but it was a pity that everything was just destiny’s game plan.”, Without Su Zimo, the outcome of today’s battle would be totally different., Cao Gang recalled what happened one and a half years earlier. The young man refused to bow to Perfected Cang Lang and was reduced to an inferior commoner. He had lost almost everything that he had., Who would have thought that it was this young man who came and changed everything., Before leaving, Cao Gang could not help but look at the figure standing proudly in the far distance., The figure seemed to gradually integrate with the young man from one and a half years ago, becoming one., Cao Gang suddenly realized that letting off the young man back then, might have been Perfected Cang Lang’s biggest mistake in his life!

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