In the flash of an eye, Qiao Mei suddenly thought of the pendant on her neck. Could it be that the power of the pendant could make food taste better? , The pendant allowed her to walk around without feeling breathless and her chest no longer felt stuffy. However, her stomach was feeling especially uncomfortable from the hunger. She felt as if her stomach was now totally empty, that she was so ravenous it felt as though she could swallow an elephant., , The original owner of the body had a huge appetite. Every meal, she would eat one big bowl after another. A small bowl of rice was just like a drop in the ocean for her., , Logically speaking, such a small bowl of rice would not be enough for her, yet Qiao Mei felt very comfortable after finishing the rice in the bowl. Her whole body felt full of energy, as if she had eaten some kind of elixir tonic. Next to her, Qiao Qiang had already finished all his food.., , “It’s so delicious. and my stomach feels so good. I haven’t felt this comfortable in a long time.” Qiao Qiang sighed as he rubbed his belly., , It had been such a long time since he ate so comfortably., , Seeing the satisfaction in Qiao Qiang’s face, Qiao Mei couldn’t help her eyes from turning red as she almost teared., , Qiao Qiang had gastric problems that had reached the stage of being untreatable. The doctor had suggested that he should make use of this period of time to make preparations for his own funeral., , It was indeed rare for him to be able to have a meal so comfortably., , Qiao Mei felt that he got sick because of the original owner of the body. He pampered her so much and went hungry often, it was likely that his illness was caused by not having regular meals., , She made a promise that she would cook for her grandfather every day from now on and would try her best to help him nurse back his health., , Qiao Mei quickly put away the used crockery and cutlery and continued towards the courtyard to wash the clothes in the big basin., , After hanging out the clothes to dry, she walked out of the courtyard., , She had wanted to talk to Qiao Qiang about it but when she opened the door, she saw that Qiao Qiang had fallen asleep near the fireplace and was snoring away., , This was such a rare sight., , She knew that Qiao Qiang had been suffering from his illness for a long time and was hardly able to have a good night’s sleep. Usually, he would not be able to sleep for more than two to three hours a day and it was taking a toll on his body., , Qiao Mei covered him with a blanket and walked out softly., , After that, she wanted to find a quiet place with no one around so she walked towards the mountain area behind the house., , She felt something different the moment she stepped into the mountain area., , As soon as she entered the mountain forest, she felt a sense of comfort. It was as if she was lying down and basking in the sun. It was so comfortable that she wanted to stretch out, feeling like there were gusts of warm wind blowing towards her., , More accurately, the wind was coming for the jade pendant on her neck., , Then through the jade pendant, the energy was transferred to her limbs and her entire body., , The deeper she went into the mountains, the clearer the feeling became. The energy level got stronger and stronger and shot towards her like streaks of light while threads appeared in the air., , And at the other end of the threads were actually the various plants in the forest. , So this was the reason why in her past life, Qiao Yu had protected this treasure with all her might. In this life, no matter what, she would not let anyone snatch it away again. This was also Xia Zhe’s possession!, , However… she felt a little sorry for Xia Zhe. Maybe he could consider this jade pendant his gift to his future children., , It was only right for her to take it!, , Qiao Mei stayed in the forest for an entire afternoon before she had a vague understanding of the function of the jade pendant., , This jade pendant could absorb the energy of plants, transferring this energy to its owner and before finally transferring a portion of the energy out. The energy that was released was purified, which made it seem more like essence. When the plants absorbed this energy, they grew more lushly., , This was such a very favorable cycle., , As the owner of the jade pendant, she had direct control over it and could choose the target to absorb the energy., , Qiao Mei used her mind to control the jade pendant to absorb the energy of a wild vegetable seedling in the ground, preparing to exchange energy levels with it. But unexpectedly, after just three seconds, the wild vegetable shot up half a meter high and slapped her in the face. , Qiao Mei was shocked and quickly retreated to dodge it., , In just a few seconds, the wild vegetable started to bloom, bore fruit which scattered the ground with seeds and then withered., , So that was how it was. Even with the pendant’s energy, the laws of nature must still be followed.

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