“Growl!”, , Qiao Mei’s stomach started growling. When she saw the food in the pot and smelled the aroma, she almost drooled., , It was the same for Qiao Qiang. He gulped at the delicious smell coming from the pot., , After walking so far to buy meat, he was already feeling hungry., , His culinary skills were only so-so. The dishes he made were edible and nearly not as fragrant as the food in the pot now. Qiao Mei was not picky though and she liked to eat everything. Otherwise, she would not have grown so fat., , “The food is ready. Grandfather, come and eat!” Qiao Mei shouted. She filled up Qiao Qiang’s bowl with porridge served with a large plate of side dish, while she had a bowl of diluted porridge and a small plate of side dish., , Qiao Qiang looked at the food in front of him and looked at Qiao Mei suspiciously. , “Mei Mei, is this bowl yours?” Qiao Qiang said as he reached out to swap the bowls., , “No, no, this bowl is yours. I want to lose weight starting today! I have to control my mouth and not eat too much,” Qiao Mei said., , “What? Lose weight?” Qiao Qiang was stunned. The phrase “lose weight” was foreign to him. In this era, it was considered good for a person to be able to put on a few pounds. Who would want to lose weight?, , Besides, people of that time generally thought that being a little plump was a sign of wealth and fortune., , “Grandfather, don’t you think I should lose some of the fat on my body? Besides, it is so ugly to look like this,” Qiao Mei asked him back with a worried expression., , Qiao Qiang smacked the table and a cold glint flashed across his eyes. “Who dares to say that you’re ugly?”, , Qiao Mei let out a soft sigh. If the stocky build of this body was not considered ugly, then what was ugly? Grandfather really doted on her too much!, , “Xia Zhe said that such a figure isn’t suitable to have children.” She had no choice but to continue talking., , Qiao Qiang was stunned speechless when he heard this., , “He… he’s not happy with you?” Qiao Qiang narrowed his eyes and asked., , Sister Qiao sighed again. , “That’s all there is. It’s not whether he’s happy with me or not. Anyway, he already said that he wants to marry me and we will have to get married no matter what. But I really have to lose weight, otherwise if I really can’t give birth because of my obesity, that would be terrible.”, , In her past life, she did not know how the original owner of the body managed to give birth to twins with this body. She was really too lucky., , However, thinking back, the pair of twins really did fall sick often. They were thin and looked pitiful., , Although she ate a lot, it did not mean that the children would definitely be able to absorb the nutrients. Even if it was just for the sake of the two children, she had to start losing weight now., , “That’s right, that’s right! Having a child is a big deal. With a child, you will have someone to rely on in the future. At least you won’t get sold off.” Qiao Qiang finally nodded his head in agreement., , However, given the way he doted on his granddaughter, she could say whatever she wanted and he would not object to anything., , After reaching a consensus, they finally picked up their chopsticks and began to eat., , As soon as Qiao Qiang put the food into his mouth, his eyes lit up. “This dish is really delicious. Our Mei Mei is indeed the smartest, learning how to cook immediately! Grandfather has never eaten such delicious food before!”, , “As long as grandfather likes it!” Qiao Mei felt that her grandfather was just giving her encouragement and did not think that her cooking skills were good at all., , After all, when her grandfather was a soldier, he used to report to some big-shot. He had gone places with the big-shot and dined at all kinds of restaurants. The culinary skills of those top chefs were definitely better than hers., , She knew her own limits. There was no way that she could match up to those people., , However, when she put the food in her mouth, she also got a shock. It was not just her grandfather, she also had never eaten such delicious food before. In her other life, she had not only dined at five-star restaurants within the country, but also tasted the best dishes of world-class restaurants. Yet, she had never before eaten anything more delicious., , It seemed like they were not just eating cabbages and carrots, but cabbages and carrots that had become magical beings. Probably only magic could make it taste so good?, , “How is this possible?”, , Qiao Mei looked at the dishes on the plate carefully and muttered softly., , No matter how she looked, the dishes were just the most ordinary dishes. She did not put in a lot of effort just now, she had just stewed them in a casual manner and only added salt as seasoning., , The issue was probably not about the vegetables. After all, it was not like her grandfather had not eaten cabbages and carrots from the kitchen before.

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