Qiao Mei examined the pendant carefully, but when she happened to glance at the wound on her finger, she was surprised to find that the wound was gone. , Qiao Mei carefully observed the changes in her body as she tried to take a few steps. After a while, her eyes lit up with pleasant surprise when she discovered that the jade pendant had an unusual function., , When she walked out of the house earlier, she could feel herself panting after a few steps. But when she walked to the kitchen now, she did not feel any discomfort the whole way., , There was no longer any pressure on her chest and her breathing had become smooth. Qiao Mei smiled slightly. It was good that this jade pendant had this function, it could protect her life and save her from worrying about her obesity causing other illnesses., , She stood there and studied it for a while before finally confirming that this jade pendant indeed had the effect of strengthening one’s body., , She secured the rope holding the pendant and hung it around her neck before starting to clean up the room. , She first cleared out the unwanted items in the room and threw away the pile of trash, leaving behind an empty room., , Only a bed and a bedside table were left in the room., , Qiao Mei took out all the clothes piled up by the bed and threw them into the big basin in the courtyard., , Then, she picked up the broom to clean up all the dirty corners and used a cloth to wipe the dust off all the tables and cabinets., , Even the only glass surface was polished to a shine., , When Qiao Qiang got home, Qiao Mei was doing her best to wash the dirty clothes in the big basin., , He was stunned on the spot and dared not believe that the person washing the clothes was Qiao Mei. He blinked his eyes and looked at the scene in front of him. , The person in front of him was indeed his granddaughter, but what she was doing… did not seem like something she would do., , Qiao Qiang gripped his walking stick tightly and asked tentatively, “Mei Mei?”, , Hearing this voice, Qiao Mei stopped and looked up at her grandfather. , Based on how this body looked, how could he call out the name “Mei Mei” so naturally? She was dark and fat, and there is no part of this body that can relate to the term “beautiful”., , If outsiders heard him, they would think that he was calling out to a pretty young lady., , However, Qiao Mei also knew that in her past life, he was indeed the only person in the world who truly and sincerely treated her well, almost to the extent of giving in to her every whim., , Qiao Qiang was a veteran who had an honorable discharge from the army and had received all kinds of medals. Even though he was retired now, he was still drawing a salary from the country., , By the year 73, his salary had already hit 60 dollars. Every month, there were also various subsidies given by the village which were not even available to city workers., , However, Qiao Qiang had used all of this on the original owner of the body. That was how he raised the original owner of the body into a Black Bear Spirit., , “Aiyo, Mei Mei! What’s going on? Why are you suddenly washing your clothes?” Qiao Qiang quickly made his way into the courtyard with his walking stick., , He knew his own granddaughter’s temperament the best. It was impossible for her to be washing clothes. Given that she was washing such a big basin of clothes, had she been agitated by something? That would be great! He was still afraid that Xia Zhe would dislike Qiao Mei as the person she was. It would be great if she was willing to make changes., , At this thought, Qiao Qiang smiled and said, “Mei Mei, look. Grandfather has bought the meat. Once the meat is cooked later, you and Xia Zhe should nourish yourselves well.”, , As he spoke, he shifted his gaze towards the house. The moment he caught sight of it, he was shocked. The three rooms looked so different that he could barely recognize them., , The originally dusty floor had become spotless and the only piece of glass had been wiped clean. The table was clean with two teacups and a teapot sitting on it., , However, he did not see Xia Zhe., , “Where is Xia Zhe?” Qiao Qiang frowned. There was a sharp gleam in his turbid eyes, revealing a fierce aura that made people scared to look at him directly. Qiao Mei could not help but take a deep breath, feeling respect for this crippled veteran in front of her., , Now that she was in this body, the twins in her stomach were hers, this grandfather was naturally also hers., , “Grandfather, don’t just stand outside. You’ve walked such a long distance, let me help you inside to take a rest!”, , Qiao Mei stood up and wiped her hands on her clothes. She took the meat from his hands and helped him into the house.,

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