Qiao Mei quickly walked into her room and excitedly lifted the blanket, all prepared to go all out with her cleaning plans. It was then that she saw the bright colored stain on the blanket. , Qiao Mei suddenly thought of a very important issue. Last night was her first time and according to her past memories, she got pregnant after this and then had a pair of twins. , Qiao Mei’s hand that was holding the blanket trembled as she opened her mouth in shock. In her other life, after Qiao Mei found out that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her, she never fell in love again. Following that, due to a car accident, she had to have her uterus removed and thereafter lost her right to be a mother. Now that she had transmigrated, the children she was carrying in her womb were naturally hers., , “Thank the heavens!” Qiao Mei knelt on the ground with a plop and clasped her hands in prayer., , Since she was able to transmigrate in such a magical manner, then perhaps fatefully there was a scientific basis behind it. She had no choice but to believe it., , As Qiao Mei raised her head, she caught a glimpse of a streak of green light. Following the green light, Qiao Mei reached out to flip the blanket and found a dark green pendant tied to a red string. The crystal clear gem that she was holding in her hand should be the rare imperial green jade., , It looked like the type that was of great value and it felt very comfortable in her hands., , There was a flash of light in her mind and she suddenly remembered that this pendant belonged to Xia Zhe. The strenuous activity between the two of them last night had caused the pendant to fall off accidentally., , In her past memories, Xia Zhe seemed to have come back to look for it, but Qiao Mei refused to return it and the matter was left unsettled in the end., , Later on when she was pregnant, she had completely no food left in the house and also ran out of money. Her cousin Qiao Yu had then come to find Qiao Mei and, after some coaxing and cajoling, bought the pendant for eight dollars., , There was a gleam in Qiao Mei’s eyes as she remembered this part of her memories., , Maybe the Qiao Mei of that time did not understand it, but the person now was someone who had been out in society for many years and this matter was definitely not as simple as it seemed., , Her cousin Qiao Yu, had undergone a huge change in those few years. If she delved into the details, it seemed to have all started after obtaining this pendant. In just one year, she had gone from a country girl to a rare beauty., , Later on, her cousin Qiao Yu’s family situation got better and better. In that era, her family was also the first to have big-ticket items like color television, refrigerator, washing machine and so on. Their days were flourishing., , Before Qiao Mei died, Qiao Yu’s family had even bought a car and moved to the city., , As she got to this point, Qiao Mei picked up something from her past memories. The original owner of the body had gone to look for Qiao Yu with a sum of money she received from Xia Zhe for her living expenses, with the intent of getting back the pendant., , Qiao Mei had not expected Qiao Yu to treat her like a great enemy and kicked her out of the house., , The next day, news of Qiao Yu’s family moving to the city had spread in the village. Qiao Mei completely lost contact with Qiao Yu and never saw this jade pendant again., , The Qiao family had been born and raised in the countryside for several generations, so they naturally did not know anything about imperial jade or the like. This jade piece was at most worth a few thousand dollars, but at that time, the Qiao family had already become famous locally for being a “ten-thousand-dollar household”., , Given that Qiao Yu had valued this pendant so much, it must be hiding some huge secret. , Thinking of this, Qiao Mei became really excited. She held the pendant and shouted, “Pendant space! Enter!”, , However, the pendant remained tightly held in her hand after she spoke. There was no change in her surroundings at all. Qiao Mei felt a little disappointed. She looked at the pendant and examined it carefully. , At this thought, Qiao Mei immediately walked to the kitchen and resolutely cut her finger with a knife. Blood instantly gushed out and dripped onto the pendant., , In an instant, the pendant seemed to emit a green light. It happened so fast that Qiao Mei thought that she might have been hallucinating., , Qiao Mei stood where she was and touched her head. She placed the pendant in her palm again and shouted, “Space! Enter!”, , However, everything still remained normal., , Nothing happened!, , “Hehe…” She rubbed her nose awkwardly and giggled. Her actions just now were indeed a little silly. Even if no one saw it, she still felt a little embarrassed. , Although it neither conjured up a space nor was it a perk for transmigrators, it was still a piece of imperial jade that could be exchanged for thousands of dollars.,

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