After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 4 - Transmigration Gift Pack

She had worked hard for more than 20 years and had a car and a house to show for it., , Now that she had transmigrated all the way back to a starting point, she felt really indignant!, , The good thing was that when she was alive in her other life, her parents had passed away two years ago. She did not have any relatives or close friends who would feel sad about her death., , Thinking about it carefully, there was nothing that she could not let go of. It was actually quite satisfying not to have to live a life as a stressed out employee…, , Qiao Mei recalled her other life and lowered her head to look at her ample chest. This was the kind of bosom that she had dreamed of having, but now it did not seem like a good thing. She really did not have the fortune to enjoy good luck. Just sitting on the bed, she already felt like she could not breathe., , Even her stomach was starting to growl. She looked through the window and saw a few stalks of vegetables sparsely planted in the courtyard., , She swallowed her saliva and thought about eating them raw. “No, I’m going to change everything.”, , There was a determined look in Qiao Mei’s eyes. She tried her best to stretch out and have a feel of her ample chest as she clenched her fists and encouraged herself by saying, “I must lose weight successfully!”, , Putting aside how others despised her appearance, even she herself could not stand this fat body., , Thinking about weight loss, Qiao Mei recalled her past experience when she was in university., , At that time, she had gone through a phase of overeating and overdrinking because of her ex-boyfriend cheating on her and found herself gaining more than thirty pounds. She was shocked when she saw herself in the mirror, and had to muster great determination before she managed to lose all that weight., , The thing about losing weight is to eat less and exercise more., , “I can definitely do it!” Qiao Mei quickly jumped down from the bed and cheered herself on loudly before pushing open the door and walking out of the house., , The Qiao family house was a mud house with three small rooms. The kitchen and dining area were in the middle room while the two rooms on each side were occupied by her grandfather and her., , The mud house was in shambles and looked like it could not withstand a strong wind. However, as Qiao Qiang was a retired soldier and enjoyed the welfare of the village, they would send people to repair the house every year so that at least it would not collapse., , There were only a few pieces of furniture in the house, all tattered and barely usable., , The entire house, including the floor and the tables, was covered in dust, making it look messy and dirty. The firewood in the kitchen was casually piled in a corner and the walls were just haphazardly smeared with layers of gluey paste. Qiao Mei frowned and checked the past memories. The original owner of the body was very fat and lethargic so there was no way she could clean the house. Qiao Qiang was old and his legs were not well so there was nothing he could do about it. , She shook her head and walked out of the house. As soon as she stepped outside, she saw a spacious courtyard with an open view and surrounding it was a large field with fencing made out of straw bundles., , At a glance, the dark soil looked very fertile., , Unfortunately, it was early spring and there were no crops in the field. There were only a few sparse stalks of vegetables scattered on the ground., , In the courtyard, there were a few small mounds with light greenery., , Qiao Mei looked at the courtyard and could not help but smile. , Although Qiao Mei was totally a city dweller in her other life, she loved plants and yearned for a rural life. She really liked crops and vegetables., , When she bought her house, she even topped up a few hundred thousand dollars to buy the ground floor unit with a yard to fulfill her dream of gardening. Whenever she was free, she would loosen the soil and plant vegetables to enjoy the joy of harvest., , With her transmigration, she now had a large courtyard where she could cultivate all kinds of plants., , It was really great to have one of her wishes come true!, , “Ah!” A huge smile blossomed on Qiao Mei’s lips. She opened her arms and took a deep breath before shouting, “Let’s get to work!”, , As a city dweller, she naturally loved cleanliness and could not stand any filth and disorder in the house., , Given that she had time now, she naturally had to clean up., , When she was in the house earlier, she did not smell anything strange. Now that she was outside looking in, she realized that the house was filled with the smell of mold mixed with dust., , How could anyone live in such conditions?

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