, , Xia Zhe’s puzzled gaze slowly landed on Qiao Mei., , “Get dressed and leave quickly. If you stay any longer, you won’t be able to catch the train to the city. Don’t you have to rush back?” Qiao Mei wanted to chase him away. “Besides, you’re not helping anything by staying here. I need to get up quickly and get to work.”, , As soon as she finished speaking, she lifted the blanket and prepared to get up, revealing her muscular thighs., , Xia Zhe let out a breath, averted his eyes and walked out., , “He finally went out.” Qiao Mei sighed lightly and hurried to put on her clothes., , But when she saw her pants, her eyes widened., , Were such wide pants really for the 18-year-old girl who was the original owner of the body? One pant leg was enough to use as a skirt., , Exactly how fat was she?, , Fortunately, the clothes of this era were all handmade. Otherwise, in the future, even large department stores would not have clothes in her size., , Qiao Mei had to recall her past memories carefully to remember that her weight had already reached more than one hundred and ninety pounds. In that era where supplies were scarce, such a body figure would be rare not only in the entire village but even in the city., , At the thought of this, she got out of bed and walked to the dressing table beside the bed. She took a few steps back before her entire body was reflected in the mirror., , In an instant, the huge figure in the mirror shocked Qiao Mei. , Her limbs were thick and muscular. As the original owner of the body had lived a rough life, her entire body was very tanned and her facial features were squeezed together by her fleshy face. Her hair was withered yellow and coarse, making her look extremely unkempt. , Qiao Mei was now really on the brink of tears. She was going to cry from her own ugliness., , Her voice alone was indeed delicate and charming, but she was really unbearable to look at. She was simply a black bear!, , The only presentable feature on her face were her eyes. Her dark eyes looked very bright and lively, and although her eyelashes were messy, they were long and perky. , Dong dong!, , Sounds of things being packed came from the courtyard. Xia Zhe had quickly packed up his things., , He should not have stayed so long. Qiao Qiang was his grandfather’s old comrade and the two of them had a close relationship, which is why he did not reject Qiao Qiang’s fervent invitation to dinner. He never expected such a thing to happen., , “I have a mission to complete, so I’ll head back first. It’ll take about a month.” Xia Zhe looked in the direction of the room and said, “When I’m done with my mission, I’ll come back and give you and Grandpa Qiao closure on this. I’ll report to the higher-ups… about marriage plans.”, , When he mentioned making the report about marriage plans, his tone was obviously a little gloomy., , It was already dark when he came to the Qiao family house last night. There were no lights in the house so he could not see Qiao Mei clearly. However, with regard to her huge body, thick thighs, rough skin… this matter was way beyond his expectations. He did not expect to have to marry such a person. , “What? Report about marriage plans?” Qiao Mei asked in surprise., , She hurriedly ran to the door and wanted to reject him through the gap. “No, no, no…”, , However, after she opened her mouth, she finally saw Xia Zhe through the gap in the door and she could not get another word out. , His looks were so appealing to Qiao Mei., , At that moment, she swallowed all the words she wanted to say and stood rooted to the ground. She did not know what to say and just stared at Xia Zhe blankly., , “Give me a month,” Xia Zhe said before he turned around and left immediately., , Qiao Mei looked at his back view as he left. Her original thought of not wanting to get married had vanished into thin air. She could not even open her mouth to reject him., , Principles did not stand a chance against feelings of the heart., , It could be decided later whether to get married or not. If he really did come, it could be discussed then. He might just forget about this matter in a few days so just let nature take its course., , After Xia Zhe left, the whole place was empty except for Qiao Mei sitting on the bed absentmindedly. She was in a daze as she recalled what had happened since she transmigrated.

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