This scene was completely set up by Qiao Qiang and Qiao Mei. It was to prevent the handsome soldier from refusing to take responsibility. If now the two of them were seen in bed together, then there would be a witness!, , But… the Qiao Mei who had transmigrated here really did not want things to get to this point., , After all, she was the one who forced herself on him!, , “Aunt Wang? Which Aunt Wang? That old hag Wang who refused to help find me a match and cursed me to be alone for the rest of my life?” Qiao Mei yelled at the top of her lungs. “Tell that old hag to get lost quickly. Don’t dirty our house or I’ll throw her out!”, , Qiao Mei’s voice was usually soft and pleasant to the ears, but it was also the same voice that said those harsh words., , Immediately, Matchmaker Wang gritted her teeth in anger and spat on the ground. She turned around and walked out without looking back., , Qiao Qiang leaned on his walking stick with a puzzled look on his face. Surely this was not what they had discussed yesterday?, , Did something happen?, , Qiao Mei looked through the crack in the door and saw that Matchmaker Wang had left without looking back. She heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed., , There was a tug on the blanket and Qiao Mei suddenly remembered that there was still someone behind her. She froze on the spot, feeling as though the gaze of the person behind her was going to pierce right through her. Qiao Mei reached out and grabbed the only blanket on the bed and covered herself entirely, hiding her head in it., , Xia Zhe shifted his oppressive gaze away and quickly stood up from the bed. In no time, he had put on the clothes that were scattered on the floor., , Qiao Mei continued to bury her face in the blanket, revealing only her round head., , In the darkness of last night, there was no way to see her dark and chubby appearance at all. Now that it was daytime, if this handsome soldier saw the way she actually looked, wouldn’t it leave him traumatized for life?, , Since she had already done something wrong, she should not create more trouble for others. Qiao Mei felt that she still had a strong sense of self-awareness., , “Xiao Mei! Xiao Mei!” Qiao Qiang called out as he made his way over with his walking stick., , “Grandfather, don’t come over yet!” Qiao Mei yelled out immediately., , As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Qiang froze immediately and asked with a frown, “Xiao Mei, what’s wrong? Did he not treat you well?”, , Xia Zhe, who was tidying up his clothes, paused when he heard this. His gaze stopped on his bruised forearm and he pursed his lips. , , At this moment, Qiao Mei was so embarrassed that she dug her fingers into the blanket. , “It’s inconvenient for me right now, so don’t come in first,” Qiao Mei replied in annoyance. , “Okay, okay, okay! I won’t come in… I won’t come in!” Qiao Qiang was overjoyed that it seemed like everything was going smoothly., , The only variable was that Matchmaker Wang did not come in handy, but it did not matter now., , Qiao Mei continued to speak in a muffled voice under the blanket. “Grandfather, I’m hungry. Go buy some meat back!”, , Qiao Qiang was even more delighted. “Okay! Grandfather will go and buy it now! It’ll be good nourishment for Xiao Mei!”, , In this era, it was still a requirement to have meat coupons in order to buy meat. Meat coupons were a type of shopping permit and one must have the corresponding coupons to buy the corresponding items. However, all their meat coupons for this month had already been used up. Now that Xiao Mei wanted to eat meat, even if he had to suffer humiliation for it, he would still find a way to buy half a kilogram of meat for Xiao Mei’s nourishment., , From now on, Xiao Mei would have a way out. This was a great thing!, , Qiao Qiang turned around with a smile, suddenly feeling much younger. He sauntered toward the door, leaning on his cane. Now he would have to hurry to get to the marketplace in town seven miles away to buy meat. If it got too late, it would be a difficult walk., , The tapping of the old man’s walking stick grew farther and farther away. Qiao Mei thought back and finally knew why her grandfather had set this up. , “I’m sorry. Last night was my fault. I shouldn’t have done that to you…” Qiao Mei’s voice was very low when she spoke., , “What? You’re sorry and that’s all?” The husky and mellow voice sounded from behind her., , Qiao Mei, who had her head buried under the blanket, shook her head vigorously upon hearing this pleasant voice. This voice was really too pleasing to the ears, it was like a godsend for someone who appreciated nice sounds. If she could hear it every day… how great would that be!, , If last night did not happen, they might have been able to become friends., , “Apologizing is indeed useless.” Qiao Mei suppressed all her thoughts and said sincerely, “I admit that it’s all my fault. If there’s anything you want to do to appease your anger, you can go ahead!, , There was a hint of grievance in her soft voice. Coupled with what had happened between the two of them last night, it brought about a feeling of sympathy, like how a small animal that had been drenched in the rain could make one’s heart melt., , Hearing this voice, the indignation and complex emotions in Xia Zhe’s heart reduced by more than half. , Xia Zhe’s gaze stopped on the little girl who was curled up in the blanket. Although she was a little girl, her shoulders were thicker than his, her face more fleshy than his, her legs were thick and muscular and her looks were indescribable., , But what happened last night, he was indeed forced at first. However, as it got later into the night, it would be shameless of him to say that he did not participate in or initiate the act., , “I’ll give you some form of closure on this,” Xia Zhe said., , “What?” Qiao Mei was speechless. She did not throw a tantrum like the original owner of the body, nor did she force him to take responsibility and yet he still wanted to take responsibility!, , “No, no, no!’ she replied. “This whole thing is my fault. You don’t have to give me closure, it’s all my fault and I beg for your forgiveness. You can vent your anger however you want. Really, it’s true!”, , Although this man had registered their marriage with her in her past life, he had never returned after that. Wasn’t he just making her a living widow?, , Besides, she had only met him once and had no feelings for him., , Although she had been alone for more than twenty years in her other life, that was because of her own unwillingness. There was no need for her to give up the rest of her life just because of this one time, right?, , Xia Zhe was puzzled and stood rooted to the ground., , In the end, Qiao Mei’s tone confirmed that she was telling the truth. ,

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