Eldest daughter-in-law Qiao hurriedly replied, “Earlier, we contacted a few families in the mountains. We were about to reach an agreement, but after they asked around about Qiao Mei, everything turned sour. Their family only has this fool, yet they are still so picky!”, , Although she said that, she also felt that the fool’s family did the right thing. They were not stupid enough to let him marry the dark fatty Qiao Mei., , Qiao Zhuang immediately looked towards his third daughter-in-law., , The third daughter-in-law scratched her head and said honestly, “It was the same thing in our village. When the family of Idiot Liu from the village heard that the matchmaker wanted to introduce Qiao Mei to them, they were so angry that they threw a hoe at her. It’s really infuriating.”, , Qiao Zhuang glared at her. This third daughter-in-law of his was the most infuriating one., , From the beginning, he had planned out his sons’ marriages., , The eldest son was ruthless but not smart enough, so he found him a capable woman., , The second son was the most simple-minded, so he found him a smart wife., , The third son was too smart, so he found him a stupid woman., , The fourth son was most like him, so he found him someone like his mother who had a weak personality and a kind heart., , And the fifth son was the one he thought was most geared for success. That was why he had been picky and not married yet., , It seemed that his choices had all turned out to be quite suitable. However, this third daughter-in-law of his could be really infuriating sometimes., , Qiao Zhuang looked at his second daughter-in-law. This was the daughter-in-law that he valued the most and the one he was most wary of., , The second daughter-in-law of the Qiao family was 39 years old this year. There was nothing special about her face, but she looked fresh with her short hair. She was neat and tidy and with her professional attire, she looked like a city dweller., , She was the village accountant., , Sensing her father-in-law’s gaze, she ran her fingers through her hair and said mildly, “I also don’t have any suitable candidates, and I feel that even if we choose someone, Eldest Uncle will not agree to marry Qiao Mei over.”, , As she finished, she pursed her lips and seemed a little resigned. “What do you plan to do?” Qiao Zhuang focused his attention upon hearing her words., , The Qiao family’s third daughter-in-law straightened her clothes and continued, “My maternal family’s neighbor is a man who’s 32 years old this year. He’s strong and capable. It’s just that his wife died and left behind three children and he is a little poor. If you are to introduce him as a match for Qiao Mei, I think Eldest Uncle may still consider it.”, , Qiao Zhuang lowered his eyes and thought for a moment before asking, “How many brothers does he have?”, , “He has three. He’s the eldest and the other two aren’t married yet.”, , Qiao Zhuang knitted his brows. If there were too many brothers at the in-law’s side, it would not be good if they came over to fight for the land as well., , They wanted Qiao Qiang’s land. Logically speaking, the piece of land belonged to Qiao Mei. If Qiao Mei was unwilling to give up, the two families would have to fight over it. They might even end up actually physically fighting for it., , If that happened, the most important thing was to have people who knew how to fight., , The Qiao third daughter-in-law seemed to have guessed her father-in-law’s thoughts. “That family won’t want our land. After all, they have their own fields. It’ll be fine as long as we don’t accept any betrothal gifts.”, , “Of course we won’t!” the Qiao family’s second daughter-in-law immediately shouted. “With Qiao Mei’s obese appearance, who would want her? Even if you are willing to pay people to take her, still no one would want her.”, , Qiao Zhuang was still a little worried., , The third daughter-in-law thought for a while and said softly, “That man’s mother is famous for being mean and that man really likes beating his wife. I heard that his previous wife was worked to the bone and beaten to death…”, , “Oh my, oh my!” The second daughter-in-law immediately cried out in surprise. She opened her mouth wide and said, “This won’t do. If she was really beaten to death, Eldest Uncle would come and kill us.”, , The third daughter-in-law rolled her eyes and remained silent.,

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