After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 50 - If they really have other intentions, just dest

, , The businesswoman bought at 3,000 spiritual rocks and sold them for 10,000, making a net profit of 7,000 spiritual rocks., , Wasn’t this a little too much?, , Seeing Han Muye’s unfriendly expression, Bai Suzhen walked over with a smile., , “Senior Brother Han, I’m also earning hard money. The market price of a supreme-grade Cloud Qi Pill is only 4,000 to 5,000 spiritual rocks per pill.”, , “Sister Yuxia only increased the price because she needed it urgently.”, , “How about this? I won’t earn anything from her. I’ll give you all of it. How about that?”, , Bai Suzhen handed a high-grade spiritual rock to Han Muye reluctantly., , Han Muye took the spiritual rock and stuffed it into his pocket. Then he said coldly, “Most people who buy supreme-grade pills are in urgent need, right?”, , Bai Suzhen’s smile froze and she didn’t answer., , Han Muye took out two small jade bottles and placed them on the counter., , “I” charge you at half the cost. 5,000 spiritual rocks each. You’ll pay for all the herbs.”, , 5,000 spiritual rocks meant that the price was almost doubled., , Bai Suzhen had a bitter expression and was about to speak when Han Muye retracted his hand., , “Do you want it?”, , “If you don’t want it, I’ll take it and our agreement is void.”, , He turned to walk out of Suzhen Restaurant., , “Yes, yes, I want—” Bai Suzhen grabbed his arm, her eyes filled with desire., , “Senior Brother, I want…”, , “Whatever you say. It’s a deal, right?”, , …, , 15 minutes later, Han Muye left Suzhen Restaurant in satisfaction with 11 high-grade spiritual rocks in his arms., , He even asked Bai Suzhen to keep an eye out and ask about the sects that had come to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s gathering. At the same time, she should also paid attention to whether there were any sects that had ill intentions towards the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , This made Bai Suzhen say that he was worried for the sect elders., , Han Muye couldn’t be bothered to stay in Suzhen Restaurant for too long. He kept the spiritual rocks and left., , His pocket felt very heavy and solid, but he was considering if he should get a ring that could store items like Bai Suzhen., , This item wasn’t cheap. Why don’t he think of a way to get Bai Suzhen’s?, , “Are you Senior Brother Han from the Sword Pavilion?”, , Han Muye looked up and saw a female cultivator standing in front of him., , Jin Yuan., , It was the one who had seen through that he would not live for more than seven days., , Han Muye felt that he had survived thanks to Jin Yuan’s reminder., , “So it’s Lady Jin Yuan.”, , Han Muye cupped his hands., , “You’re not dead… No, has the problem of your lifespan been resolved?” Jin Yuan sized up Han Muye and muttered., , Was she very surprised that he wasn’t dead?, , “Ahem, Lady, thanks for your concern. I don’t have to worry about my lifespan for the time being,” Han Muye said., , If his body could not balance with the power of the sword intent, his lifespan would still be affected., , In other words, he could still withstand it for the time being., , Jin Yuan nodded and said in a low voice, “It’s good that you don’t have to worry. Junior Sister Mu Wan has been worried about your lifespan.”, , Mu Wan., , Han Muye hurriedly said, “Lady, do you know how is Junior Sister Mu Wan at the sect and why did she join the sect?”, , There were cases of cultivators changing sects, but not many., , Even if an alchemy cultivator like Mu Wan did not care about being valued in the sect, she would not change sects for no reason., , “You don’t know?” Jin Yuan frowned and said in a low voice, “The Mu family is an alchemy family. Junior Sister Mu Wan’s direct ancestor is a powerful alchemist who can refine sixth-grade pills.”, , “The disciples of the Mu family are not restricted when cultivating in the various sects.”, , Sixth-grade pill!, , Han Muye, who had some understanding of alchemy, naturally knew how precious a sixth-grade pill was., , A sixth-grade pill was extremely important even to a Heaven Realm expert., , An alchemist who could refine a sixth-grade pill had the same status as a Heaven Realm expert., , No wonder the disciples of the Mu family could cultivate at will in the various sects., , Which sect would not give face to the Mu family’s ancestor?, , Thinking of Huang Six’s previous matchmaking, Han Muye’s heart trembled., , Was the Mu family’s ancestor that impressive? How great would it be to be related!, , Mu Wan was such a good girl. How could he have missed her…, , Jin Yuan stopped talking and walked past Han Muye., , After taking a few steps, she suddenly turned around and said, “Senior Brother Han, my master will definitely be curious about how you solved your lifespan issue. If you have time, you can come to the Waterside Residence to take a look.”, , At the Waterside Residence lived Elder Su Liang., , Han Muye nodded and said, “Thank you for the reminder, lady. I’ll definitely go when I’m free.”, , This Elder Su Liang was the only person in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect who could refine pills that could increase lifespan. If he could build a relationship with her, it would definitely be useful., , After leaving the market, Han Muye went straight to the inner sect., , He did not know many people in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , Currently, the one with the highest status was probably Tuoba Cheng of Three Stones House., , As for the Sword Pavilion elder, he had not been down to the third floor for a few days. How could he be in charge of the sect?, , When he arrived at Three Stones House, Zhao Pu was not around. He directly asked to see Tuoba Cheng., , After climbing up the wooden building, the tall Tuoba Cheng laughed. “Little Han, are you too free at the Sword Pavilion and can’t take it?”, , “Back then, we were all cultivating diligently. Only your Elder Gao kept shouting that he was bored to death.”, , Although he had nothing to do in the Sword Pavilion, he did not have nothing to do., , At least Han Muye was willing to polish the words every day and nurture his sword Qi., , “Uncle-Master, I’m here to report something.”, , Han Muye cupped his hands, then told him what he had made up., , He was talking about the last time he left the sect with Mo Yuan. When he was intercepted by the disciples of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect in the Mo family, a Myriad Sword Elder saved him., , Among them, they accidentally heard from the people of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect that they had already instigated several sects to defect., , “I didn’t hear it too clearly at the time. I only remember the Suyang Sect.”, , “By the way, I wonder if their sect master’s name is Liu Lishen.”, , Han Muye modified the information he had obtained from Qin Yuanhe’s sword and explained., , “Liu Lishen? He’s indeed the sect master of the Suyang Sect.” Tuoba Cheng frowned, then his eyes flickered., , “However, a few small sects have been attached to our Nine Mystic Sword Sect in the past. Seeing that they are obedient, they did not take actions.”, , “If they really have other intentions, we’ll just destroy them.”, , There was no killing intent in Tuoba Cheng’s words, as if he was talking about an ordinary matter., , “Uncle-Master, when I was in the outer sect yesterday, I heard that the Nine Mystic Sword Sect gathered the neighbouring sects.”, , “Someone from the Suyang Sect has also come to the Nine Mystic Mountain.”, , Han Muye spoke softly., , “He came to the Nine Mystic Mountain?” An indescribable power finally rose from Tuoba Cheng., , “Alright, I understand.”, , He waved his hand and spoke calmly., , Han Muye cupped his hands and turned to go downstairs., , It was done., , As long as Tuoba Cheng took action himself or the sect took action and directly destroyed the Suyang Sect, he believed that he could definitely make an example of them., , The other participating sects definitely did not dare to take actions rashly., , This way, Huang Six’s secret lover would not be hurt on the Nine Mystic Mountain., , As for the future, that could wait., , After wandering around, it was already afternoon when Han Muye returned to the Sword Pavilion., , As soon as he reached the door of the Sword Pavilion, Lu Gao welcomed him., , “Senior Brother Han, a few senior brothers from the inner and outer sect came to bid farewell to you just now. They left when you weren’t around.”, , ‘Farewell?’, , It seemed that Zhao Youzhi and Jiang Han had left the sect to complete the mission to eliminate the Three Qin Sword Sect., , “Their mission this time is to eliminate the Three Qin Sword Sect. Their leader is the deacon elder, Su Yuan.”, , “It’s said that the fire-type lineage has sent out a large number of experts this time to avenge the 13 fellow disciples who died last time.”, , Lu Gao told him everything he had heard.

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