After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 48 - Brat Han, do you believe in fate?  

, This person was Ji Yuan!, , The eighth in the outer sect, Ji Yuan who had been missing for a year., , Instead of hiding outside the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, he came to the Sword Pavilion?, , Also, he was wearing the inner sect clothes., , Taking a light breath, Han Muye walked forward expressionlessly and took the sword., , The sword was cold to the touch, and there seemed to be traces of killing intent on it., , This sword had killed someone recently., , Holding the hilt, Han Muye tightened his grip., , “Clang—”, , The sword was unsheathed, and coldness appeared., , “I received an inner sect disciple’s sword today. The blade is not damaged.”, , He sheathed the sword and held it in both hands. Then he turned and walked toward the wooden shelves of the Sword Pavilion., , His hand rested lightly on the hilt of his sword., , “Hum—”, , Images flashed through his mind. A wave of violent energy crashed into his mind, making him turn pale., , In that scene, the sword in Ji Yuan’s hand swayed. A sharp sword light swept past, bringing with it a bloody mist., , A disciple of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect!, , The ones who were killed in that scene were Wu Teng and the others, the disciples of the fire-type lineage., , The murderer who killed Wu Teng and the rest was really Ji Yuan!, , In his sea of Qi, the dark red sword intent surged, as if it wanted to rush out and kill Ji Yuan, who was standing at the door., , However, Han Muye suppressed it., , He calmly delivered the sword to the wooden shelf, then turned to the long table and picked up the ink brush., , “Give me the name of the person who sent the sword and which lineage he cultivates.”, , His words stunned Ji Yuan, who was standing in the doorway. “There’s such a procedure for returning swords? Why didn’t I know?”, , Han Muye held the brush in one hand and looked up at him. “You returned it before?”, , Ji Yuan stiffened and quickly shook his head. “No.”, , With that, he said in a low voice, “My name is Zhu Guangsheng. I cultivate under Elder Qin Lin of the wood-type lineage.”, , Han Muye took notes and nodded. “It’s done.”, , Zhu Guangsheng turned to leave., , “Zhu Guangsheng, Qin Lin…” Han Muye watched him leave and gently put down his ink brush., , In his mind, a violent energy spread, as if it wanted to control him., , “Hmph.”, , With a low grunt, the sword intent in his sea of Qi shook., , The violent aura in his mind was instantly stirred into pieces and turned into nothingness., , “So no one remembers why this sword was here the last time because this sword has this aura that can erase the memories of the Sword Caretaker.”, , “In fact, the Sword Caretaker who sheathed his sword was killed by this aura.”, , There was a deep spiritual light in his eyes, and Han Muye’s expression darkened., , As a fellow Sword Caretaker, he felt empathy for him., , He wanted revenge., , ‘How did Su Yang die?’, , Should he report this to the elder?, , He can, but it’s not a good idea., , He couldn’t explain where those judgments came from., , Should he kill Zhu Guangsheng directly?, , Not good either., , Sometimes, killing people wasn’t the best way to solve a problem., , What was Zhu Guangsheng’s motive for sending the sword back?, , Perhaps, the solution was in the Sword Pavilion!, , Han Muye turned to look at the long wooden shelves., , The swords seemed to vibrate slightly, resonating with his eyes., , …, , Beside the Sword Pavilion door, there were a few dishes on the small wooden table. Han Muye, Huang Six, and Lu Gao were sitting around., , Lu Gao could not withstand the corrosive effects of the sword Qi and could only eat by the door., , Han Muye was deep in thought and said nothing., , Huang Six went out to stroll. When he returned, he was completely distracted., , Immediately, the atmosphere became heavy., , “Brother, I specially chose today’s meat to be extremely soft.” Lu Gao pointed at the big meat on the plate with his chopsticks and whispered ingratiatingly., , “Can’t I, Huang Zhenxiong, even eat a piece of meat? Do I need you to choose it?”, , Huang Six slammed the bamboo chopsticks on the table and stood up, returning to the quiet room., , Lu Gao opened his mouth and looked at Han Muye with a bitter expression., , Han Muye shook his head and said, “Just ignore him.”, , In the afternoon, Han Muye hid in the quiet room and refined a few batches of Cloud Qi Pills., , Every Cloud Qi Pill obtained from refining pills with sword Qi was supreme-grade., , Moreover, he could obtain five pills per furnace., , Perhaps it was because his cultivation level had reached the Essence Cultivation Realm, or perhaps it was because his body tempering technique had improved, but Han Muye did not feel tired at all after refining pills for the entire afternoon., , When the sun set, Lu Gao closed the door of the Sword Pavilion. Han Muye came out of the quiet room and saw Huang Six, who smelled of alcohol., , Huang Six usually only drank before bed. He hardly drank during the day., , “Brother, what happened today?”, , Han Muye frowned at Huang Six., , Huang Six had a good personality. Although he was a little stingy, he had extremely good to Han Muye., , Huang Six raised his head and looked at Han Muye with his yellow eyes. Then he shook his head and said, “Hey, kid, how can a pretty boy with endless love encounters like you understand the bitterness in my heart…”, , ‘Endless love encounters?’, , ‘Pretty boy?’, , In Huang Six’s heart, was he like this?, , Han Muye wanted to refute, but he thought about Mu Wan and Bai Suzhen, who had asked Lu Gao to pass on a message and ask why he didn’t go personally, and Qiao Qing’er, who had just come to the Sword Pavilion to apologize the day before., , Was it true that he was more popular with women than Huang Six?, , Han Muye coughed lightly. “Ahem, Brother, didn’t you say that there are three spiritual rocks at the foot of the mountain…”, , It seemed that Huang Six had been holding it in for too long recently., , He had to relieve himself., , “Little Han, am I such a person in your eyes?” Huang Six glared at him., , “No, no,” Han Muye quickly said with a smile., , Huang Six shook his head and raised his hand to touch the wine gourd. He grabbed it and shook it. It was empty., , He sighed, then whispered, “Brat Han, do you believe in fate?”, , ‘Fate?’, , ‘Believe what fate?’, , Han Muye wanted to shake his head, but he suddenly had an idea and forced a sincere expression. “I believe you.”, , A good listener of gossip had to master cooperation., , Sure enough, Huang Six suddenly felt like he had found a confidant. He reached out and patted Han Muye’s shoulder., , “I believe it too.”, , “Today, I saw her…”, , ‘Her?’, , Han Muye’s eyes lit up. He was no longer sleepy., , After finding someone to confide in, Huang Six no longer felt depressed., , It turned out that his hometown was a small city thousands of kilometers away from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect., , More than ten years ago, a group of young people went to a cultivation sect to become disciples., , Among them were men and women., , The story was melodramatic., , Huang Six fell in love with one of the women at first sight., , However, he could only suppress his emotions., , They visited a few sects together. Originally, there were seven or eight people. Some stayed in the cultivation sects, while others returned to their hometowns., , That woman stayed in the sect. Huang Six was one who had returned to his hometown., , “So, Brother, you once said that you wanted to reach the Heaven Realm because of this, uh, sister-in-law?” Han Muye approached and asked in a low voice., , Hearing him mention sister-in-law, Huang Six’s already red face turned even redder., , The guy was still shy., , “At that time, I did say that I wanted her to see me reach the Heaven Realm.”, , Huang Six muttered under his breath., , At this point, his shoulders trembled slightly. Then, he looked at Han Muye and lowered his voice. “Brat Han, I saw Sister Ping today.”, , “It’s just that she doesn’t recognize me anymore…”, , Huang Six leaned back in his chair dejectedly. He did not seem angry at all., , ‘Saw?’, , He saw a person who had joined another sect more than ten years ago in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect?, , Han Muye’s heart skipped a beat, and he said, “They’re here for the gathering, right? Which sect is sister-in-law from?”, , “Clear Wind Temple. Sister Ping is now an inner sect disciple of Clear Wind Temple.”, , “Sigh, she’s already an inner sect disciple. I’m still an unknown Sword Caretaker. It’s good that she doesn’t know me…” Huang Six sighed again., , Clear Wind Temple., , Han Muye had seen this name from the memories of Qin Yuanhe’s sword., , This sect had already joined forces with the Great Spiritual Sword Sect., , Han Muye’s eyes narrowed slightly.

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