After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 47 - Sword giver, Ji Yuan  

, When choosing a sword, one had to observe the person first., , Han Muye watched Zhao Youzhi practice a set of sword techniques, then pondered slightly., , Zhao Youzhi’s sword techniques were unrestrained. He held his sword with both hands and was full of strength., , It was a sword technique from the Earth-type lineage, Two Mystic level, Mountain Splitting., , After the round of swordplay, Zhao Youzhi stood there nervously., , At this moment, it was as if he was facing an inspection by the elders in the sect., , “Zhao, Junior Brother.” Han Muye felt that he had to act more arrogant. Calling Zhao Youzhi Junior Brother would make himself seem more authoritative., , “Senior Brother Han, please speak,” Zhao Youzhi said after taking a deep breath., , The other inner sect disciples also pricked up their ears., , The two newcomers’ eyes were filled with curiosity as they stared at Han Muye, who looked a little leisure., , What kind of guidance could a merit token get?, , “Junior Brother Zhao, you’re left-handed, right?” Han Muye asked calmly., , ‘Left-handed?’, , Zhao Youzhi and the few inner sect junior brothers behind him were stunned for a moment before shaking their heads., , “Senior Brother Zhao is not left-handed,” an inner sect disciple said in a low voice, sounding disappointed., , Could it be that this Senior Brother Han’s standards were good enough when guiding the outer sect disciples, but his judgment was not good enough when facing inner sect disciples?, , Huang Six’s mouth twitched, and he turned to look at Han Muye., , No way. This business had just started. It wasn’t a good start, but a bad start?, , Zhao Youzhi cupped his hands at Xu Cheng and said, “Senior Brother Han, although I’m holding a sword with both hands, it’s not—”, , He paused at that., , Then he froze, and his expression began to change., , The inner sect disciples behind him all looked at him. What happened to Senior Brother Zhao?, , “I remember now. When I was very young, I did have a more flexible left hand. Then, when I was seven or eight, my parents forced me to change it.”, , Zhao Youzhi looked up at Han Muye with deep admiration in his eyes. “If Senior Brother hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten that I was once left-handed.”, , When he finished, there was silence on the Sword Pavilion floor., , The inner sect disciple who had previously doubted Han Muye’s judgment blushed., , Huang Six’s mouth cracked wide open. He was missing his big teeth and he laughed silently., , This brat Han was amazing. He could even tell that he had changed his habit., , The eyes of the two new inner sect disciples lit up with anticipation., , Han Muye’s fingers gently landed on the table. He pondered for a moment and looked at Zhao Youzhi., , “Junior Brother Zhao, have you ever thought of changing your sword technique?”, , ‘Change his sword technique?’, , Zhao Youzhi was completely stunned., , What was wrong with his technique?, , ‘Were there many issues with it?’, , “Your sword cultivation is not bad. Your foundation is very solid.”, , “If it’s just this set of sword techniques, you just need to modify a few small details.”, , Fortunately, Han Muye didn’t keep him confused for long before speaking again., , “But I think if you don’t cultivate the medium-level and stable sword techniques of the Earth-type lineage and switch to a left-hand sword, you might be able to see unexpected surprises.”, , ‘Cultivate using a left-handed sword.’, , What Senior Brother Han meant was that he might be stronger if he cultivated with a left-hand sword., , Zhao Youzhi was silent for a moment, then shook his head and said, “Senior Brother, I think sword cultivators should be upright. I like such sword techniques.”, , Han Muye nodded., , This Zhao Youzhi was a good person., , “Row 15, number nine-five-two-six, Golden Lion.”, , “The sword is three feet eight inches long and weighs 15 kilograms.”, , Opening the book in front of him, Han Muye directly recorded down., , Zhao Youzhi walked over and found the sword. His face immediately lit up., , This sword looked heavy and solid. It was the sword he had imagined., , Han Muye gave Zhao Youzhi a few more instructions and pointed out the directions for improvement in his sword technique. In the end, he said, “If you want to change swords anytime, you can come again.”, , ‘Change swords?’, , Holding the Golden Lion Sword, Zhao Youzhi grinned., , He would never change this sword., , In less than an hour, Zhao Youzhi and the others had all chosen their swords., , “Alright, you can leave. This Sword Pavilion is not a place you can stay for long.”, , Han Muye waved his hand and leaned back in his big chair., , Zhao Youzhi and the others looked at each other and bowed., , “Senior Brother Han, when we return from our mission, I’ll treat you and Brother Six to a drink.” After Zhao Youzhi finished speaking, he turned around and left., , The others followed., , “Senior Brothers, have a safe trip…” Lu Gao’s sincere shout came from the door., , In the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye stood up, took the linen cloth, and went to wipe the swords., , It was time to collect the sword Qi., , This time, he collected 2,500 sword Qi and poured them into the other swords again., , Han Muye enjoyed the process of collecting sword Qi and comprehending sword techniques., , Huang Six, who was sitting in the distance, saw that Han Muye was in high spirits. He bared his teeth and turned his head., , He did not want to find trouble with Han Muye., , In the afternoon, three more sword-receiving disciples, one inner sect disciple and two outer sect disciples, came., , Perhaps it was because Han Muye’s reputation had not spread, but the three of them were obedient when they received the swords. Even if Huang Six hinted at them, they still did not realise it., , They did not give a single penny., , For the next two days, Han Muye continued to polish the swords, collect sword Qi, pour it in, and then comprehend a few sword techniques., , But Huang Six was bored sitting there., , For two days, not even a dog came to the Sword Pavilion., , At the door, Lu Gao began to doze off again., , “Hey, is my Sword Pavilion a place for idlers?”, , “If you want to sleep, go home.”, , Huang Six clasped his hands behind his back and glared at Lu Gao. Then he walked out angrily., , “Where are you going, Brother?” Lu Gao was not annoyed and shouted after him., , The income of eight spiritual rocks had already made him fall in love with the task of being the gatekeeper of the Sword Pavilion., , The Gatekeeper. That was the title he had given himself., , “I’m tired of this. I’m going for a walk,” Huang Six replied angrily and left., , “Then I’ll bring you food from the canteen later,” Lu Gao shouted after him., , “I want red braised pork and choose the softest one.” Huang Six paused, then walked away with his back hunched., , Hearing their conversation, Han Muye, who was wiping the swords, smiled and shook his head., , Huang Six and his Sword Caretaker business had failed before it officially opened., , No one had come for two days, and there was a freeloader at the door. Of course, Huang Six was depressed., , “Brother Lu, help me go to the Suzhen Restaurant and bring these herbs over.”, , Han Muye walked to the door and handed a paper to Lu Gao., , These were the list of herbs needed to refine the Cloud Qi Pill., , Over the past few days, he had exhausted all the Cloud Qi Pills in his body and wanted to refine them., , Those sword Qi were huge sources of spiritual energy., , Lu Gao took the list and cupped his hands. “Senior Brother Han, don’t worry. I’ll definitely settle this matter.”, , After Lu Gao went to get the herbs, Han Muye sat at the long table and narrowed his eyes slightly, familiarizing himself with the sword technique he had just comprehended., , Sword techniques could only be improved by practicing them often., , “Is anyone there?”, , “I came to return the sword.”, , Suddenly, a voice came from the entrance of the Sword Pavilion., , ‘Return the sword?’, , ‘Who else died?’, , Han Muye looked up and saw a young man in an inner sect disciple’s white robe walking towards the Sword Pavilion with a calm expression., , “According to the rules of the Sword Pavilion, no one is allowed to enter unless they are receiving a sword.”, , “Do you not know the rules, or are you not a disciple of my Nine Mystic Sword Sect at all?”, , Han Muye stood up and spoke calmly., , The white-robed disciple trembled and stopped in his tracks. He slowly retracted his steps and stood at the door with his sword in both hands., , “The inner sect disciple, Senior Brother Su Yang, has died. I’m here to deliver his sword.”, , Su Yang!, , That sword!, , The image of the sword that had pierced into the green-clothed woman’s heart and the appearance of the eighth in the outer sect Ji Yuan, who had fallen off the cliff, came to Han Muye’s mind., , Ji Yuan?, , Looking up, Han Muye trembled slightly., , The person holding the sword in front of him looked 80% similar to Ji Yuan!

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