After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 46 - Sword Pavilion servant, Lu Gao  

, Han Muye smiled and nodded. Without another word, he turned and went downstairs. Lu Gao picked up the stone block and followed him., , On the second floor of the restaurant, the outer sect disciples looked at Han Muye and the others’ backs with various thoughts in their eyes., , This Sword Caretaker of the Sword Pavilion was definitely a magical figure that they had never seen before., , From the respect Jiang Han and the others showed him, they could tell that this person was not simple., , Jiang Han and the others opened the wooden box on the table. There were spiritual rocks inside., , “Everyone, take them. Senior Brother Han really doesn’t fancy these spiritual rocks,” Jiang Han looked at everyone and said in a low voice., , Everyone looked at each other and reached out to take back their spiritual rocks., , This made the people around him dumbfounded again., , They were all outer sect disciples, and all of them were so poor that the spiritual rocks made them drool., , “Since Senior Brother Han doesn’t want our spiritual rocks, we can’t take advantage of him for nothing.” Jiang Han looked at the people around him and lowered his voice. “Let’s ask what Senior Brother Han needs and help him keep an eye out.”, , That got a few nods., , It wasn’t a deal. It was a favor., , Business was easy to make, but favors were hard to repay., , Han Muye and Lu Gao walked out of the small street. Lu Gao caught up and stood in front of Han Muye. “Brother Han, can you let me into the Sword Pavilion?”, , ‘Let him into the Sword Pavilion?’, , Han Muye frowned. “Brother Lu, you want to be a Sword Caretaker?”, , This was not a good job., , It was deadly., , Han Muye knew how dangerous it was., , Could it be that Lu Gao had fallen for the role because of its glory?, , “No, brother, you misunderstand.”, , “The Sword Pavilion used to accept servants. They served tea, swept the steps, wiped the windows, and helped the Sword Caretaker do some chores.”, , “It’s just that later on, the Sword Caretakers became more and more rare, so the servants were dispersed.”, , Lu Gao lowered his voice and muttered, “At that time, the Sword Pavilion became a place where everyone took a detour…”, , So he did not want to be a Sword Caretaker, but a servant., , Han Muye’s heart skipped a beat., , There were some things he really needed help with., , “Alright, I’ll go back and ask about the situation. If possible, I’ll let Brother Lu come to the Sword Pavilion.”, , Lu Gao grinned at his words. He bowed, then carried the stone block to the mountain gate., , After taking a few steps, Lu Gao turned around and instructed with a bitter expression, “Brother, hurry up. Recently, our Sword Sect has been gathering the neighbouring sects. We servants are so tired that our skins are peeling.”, , ‘A gathering of the neighbouring sects?’, , Han Muye took a few steps and recalled the scene he had seen from Qin Yuanhe’s sword., , Under the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s ruling, several sects had been instigated by the Great Spiritual Sword Sect., , ‘Will those sects come?’, , ‘To create trouble?’, , Turning around to think, Han Muye shook his head again., , The Nine Mystic Sword Sect was one of the nine sects of the Western Frontier. Not only did it have many Earth Realm experts, but it also had three half-step Heaven Realm experts guarding it., , There was also an elder of the Sword Pavilion who wielded the Nine Mystic Sword., , With such strength, not to mention those sects that had been instigated to defect, even if the Great Spiritual Sword Sect came in full force, they would probably not be able to gain anything., , If the Great Spiritual Sword Sect really had the strength to challenge the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, they wouldn’t have done so many despicable things in secret., , Perhaps this gathering would create trouble and someone would come to wreck havoc. However, if these people could shake the foundation of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect would not have been able to stand strong in the Western Frontier for countless years., , Thinking of this, Han Muye couldn’t help but laugh., , As a Sword Caretaker who was freeloading and earning 10 spiritual rocks a month, he was worried about those sect elders and sect masters., , Wasn’t he just worried about selling whatever money he had?, , When he returned to the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six muttered to himself when he saw that the small wooden box Han Muye was holding was indeed gone., , His inferred meaning was that one would not know how expensive rice was if one was not in charge., , Han Muye smiled and asked Huang Six about the Sword Pavilion servants., , “In the past, the Sword Pavilion had servants.” Huang Six nodded and grinned. “When our Sword Pavilion was in its prime, there were seven or eight Sword Caretakers and 20 servants.”, , “In that case, the Sword Pavilion can recruit servant disciples?” Han Muye asked., , If he could recruit servants, he would be willing to recruit Lu Gao to the Sword Pavilion., , “Recruit…” Huang Six smacked his lips. He was stunned for a moment before saying in a low voice, “Our Sword Pavilion has to bear the expenses when recruiting servants.”, , The labor cost of the Sword Pavilion servants would be paid by the Sword Pavilion?, , No wonder the servant disciples of the Sword Pavilion had been dispersed., , Before Han Muye came, Huang Six was the only Sword Caretaker in the Sword Pavilion besides the elders. Should he ask Huang Six to split some of his salary and profits to hire some servant disciples?, , It would be more likely for the sun to rise from the west., , “Then, why don’t we recruit one or two first?” Han Muye looked at Huang Six and smiled. “The expenses will come from my pay.”, , Huang Six glanced at Han Muye, rolled his eyes, and leaned closer. “Little Han, can you do your business as a Sword Caretaker often?”, , Huang Six was smart., , Han Muye knew how to refine pills, but he could not participate in the alchemy business at all., , On the other hand, in the Sword Pavilion, as long as he received a sword, he would get a share of it., , That day, Han Muye had simply gained benefits that he could not have earned in the past year., , He had been planning for a long time just now, but now he asked., , If one wanted to cultivate, how could a man lack money?, , “Brother, don’t worry. As long as I’m a Sword Caretaker in the Sword Pavilion, I naturally have to protect the rules of the Sword Pavilion.”, , “Whether it’s observing the sword or the person, it’s all cultivation,” Han Muye said bluntly., , Anyway, he didn’t lose out., , Choosing a sword for others would not only benefit him, but also expand his connections. It was killing two birds with one stone., , “Alright, I’ll do as you say for the servants.” Huang Six immediately agreed., , “We don’t have to report to the elder?” Han Muye asked., , “It’s nothing big. Do we still have to ask an elder?” Huang Six patted his chest. “I’ve been a Sword Caretaker in the Sword Pavilion for seven years. I’ll become a deacon in another three years.”, , …, , Han Muye did not waste time and summoned Lu Gao to the Sword Pavilion that day., , Lu Gao’s job was to open the door to the Sword Pavilion every morning, sweep the stone steps in front of the door, and close the door at night., , During the day, he would be a guard at the door and run errands., , Han Muye was also generous and gave Lu Gao a salary of three spiritual rocks a month., , This was comparable to the salary of an ordinary outer sect disciple. Lu Gao was so happy that he could not close his mouth., , Besides, in Lu Gao’s opinion, the job in the Sword Pavilion was too easy., , The next morning, Lu Gao arrived at the entrance of the Sword Pavilion early. He opened the door and swept it clean. Then, he stood at the door and basked in the sun while checking if anyone was coming., , A moment later, his body trembled as he looked at a group of white-robed inner sect disciples walking over from not far away., , “Senior Brothers, are you here to receive your swords? Please, please.” Lu Gao subconsciously bowed and greeted them with a smile., , He was used to being a servant., , “Is Senior Brother Han here? We’re here to receive our swords today.” The leader of the inner sect disciples was Zhao Youzhi, who had come the previous day. He cupped his hands at Lu Gao and asked in a low voice., , The inner sect disciples cupped their hands in return. Lu Gao, who was used to being a servant, had never encountered such courtesy., , He hurriedly cupped his hands in fear and said, “Yes, Senior Brother Han is here.”, , He had been calling Han Muye Senior Brother since yesterday. He was afraid that if he called him brother, it would lower Han Muye’s status., , Zhao Youzhi and the others looked happy. They nodded and walked into the Sword Pavilion., , After taking a few steps, Zhao Youzhi suddenly thought of something and raised his hand to hand a spiritual stone to Lu Gao., , “Thank you, Junior Brother.”, , When Zhao Youzhi and the others walked into the Sword Pavilion, Lu Gao was holding eight spiritual rocks in his hand. His eyes were fixed on them, and the corners of his mouth twitched., , “Junior Brother, Junior Brother, hehe…”, , “This, the errands of the Sword Pavilion really pays well…”, , Turning to look at the Sword Pavilion, Lu Gao’s eyes shone like spiritual rocks., , “Senior Brothers, we’re here to receive our swords today.” In the Sword Pavilion, Zhao Youzhi and the others cupped their hands and bowed to Han Muye and Huang Six., , The two inner sect disciples behind them took a step forward and placed a merit token in their hands on the long table., , Huang Six grinned and accepted the merit tokens. Then he chuckled. “We’re all on the same side. Isn’t this a waste?”, , “Brother Han, help your junior brothers choose a good sword that suits them.”

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