After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 45 - Can't even withstand one strike from the 100th

, This guy called Huo Ping wanted to challenge the 100th outer sect disciple, Jiang Han!, , The restaurant was immediately in an uproar., , The Nine Mystic Sword Sect prohibited disciples from challenging each other., , However, it did not prohibit battles for rankings., , If one completely banned the desire to win in sword cultivation, how could one increase their combat strength?, , How could a sword cultivator become strong if he did not even have the courage to challenge and accept challenges?, , The ranking of the inner and outer sect disciples of the Sword Sect was originally set up to motivate the disciples., , “Jiang Han is ranked 100th in the outer sect. This kid wants to challenge him at such a young age?”, , “That might not be the case. I know these few people. They all have excellent aptitude and are very valued by the sect. They may not be able to beat the inner sect disciples but they might really have the combat strength within the top 100 of the outer sect.”, , “I didn’t expect there to be such a good show. Perhaps we can really witness the replacement of the 100th in the outer sect today. You have to know that Jiang Han didn’t enter the top 100 with his strength.”, , …, , The surrounding outer sect disciples could not hide their excitement., , Those who watched the show never found it troublesome., , “Challenging Senior Brother Jiang Han?” Tao Shiwu stood up with a cold smile. Holding the long sword in his hand, he said, “You have to pass me first.”, , “Yes, not everyone is qualified to challenge Senior Brother Jiang Han.”, , The others rose to their feet., , Jiang Han looked up and saw Han Muye looking at him with a smile., , A thought struck him., , He knew his own strength., , Over the past few days, he could feel his combat strength rising rapidly., , He was proficient in sword techniques, and at the same time, he had changed the shortcomings of his attacks. He was also constantly getting used to the sword in his hand, Destiny. He was confident that he could fight against the top 50 outer sect disciples., , In a few days, after this expedition mission, he would train himself and would even dare to fight against the top 20 of the outer sect., , Originally, he wanted to improve step by step. When his cultivation reached the Qi Condensation Realm, he would naturally become an inner sect disciple., , It was better to hide than to stand out., , However, it was probably impossible to hide it that day., , In that case, he might as well not hide it., , How could a sword cultivator lose his edge?, , Senior Brother Han had the same thoughts!, , “Let me do it.”, , Jiang Han slowly stood up and waved his hand. He looked at Huo Ping, who was pointing his sword at him., , “My cultivation level is higher than yours, and the sword in my hand is obtained from the Sword Pavilion. It’s not fair for me to defeat you.”, , “This way, if you can last ten moves under my sword, you can take this position as the top 100 in the outer sect.”, , Jiang Han’s voice was loud and clear. Not to mention the second floor, even people outside the restaurant could hear him., , “Jiang Han? The 100th outer sect disciple?”, , “Someone challenged the top 100 of the outer sect?”, , Figures gathered in the direction of the restaurant., , Jiang Han let out a long laugh and stepped out of the second-floor window. His body spun in midair, as if a fallen leaf had encountered a strong wind. He rose straight up and landed on the roof of the opposite building., , “Great!”, , “Senior Brother Jiang Han, what a good movement technique!”, , Jiang Han’s move immediately attracted cheers., , Many people on Huo Ping’s side had solemn expressions., , From this, they could tell that Jiang Han was extraordinary., , “Hmph, flashy but useless.”, , Huo Ping snorted and stabbed forward with the sword in his hand. His figure passed through the window and collided with Jiang Han, who was dozens of feet away., , “Impressive. Who is this person?”, , “No wonder he challenged Senior Brother Jiang Han. This strike is extraordinary.”, , “This battle today will be interesting.”, , A low cry came from below., , As soon as an expert made a move, one would know., , Huo Ping dared to challenge Jiang Han because his skills were indeed impressive., , This strike was fast and swift. The key was that the sword and his body were one. It was the standard way of becoming one with the sword., , “At this level, it shouldn’t be difficult to last ten moves against Jiang Han, right?”, , “Ten moves? Hehe, from the looks of it, the one who can’t last ten moves is Jiang Han!”, , Everyone looked at Jiang Han, who was standing on the roof, to see how he would deal with this strike., , If he could force Jiang Han back with one strike, this challenger would become famous in one battle!, , The sword stabbed at Jiang Han’s chest and abdomen with a cold light., , Ten feet., , Five feet., , Three feet!, , Right at that moment!, , “Clang—”, , He unsheathed his sword, and Jiang Han followed it. The sword light carried the sound of wind and thunder. With a spin, he and Huo Ping, who was stabbing, changed positions., , This movement was short, flat, and fast., , “Slash—”, , It was only when the two of them passed each other that the ear-piercing sound of swords colliding could be heard., , Jiang Han’s body was like a swan goose as he took a step into the void. His body trembled and he moved another ten feet before landing on the second floor of the restaurant., , He sheathed his sword and bowed slightly to Han Muye., , “Senior Brother Han, that kid is just a show-off.”, , ‘Show-off?’, , Han Muye chuckled and nodded., , It was flashy but lacked strength. It was indeed a show-off., , This was because his foundation was too weak and he did not pay attention to his basic skills., , “Crash—”, , On the opposite roof, Huo Ping staggered and rolled down, bringing down pieces of green tiles., , He barely landed. The people around him saw that his face was pale and there was a foot-long bleeding sword wound on his chest., , His injuries were not serious, but such a sword strike directly shattered all of Huo Ping’s pride., , Excellent aptitude?, , Fast cultivation?, , Highly regarded by the Sect?, , He could not even withstand one strike from the 100th of the outer sect!, , Qiao Qing’er and the others looked at each other and ran downstairs., , Qiao Qing’er bowed apologetically to Han Muye and whispered, “Senior Brother, don’t blame me. I’ll apologize to you another day.”, , Then she followed them downstairs., , They helped Huo Ping up as they left., , “This kid’s methods are not bad. He is the 100th disciple of the outer sect and is already so strong?” Someone muttered as he watched Huo Ping and the others leave., , Huo Ping’s strike was obvious. Not many people in the outer sect could withstand it., , “This is the outer sect’s 100th? With such combat strength, I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up in my lifetime…” Someone looked at the second floor of the restaurant with a complicated expression and turned to leave., , On the second floor, the outer sect disciples who had previously whispered their thoughts and did not think highly of Jiang Han quietly went downstairs and left., , The rest of the people looked at Jiang Han in surprise., , “Senior Brother Jiang, I didn’t expect you to be so strong.”, , Sun Dayong looked at Jiang Han and sighed., , Many people on the second floor wanted to say that too., , Jiang Han shook his head and looked at Han Muye. With a solemn expression, he said, “Without Senior Brother Han’s guidance, without Senior Brother Han’s help in choosing the Destiny sword, I wouldn’t be much stronger than you.”, , Senior Brother Han’s guidance!, , The sword that Senior Brother Han chose!, , Tao Shiwu and the others were stunned, then looked at Han Muye in surprise., , They had also received Senior Brother Han’s guidance!, , Their swords were also chosen by Senior Brother Han!, , That meant that as long as they cultivated diligently, they would be as strong as Senior Brother Jiang Han!, , The surrounding outer sect disciples looked at Han Muye., , Didn’t they say that he was just a Sword Caretaker?, , A Sword Caretaker could guide the experts in the top 100 of the outer sect?, , At this moment, many people recalled what Sun Dayong and the others had said just now. The Sword Caretaker in front of them was not an ordinary Sword Caretaker., , “To Senior Brother Han!”, , Sun Dayong raised his glass and shouted., , “To Senior Brother Han!”, , The others at the table raised their glasses., , Han Muye smiled and drank the wine in his cup. Then he stood up and said, “I’ve had enough fun today. When you return in triumph, we’ll drink together.”, , He stood up and pushed forward the small wooden box that had been on the table., , “These are your spiritual rocks. Take them back.”, , Take back the spiritual rocks?, , Jiang Han and the others were stunned and quickly wanted to speak. Han Muye waved his hand and said, “I don’t fancy your few spiritual rocks.”, , Jiang Han and the others did not doubt his words., , With Senior Brother Han’s methods, he would definitely not lack spiritual rocks., , Han Muye turned to leave, and Lu Gao hurriedly got up., , Jiang Han and the others wanted to send him off. Han Muye shook his head and said with a smile, “You guys are in a good mood today. Have a few drinks. It’s best if you can get Jiang Han drunk.”, , Sun Dayong and the others laughed., , Jiang Han was stunned at first, then he said generously, “That might not be the case.”

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