After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 43 - Observing the sword, the person and sword techn

, The matter regarding the Three Qin Sword Sect had been exposed., , Han Muye nodded., , Back then, he had killed so many people from the Three Qin Sword Sect, including disciples of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect., , Later on, if the Sword Battle Hall went to investigate, this matter would definitely be revealed., , “Since it’s a mission outside, it is inevitably dangerous. It’s indeed necessary to choose a suitable sword.”, , Han Muye looked at the bowing outer sect disciples, then pointed at one of them., , “First, demonstrate the sword technique you usually practice. I’ll see what sword suits you.”, , The disciple called on by Han Muye was stunned, then cupped his hands in surprise. “My name is Sun Dayong. Greetings, Senior Brother Han.”, , With that, he pulled out his iron sword, made a starting gesture, and swung it., , The other disciples hurriedly retreated to make space for him., , Perhaps it was because he was practising the move in front of Han Muye, or perhaps it was because there were inner sect disciples watching, although Sun Dayong was very serious, his sword technique looked really pitiful., , After he finished his sword dance, he felt a little embarrassed and stood there helplessly., , Beside Zhao Youzhi, an inner sect disciple holding a sword said coldly, “He doesn’t have the speed or strength. His gaze and changes can’t keep up at all. With such standards, he still dares to participate in the mission?”, , Sun Dayong’s face turned red and he did not dare to look up., , This evaluation was quite neutral., , Han Muye agreed., , However, he was here to receive a sword. How could he feedback as such?, , Since Huang Six had already accepted the spiritual rocks, he naturally had to think of a way., , Sitting in front of the long table, Han Muye tapped his fingers on the table., , There was only a slow knocking sound on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion., , Images circulated in Han Muye’s mind. Sun Dayong’s sword moves were magnified, and then his moves repeated., , He had comprehended the Mystic Origin Sword Technique, Staggered Wood., , After comprehending the sword technique, the image in Han Muye’s mind changed again. It was no longer an image of Sun Dayong’s slow moves., , Every move was straight. The strength, speed, and sword light were much more magnificent., , This sword technique was not bad. It needed some support and also a correction of the sword technique., , Sun Dayong, who was standing there, felt uneasy and could not help but look up., , “How about this? On the left, on the 31st shelf, third row, fifth sword.”, , Han Muye suddenly spoke., , Sun Dayong quickly went over and followed the labels. He took the sword and hugged it., , At this moment, he seemed to place all his hopes on Han Muye’s guidance., , It was as if the sword Han Muye had helped him choose was definitely the most suitable for him., , Seeing him like this, the inner sect disciples frowned., , How could a sword cultivator succeed without a firm heart?, , “The name of this sword is Leaf Luo. It’s three feet one inch long. The blade is 1.4 inch wide, and the blood groove in the middle is half an inch deep.”, , “The sword weighs 13 kilograms, and the hilt is wrapped in leaf luo wood.”, , “This sword is very suitable for wood-type sword moves. It’s not considered heavy, nor is its strength in speed. It emphasises on stability.”, , As Sun Dayong walked back with his sword, Han Muye spoke., , With every sentence he said, the surprise on everyone’s faces increased., , This Sword Caretaker could actually remember the weight and length of any sword in the Sword Pavilion?, , He could even tell the pros and cons of refinement method of this sword., , Sun Dayong looked even more surprised and hugged his sword even tighter., , “This sword can unleash 100% of the power of your sword technique. You should practice your moves again with 30% faster speed. When you attack, don’t look up. Just look ahead.”, , “Also, your wrist doesn’t seem to be strong enough. Tie the hilt and your wrist with a cloth first.”, , Han Muye continued saying., , In the Sword Pavilion, Huang Six turned to look at him and muttered., , Sun Dayong no longer doubted Han Muye’s words and quickly did as he was told., , Zhao Youzhi and the others stopped choosing swords and stared at Sun Dayong as he wrapped his wrist., , Han Muye’s words made sense to these inner sect disciples., , Although they could see the flaws in Sun Dayong’s sword moves, they could not really give him any guiders., , Hearing Han Muye’s words, he immediately felt as if he had seen the sun., , “Clang—”, , Sun Dayong unsheathed his sword and stabbed without looking up., , The sword was three times faster than before., , These three guiders immediately made the sword move completely different from before., , A cold murderous aura instantly filled the air., , “Slash—”, , The sword swept across, bringing with it a cold light that made Jiang Han and the others subconsciously retreat., , Sun Dayong also felt the changes in his sword moves. He paid attention to every strike, especially the integration of strength and speed., , After 12 moves, the Sword Pavilion was silent., , Sun Dayong held his sword and bowed deeply to Han Muye. Then he took a few steps back and turned to look at Jiang Han and the others behind him. He grinned silently., , He could feel himself being reborn., , Looking at Sun Dayong, who seemed to have a strange aura around him, Zhao Youzhi trembled., , He remembered what his master had said., , “As sword cultivators, of course we have to believe in the sword in our hands.”, , “With a sword in your hand, you will have a sword in your heart.”, , “That’s when the sword cultivation begins.”, , At this moment, didn’t Sun Dayong only have a sword in his hand and in his heart?, , “Sword in hand, sword in heart,” Zhao Youzhi whispered to himself, his eyes shining., , “Senior Brother, my name is Tao Shiwu. I cultivate the Mystic Origin Sword Technique Carving Mark.”, , “Senior Brother, I-I cultivate willow leaves.”, , “Senior Brother!”, , The remaining outer sect disciples rushed forward and bowed to Han Muye., , Han Muye smiled and waved his hand. “Don’t worry, one by one.”, , …, , An hour later, Jiang Han gratefully led his fellow senior brothers to bow to Han Muye, then strode out of the Sword Pavilion., , At this moment, on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion, other than Han Muye and Huang Six, only Zhao Youzhi and the other inner sect disciples were left., , They looked at each other., , Just now, Han Muye had helped Sun Dayong and the others choose a sword and gave them pointers for their sword techniques. They had watched the entire process and were shocked., , After every outer sect disciple received Han Muye’s guidance, their sword techniques and combat power doubled., , Even the late-stage Foundation Establishment realm deacon experts in the sect did not have such capability., , Perhaps only an Earth Realm expert had such foresight and knowledge., , Zhao Youzhi took a deep breath, took a few steps forward, and bowed to Han Muye., , “Senior Brother, I was wrong.”, , With that, he cupped his hands and said, “Senior Brother, please help me choose a sword.”, , Taking a step forward, he placed a merit token on the long table., , One merit token was worth 100 spiritual rocks., , Huang Six stared at the merit token, unable to move his eyes away., , The others also hurried forward and handed over a merit token., , Compared to a suitable longsword and sword techniques, what was a merit token?, , Six merit tokens were equivalent to 600 spiritual rocks., , Huang Six turned to Han Muye., , How did this guy earn money like he was robbing?, , Looking at the merit tokens in front of him, Han Muye shook his head gently., , Zhao Youzhi and the others’ expressions darkened., , Huang Six, who was about to reach out, froze in midair., , “Well, Brother Han, we’re all from the same sect. If you can help, just help,” Huang Six coughed and said softly., , He could not bear to part with those 600 spiritual rocks!, , Zhao Youzhi and the others looked at Huang Six gratefully., , Han Muye chuckled and shook his head. “You guys can leave.”, , Before the despairing Zhao Youzhi and the others could speak, Han Muye continued, “You’ve stayed in the Sword Pavilion for too long today. If you want to choose a sword, come back tomorrow.”, , Tomorrow!, , It was not that he had rejected them, but because he had stayed outside too long that day and the sword Qi was harmful to their bodies!, , Zhao Youzhi and the others hurriedly bowed happily. “Thank you for the reminders, Senior Brother. We’ll come back tomorrow.”, , It was fine to miss the opportunity to receive a sword that day. As long as they could obtain a suitable sword and obtain Senior Brother Han’s guidance, it would be worth it., , Zhao Youzhi and the others left. Huang Six kept the six merit tokens, then looked at Han Muye and sized him up., , “Brother Han, why do you know so much about those swords? Also, how do you know these sword moves?”, , Hearing his words, Han Muye leaned back and narrowed his eyes., , “Brother, in the Sword Pavilion, we have to observe the sword, the people, and the sword techniques.”, , “This is the real job of the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Caretaker.”, , Then he turned back to the stacked wooden shelves., , “We wiped every sword here with our own hands. They’re like our children.”, , “Are you willing to entrust them to unsuitable people?”, , As if in response to his words, the Sword Pavilion shook.

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