After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 42 - You can go out if you don't want to receive you

, With the Nine Mystic Sword out, the Sword Pavilion Elder’s cultivation was used up., , However, as long as the opponent was not at the Heaven Realm, he could be killed with one strike., , If someone really provoked the Sword Pavilion Elder who brought the Nine Mystic Sword, they had to be prepared to die., , Not many people in the world really didn’t care about their lives, right?, , Huang Six’s words made Han Muye speechless., , It seemed that the deterrence effect of the Nine Mystic Sword might even be above its actual combat strength., , This thing was a strategic weapon., , Closing the Sword Pavilion gates, Huang Six went to sleep., , Han Muye took the sackcloth and went to wipe the swords., , He first wiped the long swords that had been infused with sword Qi and collected a total of 1,000 sword Qi. Then, he injected these sword Qi into the other swords., , While wiping the swords, Han Muye discovered that the quality of all the swords containing sword Qi had improved slightly., , Although this improvement was insignificant, it could change greatly over time., , Perhaps those half-spiritual weapons could be nurtured into spiritual weapons., , Thinking of spiritual weapons, Han Muye returned to his room., , He now had three swords., , Patriarch Tao Ran’s sword, Purple Flame, was a short sword. It contained the Patriarch’s sword intent, but it was not a spiritual weapon. It had been nurtured by the Patriarch for many years., , The other sword, Destiny, was a sword Qi that Mo Yuan had nurtured for 200 years. It was similar to the purple flames., , These two swords carried sword intent as mortal weapons., , Sword intent poured into the sword, flowing and surging. Han Muye could sense the familiarity from the sword., , These two swords had an additional connection to him., , It was an unseen force., , “This is the true function of the Sword Nurturing Technique, right?” Han Muye muttered to himself as he sensed the change in the sword intent., , At this moment, the sword was not infused with sword Qi, but sword intent., , The sword was nurtured with the mind., , He believed that before long, the two swords would have more spirituality and would be more sensitive to him., , Even Earth Realm experts might not be able to do this., , After all, whoever cultivated sword intent wouldn’t hide it in their dantian’s sea of Qi and constantly polish it?, , Who could cultivate additional sword intent and then nourish the sword? And there was more than one swords!, , It was too wasteful., , Putting away the two swords, Han Muye took out the long sword he had obtained from Qin Yuanhe., , This longsword called Flowing Moon was a true spiritual artifact., , Whether it was the forging technique, the spiritual materials mixed in, or the spiritual patterns carved later., , This sword was nurtured in the hands of the Three Qin Sword Sect’s elder and Qin Yuanhe with sword Qi., , This greatly increased the spirituality of this sword. When Han Muye obtained this sword, there was still sword Qi resisting him., , “Hum—”, , A sword intent poured into the sword, and it began to tremble., , In front of Han Muye, the three-foot-long sword slowly formed a faint image., , The sword shrank from three feet to a small sword that was no longer than a foot., , This was a spiritual artifact. After refining it, it could change its size., , If it was a treasure like the Nine Mystic Sword, it was said that it could directly transform into a pill that could be swallowed into the dantian’s sea of Qi and hidden in the body to nourish., , Putting the small sword into his bag, Han Muye heaved a sigh of relief., , The three sword intents dispered from his body, and the pressure on his body lessened., , And these three swords could allow him to unleash his absolute combat strength., , Lying on the wooden bed, Han Muye smiled., , His dantian was ten feet wide, his sea of Qi contained sword intent, and his spiritual body had completed dual-cultivation., , He had also mastered sword refinement and pill refinement methods, as well as the comprehension of more than a hundred sword techniques., , Now, he was finally a qualified cultivator., , Sword cultivator., , This feeling of having power and cultivation was very fulfilling., , …, , It was already midnight when the Sword Pavilion Elder returned., , “Tomorrow, a disciple will come to receive the sword.”, , When the Sword Pavilion Elder went upstairs, he instructed., , On the second day, starting in the morning, a few inner sect disciples came to collect their swords., , They had participated in the Sword Sect mission and obtained the qualifications to receive a sword., , These inner sect disciples whose cultivation levels were not outstanding could only receive the lowest level sword initially., , Such a sword could be used for cultivation in the sect, but its quality was too poor for fighting outside ., , As they were receiving a sword because of a mission, they only registered and went to choose their swords., , When Huang Six saw that there was nothing to gain, his expression turned ugly., , “Senior Brother!”, , At the entrance of the Sword Pavilion, there was suddenly a cry of surprise., , Han Muye and Huang Six looked up and saw seven or eight outer sect disciples in green robes standing there., , Han Muye had met the leader, Jiang Han, before., , The 100th person in the outer sect., , Jiang Han’s face was filled with joy. He bowed to Han Muye and said, “Jiang Han greets Senior Brother.”, , The people beside him quickly bowed., , Huang Six had a strange expression., , The few inner sect disciples who were still choosing swords in the Sword Pavilion looked up and revealed mocking smiles., , They were indeed from the outer sect. How humble., , Han Muye waved his hand and looked at Jiang Han. “Why? Do you want to receive a sword?”, , He had personally chosen the sword in Jiang Han’s hand, which was very suitable for him., , With Jiang Han’s current strength, there was no need to change swords., , Hearing Han Muye’s words, Jiang Han shook his head and said, “Senior Brother, my fellow disciples accepted the mission and want to receive a suitable sword.”, , Then, he turned around and said in a low voice, “This is the Senior Brother who is a Sword Caretaker of the Sword Pavilion. Believe me and stop hiding anything.”, , Those people seemed to be very convinced by Jiang Han’s words. They hurriedly stepped forward and placed the spiritual rocks on the long table in front of Han Muye and Huang Six., , 10 spiritual rocks., , 10 spiritual rocks per person., , There were eight of them, which meant 80 spiritual rocks were piled there, shining., , Huang Six’s eyes widened., , These outer sect disciples were actually so generous?, , The inner sect disciples who were still choosing swords also revealed shocked expressions., , The inner sect disciples only had 10 spiritual rocks every month, which was not even enough for their cultivation., , Were these outer sect disciples so rich?, , “Hmph, did your spiritual rocks come from nowhere?”, , An inner sect disciple snorted and looked at Jiang Han and the others. “You’re here to receive a sword at the Sword Pavilion, yet you still have to make offerings to show respect. The rules of the sect have been broken by you.”, , After saying that, he looked at Han Muye and Huang Six and said with a dark expression, “They’re only outer sect disciples. They saved every spiritual stone with much difficulty. Be careful that you’ll feel uneasy after taking them.”, , Huang Six narrowed his eyes at his words and opened the book he had registered., , “Zhao Youzhi, inner sect disciple. I saw that you didn’t take a bath to clear your mind just now. You have a strange smell on you.”, , “You shan’t receive the sword today.”, , Huang Six spoke slowly, causing the expressions of the inner sect disciples to change., , “Senior Brother Zhao, don’t interfere in this matter.”, , “Senior Brother, the Sword Pavilion has rules. We can’t interfere.”, , A few inner sect disciples went forward to persuade him in low voices., , Zhao Youzhi gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he stared at Huang Six., , Huang Six sat behind the long table and swept all the spiritual rocks on the table into the drawer below., , This provocation made Zhao Youzhi’s eyes seem to be on fire., , “Senior Brother Zhao, thank you for your concern.” On the other side, Jiang Han suddenly took a step forward and bowed to Zhao Youzhi. Then, he said, “We’re not here to show our respect to Senior Brother. Instead, we’re here to ask Senior Brother to help us choose a sword.”, , Hearing his words, Zhao Youzhi turned to glare at Jiang Han and shouted, “Nonsense. Why do we sword cultivators not choose our own swords and have to ask outsiders to do so?”, , “With your spineless appearance, your cultivation and swordsmanship must be extremely poor.”, , Jiang Han was not angry when he heard Zhao Youzhi’s words. The other outer sect disciples who came with him could not hold back anymore., , “Senior Brother Jiang Han is in the top 100 of the outer sect. His cultivation and sword techniques are top-notch in the outer sect.”, , “Senior Brother is doing this for our own good. You’re being nosy.”, , “So what if you’re from the inner sect? After this mission is completed, with our merits and cultivation, we can all enter the inner sect.”, , …, , Their disrespectful words made Zhao Youzhi and the inner sect disciples behind him widen their eyes as spiritual energy rose from their bodies., , “If you don’t want to receive the sword, you can go out. The Sword Pavilion can’t tolerate you acting wildly.” Han Muye’s words made the entire Sword Pavilion fall silent., , He looked at Jiang Han. “Where are you going for your mission?”, , Jiang Han bowed and said in a low voice, “Senior Brother, the Three Qin Sword Sect has betrayed the Sword Sect. The sect has issued a mission to eliminate them.”

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